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Scene 1:Avni’s house.

Avni:Neil I will forgive you but………..I can’t live…..with you,and I want you to go away from my life and never return again.

She turns away from Neil to hide her tears and thinks I don’t want you in my life because if you will be with me I will again fall in love with you and I am afraid that I am already falling in love with you so it’s better to you out of my life .

Neil:Avni,even the sea waves have to come back to touch the  seashore,say will you be able to live without me(Samundar ki lehron Ko bhi kinaron ko chune ke liye wapas aana parta hai ,bolo reh paaogi mere bina).

Neil holds Avni’s hand but Avni jerks it away .
Neil: Avni please come back in my life please ….
Avni:Neil go away from here please for me.
Avni:I SAID Go!!!!!
Neil gets ready to leave but with a broken heart.Avni cries looking at his photo Reha comes there and says Avni please stop him if he goes he will never come back ,Ali comes there and says Avni Neil went away,Avni takes her car keys and goes away from there.
Avni Finds Neil standing near a cliff he is about to jump but Avni came There and hugged him From back.

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