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Hadh- A Tale of Love & Revenge (Chap-1) by ArpitaKrish


“Kabir, where are you? I am waiting for you for so long” She spoked on call.
“I am coming Sanchi” He replied back.
“Okay come soon” She cut the call.
Kabir was with his friend in the car.
“I don’t know. How you fell in love with her? She is different. Sometimes I feel like she is any detective” His friend, Gaurav laughed saying this.
“It’s nothing like that. She just want to be reserved. I know she is very different that’s why I love her”
Kabir smiles remembering Sanchi.
Here, Sanchi was talking to Kabir’s picture.
“Where are you? I am at your house, alone. See, I had decorated your whole lawn for our date. I had made dinner for you? I …..” She was interrupted by door bell.
She went to open. That person was Kabir.
They both had a hug.
She removed his coat. They both had a eye lock. She took Kabir towards dining table.
“Wow” Kabir smelled food.
She started serving food. She herself sat.
“Food is amazing. I did not know that my girl friend has many skill” Kabir said admiring her.
Sanchi smiled and took the bite.
After finishing the food, she offered him red wine.
Both was in the balcony, sitting together and enjoying the drink.
“How’s my home? I was thinking that can’t you shift here?” Kabir asked.
“No” Sanchi replied.
Kabir found her behavior different.
“Weather is nice” Kabir hugged her from behind.
“Hmmmm” She nodded.
“What happened? Why are you silent?” Kabir asked being concern.
“Nothing” She replied.
He made her turn towards him. He pecked her lips.
Rain started. They hugged each other. Their had a lip lock. He was lost in her warmth.
He took her to the room in bridal attire. He kissed her forehead, then neck. He kissed her whole body. They consummate d and the moonlight witnessed their love.
After sometimes, when moon was on it’s peak. Kabir wake up from her sleep and did not found Sanchi.
He wore his shirt and came in lawn. His eyes caught a photo who had fell from bag of Sanchi.
“Sanchi” He became dumbstruck seeing the picture. Floor slipped under his feet.
After sometimes, Sanchi was shown standing with a gun. Kabir was at her gun point. Before Kabir could say anything, Sanchi shot him. He fell on ground. He was lying in pool of blood.
“I am sorry Kabir” Sanchi came to the Kabir’s body.
She went towards the bar section and pour the drink in the glass. She took the sip.
“Good bye Mr. Kabir Kapoor” She smirked.

To be continued…..

I know I have 2 pending ff but idea of this ff came in mind just 2 days ago so please bear this.
Forgetting Kanchi & Sanveer drama enjoy the storyline.
If you want it to continue then tell me through your comments.

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