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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 18) new beginning

Hi guyzs I’m back with next part if my ff . Hope you guyzs liked the previous we go

Zoya had a sleepless night that day she was heartbroken  she blamed herself for her this condition. On the other hand adi was ready  to leave for masoorie .arjun booked flight for him he was eager to meet zoya unaware of his feelings he only wanted to meet her ,he wanted to taunt her though it’s only 24 hours he dint meet zoya but considering his restlessness Arjun booked the next flight to massorie .

@ massorie

zoya was In her room her parents welcomed her but her mother sensed something fishy and she went to talk to her after dinner. She entered her room .where she was pretending that she was asleep. Her mother put on the lights

Zoya’s mother- zoya..zoya..I know you are not sleeping .

she sat beside her and started crashing her hairs

her mother- zoya… Beta.. Atleast tell your ammi beta..what happened beta… You were determined to prove yash’s  innocence na.. You wanted to manage his company nowb be what happened . Beta.. I’m your ammi na… Tell me.

zoya was unable to control her emotions and hugged her ammi and started crying miserably

zoya-ammii..ammii…. Yash….was a cheat ammi ..

Zoyas mother was shocked as zoya never spoke about yash like that before even every one forced her to believe that but she refused to do so

mother- zoya how do you know beta.. May  be you misunderstood him..

zoya – no ammii…

she told her everything tears were continuously flowing through her eyes.her mother was in pain too as she never saw her princess like that.

zoya- ammii aim so bad… That..that.. Yash cheated on me….I am a fool ….yes ammi I’m a fool

her mother consoled her and zoya slept on her lap.

next morning @mumbai

aditya told that he was leaving for massorie and he requested that she should not tell all this to his father Anjana agreed .sakshi heard everything and she was furious .

arjun- Bhai… When u will come back


He was going  he turned back To leave

arjun- bedtime of luck Bhai bring back zoya

adi-thank u ..

they hugged each other

adi went to airport and boarded flight for massorie.

@ Zoya’s house

zoya woke up and came downstairs

zoya- ma… Ma… Mahi…,., Mahi……. Noor… Noor.. Anybody tyere

zoyas father interupted

zoya-abbu(realising that she was not in Mumbai anymore) sorry abbu vo hum…..

zoyas fatger-it’d ok beta have hour breakfast ..

ziya- ok abbu

they had there breakfast …

zoya- abbu I wanted to go out  shall i

her father- yes sure..shall I drop u.

Zoya- no abbu I will manage

her ammi-ok beta u can go..

she left

zoyas father-zoya looks very sad … What is the matter

her mother told him and her father was very angry..

zoya was roaming in the streets of massorie her eyes was caught bye gift shop ( the same shop that was shown in first episode)

zoya entered the shop suddenly she heard some familiar voice…

guy- ipuncle pack this one…

zoya- went to check but the guy left already

zoya- uncle someone came here…

uncle- yes beta.. That guy who fought with u that day remember..

zoya was he’ll shocked she was not at all convinced of  what she heard..she ran and followed that guy … Suddenly her phone rang

she picked up the call

person-zoya today5pm

zoya- I know …

she hung up the call .

zoya-now how I will find him

she went to the axcident point

zoya- this place took my everything … Yash.  I lost  your body here . But I lost your heart much before that.

She was cring miserably was walking unconsciously …. She was about to slip, but suddenly ..two strong hands got hold of her …and pulled her.zoya fell over that guy

zoya-(in shock) app…..

Adi-zoya please get up u are very heavy…

zoya-sorry…sorry but are here …. But why

adi- oh mr zoya u never told me that massorie is tho ur dad’s private property …if I knew I would have not come here

zoya-Aston it aditya…(she stared laughing)

adi-(murmuring) I came here too see you like this, to her your laughter…..

zoya- h said something,..

adi- no…..

adi – why u came here suddenly..

zoya changing topic..

zoya- when will u stay …

adi- ummm my flight landed  an hour ago so… I don’t have place tomlive

zoya- but why u came here

adi- i … I ..  Came here be caused dad asked me to meet his guise ness partner mr raipurkar…

Zoya-ohk…. Ucan live in my home..

adi -no ways

zoya- u still hate me…

adi-no but…(actually he was very happpy)

zoya- then come let’s go

she left and adi followed her



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