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Chandrashekhar 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra gets arrested

Chandrashekhar 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji and everyone taking a silent protest ahead. Police tries to stop them. Inspector asks them not to come ahead. Chandra looks on. Police initiates lathi charge. The people protest that the prince returns to his country. Patrick comes there. Chandra sees him. People burn the dummies and oppose the britishers. Police beats the people. Everyone run for their lives. They get beaten up badly. Chandra gets terrified. He tries to save Shiva. Chandra recalls Shastri ji’s words. He thinks of Sindhal’s words. He picks a stone and hits Patrick with force. Patrick falls down the horse. Everyone gets shocked. Chandra starts running. Police runs after him.

Sitaram, Sukhdev and Jagrani are on the way. Sukhdev says I also want o taste the laddoo and see its taste. Jagrani asks will you have all laddoos, I made this for Chandra. Sukhdev says I know. She says he is away from home, you stay with me. Sitaram says Chandra is her star, you can never take his place. She says I didn’t say this. He says then give me a laddoo, I will see how much love and sweetness she filled for Chandra. They like laddoos. She says finish all laddoos, I made food for you, don’t touch laddoo now. Chandra is at ashram. He thinks about the lathi charge. John asks Patrick how did he do this, knowing sensitivity of the incident.

He asks who is behind this. Inspector says we have seen that boy, we need an arrest warrant to get him, only one boy has hit the stone. John scolds him and says you couldn’t handle a child, so stupid, no arrest warrants, just put that boy behind bars. He gets angry. Shastri ji asks Chandra not to get sad, such things happen as many people are involved, don’t let courage break, such things happen in life with everyone. Chandra asks is it right to tolerate everything. Shastri ji says killing anyone is easy, giving life is tough, if we give answer by violence, what will be difference between them and us, just learn tolerance. Chandra understands. He sits talking to boys. Police comes to check ashram for Chandra. The boys ask Chandra to run. Chandra doesn’t run. He gets arrested by police.

Chandra tells his name Azad….. He gets jailed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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