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AvNeil: The Hug Therapy — Preface

The story unravels from where Avni had displayed a fake situation of her death. Herein, there’s only a leap of five years instead of a ten year leap, and while the number of characters and initial story stays alive, the entire scenario after the leap undergoes a change; totally, turning the tables upside-down.

• • • • •


— Avni Ayesha/ Samaira K.
A single mother in her mid-twenties interning under renowned psychologist, Dr Radhika Agnihotri. Living a simple middle-class life and bringing up her two children is all she has wished for, after being struck by tragedy.

— Neil Khanna
An ex- police officer who has now forgotten the days he has had spent in the previous years of his life and lives in the past, believing it to be his present.

— Mishti/ Radhika K.
Avni’s/ Samaira’s elder child; her daughter.

— Mowgli K.
Avni’s/ Samaira’s younger child; her son.

— Prakash Khanna
Neil’s father; a reputed businessman.

— Shweta Khanna
Neil’s mother.

— Bebe
Neil’s grandmother; head of the Khanna family.

— Dr Radhika Agnihotri
A renowned psychologist who has currently enrolled university students for interning under her, while learning and sharing her personal experiences.

Further characters, if any, will be briefed upon as the story progresses.

• • • • •

Hello. This is an AVNEIL fan-fiction continued from the plot of the TV show. The characters and their past have not been rendered on, but their present will be completely different from what’s been shown in the show. Also, the attempt behind this story is to write without a villain — at least, as for now.


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