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Aankhon mein Teri 

Episode – 18th

:-Previous day:– Ahil proposed Naina , Janki and Adesh decides to engage off Ahil with their one of business friends daughter , Naina faces Kamini

Naina : Yes or No , You’re not my mother right !

Kamini : So you know the truth hmm !! so now I need not to hide anything .

Naina : No you don’t , I know my mom did a crime but wasn’t that a mistake , She was drunk why because your brother was having affair

Kamini : Your criminal mom killed my brother , Despite We are bearing you since your birth so that Dady sign those papers and after that whole property would be ours .

Naina : Okay , So you need Property , Fine I’ll myself will ask Grandpa please sign those papers and Give his Will to you .

Kamini : Wow so that in his vision you’re great and he’ll think we’re forcing you and we tortured you .

Naina : No his mind is not materialistic like you , He loves me , He’ll surely listen to me . And he did this only to protect me from you .

Kamini : Listen , I don’t have time to waste on you , I’ve some very important things to do .

Kamini leaves . Naina breaks down .

Pinky : Naina hold yourselves

Naina : I can’t even dream my own family is so selfish , Greedy , How ?

Pinky : Right ! you did right , Give them money and everything , We don’t need anything just people and love .

ѕínhα’ѕ mαnѕíσn

Ahil was talking to Abhay on his phone , He was distressed .

Ahil : My life is like totally trapped now , I really love Naina , But mom is behind Nitya

Abhay : Try to explain them once

Ahil : Explain ! no , They don’t listen to me , They only care about status , They are a public figure Na !

Abhay : Now what’ll we do Ahil !

Ahil : I don’t know Abhay , But that’s for sure that I’ll marry Naina only , Either by hook or by crook .

Janki overhead the conversation , She comes in Ahil’s room .

Janki : what is your problem Ahil ! Why are you not understanding , That Naina , I met her at her home , They’re so low class , They don’t match us .

Ahil : Ma ! how could I explain it to you ! it’s about my whole life , I can’t live with Nitya , I need Naina for me , I don’t care who’s she ?

Adesh comes ” Shut up , He’ll ruin my 50 years reputation if he didn’t married Nitya , Tell him , Or else I’ll do something ”

Janki : Ahil , See I’m your mom and I know my son very well , You can’t live happily with that poor , Middle class uneducated girl .

Adesh strictly: I’m warning you if you didn’t Say Yes , Then I’ll never allow you to intervene in my business .

Janki and Adesh leaves the room .
Naina calls Ahil .

Naina : Ahil are you Okay

Ahil : Yes I am , Why ?

Naina : You left very hurriedly so I…( he interrupted )

Ahil : Mom had chosen a girl for me and tomorrow they’ve decided the engagement .

Naina was shocked , She didn’t replied and shuts the phone .

Ahil : Naina Naina !!Listen , Listen to me .

Ahil got frustrated and throws the phone , ” Shit ! what is this ? I’m really getting mad now ”

naina’s pov …

IT WAS dark night now , NAINA was sitting near window .

Naina : This happens with me always , I will loose him . God , Why ? Why Ahil you saved me , You should have let me died .

ᑎE᙭T ᗰOᖇᑎIᑎG …

Ahil woke up and walks down stairs . He could see the whole mansion is decorated

, Adesh was wearing brand new Suit and Janki was talking to a house worker in a shining Saree .

Ahil : Mom what is all this ?

Janki giggles : Ahil ! it’s my son’s engagement today , Am so happy

Ahil : But mom ! I’ve made it clear that I’m not okay with this

Janki : Come on now , Don’t Act childish , I’ve never asked you for anything to give me but today I’m ordering you and you’ve to listen to me

Adesh : And I’ve called our designer he’s coming with costume

Janki : Now I’m waiting for evening and Engagement to happen

Ahil didn’t paid heed and moves out , Adesh ” Now where are YOI going ? ”

Ahil : Just going to spend some time with myself

Janki : Do come back till 5 pm okay

Ahil was shattered he was driving car rashly , Ahil ” No I love Naina , I can’t betray her , But what about Mom and dad , Should I betray them for my love , Oh god in which problem you’ve left me in ”

ᏒᎪᎥ’s hᎾusᎬ …

Kamini was popping here and there ” I’m so happy that Naina now herself will say that she dosen’t needs any property , wow ”

Then Riya comes ” Mom I’m ready to go ”

Kamini : yes ! this is like my girl , Go and win your Ahil today

Riya : Yes mom , Today no one can snatch my love from me .

Kamini in her mind ” On one hand My Riya will marry Ahil and on other hand this property would be mine and then finally I’ll become Queen on Udaipur wow ”

Riya bows down ” Give me your blessings Mommie so that I can win ”

Kamini : You’ll my daughter

ᗩᕼIᒪ’ᔕ ᑭOᐯ ….

Ahil : No Abhay how can I betray my parents

Abhay : So you want to loose your love

Ahil : No i want both

Abhay : So what’ll you do now , Janki aunt will never accept NAINA , She even dosen’t who is real NAINA .

Ahil : What should I do now , if I didn’t made any decision today then nothing can happen

Abhay : whatever we’ve to do is before Engagement , Today only .

Ahil : What should I do I can’t loose my love no .

Abhay : See Ahil ! if you want Naina and Your parents both then there’s only one way now

Ahil : what ?

Abhay …..( Silent conversation )

Ahil : What ? No how can I do this

Abhay : See Ahil this is the only way we can win , Otherwise go and marry Nitya and forget NAINA forever .

Ahil : No , No ( He said in enthusiasm ) , Okay I’m ready for this .


Pinky : NAINA it’s morning now , Don’t we have to go to Temple

Naina : No today I’ll not go

Pinky : Why ? What happened that you’re Sad with your own God

Naina : what should I do ? I’ve always asked God to give me someone in my life whom I can call mine , With whom I can share my pains , With whom I can Smile and laugh, But No god never wants me to be happy and see what he did

Pinky : Naina what has happened ?

Naina : Yesterday night I called Ahil and he said his family wants him to marry with some other girl !!!

ѕínhα’ѕ mαnѕíσn

Mukesh and his family arrived .

Everyone hugs and greets .

Adesh : Welcome Mr.Mukesh , It’s good you came early we can have more arrangements

Ms.Mukesh : No no all the decoration is amazing

Janki : Nitya you’re looking like a princess really

Nitya : Thanks Aunty !

Adesh : Come , Come it’s your house only

Janki : In few hours Guests will start arriving

Nitya : Ahil is ready

Janki fluctuating ” A aa Nitya , Ahil has gone out for some time , Actually one of his friends met with accident ”

Ms.Mukesh : Oh it’s fine .

Adesh : we’ll start the ceremony shortly , But , See Janki ask them for some water or something .

Janki : Opps sorry !!

Mr.Mukesh : well I’ve to say this is the brilliant match ever , Ahil’s and Nitya’s match is perfect isn’t it .

Adesh : Yes , Absolutely , Ahil was saying me the Same .

Janki : Once this is done then we’ll finalize further dates .

Someone standing at door loudly and strongly in crooked and grief stricken voice exclaimed ” No this marriage can’t happen , Stop it right now ”

The whole audience looks there , Janki’s eyes grew larger with shock , She exclaimed ” you ” , ” Here ”

Precap : Ahil has a plan , Riya reached SINHA’S house ,.
Will this engagement happen ?
Will Ahil stand for Naina ?
Will Riya’s plan work ?

To be continued …..

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