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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 17)

Hi guyzs I’m back with next part of my ff . Srry for being late . So let’s continue.

@ airport

zoya was trapped by the thought of mysterious call.she jerked that thought and fell into another line of thought.

zoya-(thinking) – zoya u should inform Noor.. About all this and u are leaving for Masoorie.

she called noor

noor was with adi enquiring about zoya as she saw her last with adi when she went to give chocolates to him)

noor-aditya hooda..where is apii

adi-I was going to ask u the same thing . Where is zoya?

(noor-u don’t know?

Adi nodded in no

noors phone rang

noor- it’s Apii’s call

adi signalled her to put call on speaker she first refused but after insistence of adi she agreed

noor-hello apii

zoya- hello.. !noor

noor– Apii where are u

zoya- Noor I’m leaving for massorie

noor-Apii but suddenly..

Zoya- Noor I will tell u everything once I reached there.

noor- but..

zoya- Noor.. I called u because… I want u to take care of yash’s mother, mahi

adi was about to leave because he was upset by this act of zoya

zoya- aur aditya ka…

He was suyrprised when he heard those lines from her

noor- why Apii why aditya?

zoya- Noor… It is my flights announcement I have to go… Bye Noor …

she hung up the call

zoya- Noor … Even I don’t know answer to your question

she boarded flight and reached masoorie

at night

adi was drinking in his room

adi-Zoya arora I hate u…. U left me ..I’m all alone now I won’t see ur face again.and (throwing chocolate box ) these are pathetic….

Suddenly his phone bbeped

adi-voice message…Zoya’s voice message…(. His face shined)

he played the mesage

zoyaa hi aditya …I’m Srry that  I left without informing u but I had no other option… Trust me,… Please don’t be angry on me…..I will  tell u reason when I will meet u next  .i don’t know when but surely we will meet . Shah what about my chocolates hope you liked them(adi picked up the box and hugged it) adi I. Won ant u to promise me something will [email protected]

adi nodded in yes

zoya- plzz don’t consume alcohol anymore … It is not a god habit plzz. God night aditya…one more thing … I will miss u aditya..

meesaage ended

arjun ebtered

bhai I’m Srry but I heard everything

sdi- so..

arjun- Bhai I think u should go and meet her

adi- not a bad idea bro..

they gave a hifi

precap- adi in massorie ,zoya and adi meet at massorie

srry for short and late update guyzs actually I’m quite bust in my studies . So keep reading keep commenting and keep supporting

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