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Half Marriage 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Show ends with Chandani and Arjun’s union

Half Marriage 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Police coming to Chandani and Arjun’s house to arrest them for drugs trafficking and says Maya has accused you for harassing her physically and mentally. Maya congratulates Saheb ji and says you got sanskar sena back, in the evening we will seal the ruined story of Chandani and Arjun. Arjun tells Chandani that she was right about Maya, and says she will not go away easily. Chandani gets a call and thanks someone. Maya and Saheb ji address to the media. Maya tells media that Saheb ji will tell them in detail about Chandani and Arjun’s crimes. She gets shocked seeing Chandani, Arjun and family. Chandani says I got late in freeing my family. Maya says she is telling herself and came out on bail using her powers. Chandani says Arjun and I have anticipatory bail already and tells

that we know Maya’s works. Maya says Saheb ji will show the video in which it is shown where drugs are found in Arjun’s factory.

Saheb ji gets up and greets everyone. He shows video in which Maya gives drugs packet to Saheb ji and asks him to keep it in factory and sanskar sena office. He asks Maya why she is doing this when she loves Arjun. Maya tells her truth that she is not pregnant with his baby and had nothing between them. Video ends. Maya asks Saheb ji why did he do this. Saheb ji says he is saying truth and that’s why called media. He says I have alerted Chandani and Arjun and asked them to take bail. Police arrests Maya and takes her. Reporter asks Saheb ji why did he help Chandani and Arjun as they got him arrested.

Saheb ji recalls Chandani coming to meet him in jail and telling that he is going to come out on bail. Saheb ji asks if she wants to become great. Chandani says no and tells that she is not like that Political leaders who makes things as events, and says your bail will be done by Maya Oberoi and wants to make you her mohra. Saheb ji asks what you wants, I shall not help her. Chandani says no. Saheb ji asks then why did you come? Chandani says I want to tell you that you made me mohra and played your games, you didn’t let me get my mother’s love or family’s happiness. She says I had a misunderstanding that you loves me a lot, and says now I got a family who loves me a lot. She says I just request you not to snatch them from me as I got it from much difficulty. She requests him not to do any conspiracy against Arjun or her, although you can help Maya. Saheb ji thinks he never loved Chandani, and tried to ruin her life, but she always loved him. He thinks his own son has broken his relation with him. He thinks Chandani requested him not to do anything wrong with her Arjun, and thinks if my daughter wants then I will become mohra for Maya. Fb ends.

Saheb ji says I haven’t saved anyone, but have just rectified my karma. Everyone hears him. Chandani looks at Saheb ji. Saheb ji is about to go. Manohar asks Saheb ji where are you going and says time has come to stay together, hearts are met now. Saheb ji gets emotional.

They come home. Sulochana says I have never accepted you, but you have always fulfilled your duty. I have always blamed and cursed you, but you have taken care of everyone. She says she can proudly say today that every family shall have such beti and bahu. She asks her not to tell that she has no mother and calls her beti, hugs her. Chandani gets emotional. Surinder makes Janki realizes her mistake and asks her to touch Chandani’s feet. Janki apologizes. Chandani says elders shall not apologize or bend their head infront of youngsters. Surinder says I don’t agree with you and asks what is the meaning of being elder. Sulochana asks Chandani to forgive her and apologizes. Chandani asks Sulochana to bless her. Sulochana unites Arjun and Chandani and says she will shield them. She hugs them.

Later, Arjun and Chandani are in the room. They see decorated bed. Arjun holds her hand. She asks where is the light. Arjun says candle light is enough to see me. He says I have found myself in real means by finding you and today I realize that there is a woman behind every successful man. Chandani says I thought I am the most luckiest girl in this world, but after getting you I came to know what is happiness in real means, what is family etc, but I will be sad about one thing. Arjun stops her, kisses her and takes her to bed. Saans Me Saans Mili Toh plays….They consummate their marriage.

After some days, Chandani gives wallet, handkerchief to Arjun. She feels vomiting sensation and goes to washroom. Arjun gets shocked and calls Sulochana. He calls Doctor. Chandani comes out of washroom and smiles. Sulochana gets happy and goes to inform Janki. Arjun asks what happened? Chandani smiles. Arjun lifts her. Doctor comes and checks her. everyone is happy in the house. Sulochana takes care of her.

After some months, Arjun helps Chandani in walking and tells Arjun that baby has kicked her. Again after few months, Chandani comes downstairs with her new born baby girl. Sulochana takes baby in her hand and says God has made impossible as possible and says baby girl is just like Chandani and Rakhi’s son is 11 months old now. Rakhi, Shakti and their son also sit. They all sit for puja. After puja, the family sits for a perfect picture.

The show ended on a happy note with Saheb ji becoming positive and doing penance for his crime and getting Maya arrested. Later Arjun and Chandani get blessed with a baby girl.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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