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Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon- PLAN IS MADE (EP77)

Recap: Gayu is pregnant . The secret is known to Kaira. Kartik assures to support Naira and Gayu.

Episode starts

Kaira room

Naira: Kartik you are ….so understanding and sweet. Sorry for misunderstanding you mendak

Kartik: Shshs…no more sorry. Ab chalo its time for your food and medicines and no excuses

Kartik takes Naira with him and feeds her. The scene freezes


Romi rushes inside with Abishek

Abishek: This Kevin is more dangerous than we thought

Romi: He…he…made…made my Riya

Abishek: Dont worry Romi this situation will have a solution.
Romi and Abishek enter Kevin’s cell

Kevin chuckles on seeing them

Kevin: Did the doctors tell that your wife is infertile?
Romi gets angry and slaps Kevin

Romi: You were expecting this?

Kevin: Of course..I never wanted anyone to share my love for Riya thats why I made her infertile..

Abishek: Yuck what a psycho you are..huh?

Romi: What toxin did you give? Tell me

Kevin smiles evilly. Romi and Abishek thrash him

Abishek: If you dont tell now you will die here and we have ways to get free of it

Kevin doesn’t get affected and the evilness grows in his eyes. Seeing it Romi’s anger grows and he pushes Kevin to the ground gets on him and beats him while Abishek tries to stop him. Moments later Romi is pulled to his feet by Abishek

Abishek: Romi first get the word off his mouth then only we can cure Riya..dont urge .

Romi: But…

As they are talking Kevin falls unconscious shocking them both.

Goenka villa

Naira and Kartik go to Dadi’s room

Kartik: Dadi Woh hum

Naira: We need to tell something Dadi

Dadi: Haan bolo

Kartik: Dadi will you accept Samarth chachu if he comes back ?

Dadi is shocked by hearing his name

Dadi: Samarth…..why will he back? Kittu…did you see him or what? Huh

Kartik: Woh dadi I want the entire family here when our baby arrives thats why

Dadi: He is not family Kittu..dont increase hopes like this…go and get rest..take Naira with you

Kartik is about to say something Naira stops him and takes him out

Naira: Kartik…we can’t do it this way..we need to think of something else

Kartik: Par kya hai woh Naira..

Naira: Let me think mendak. Baby aap bhi socho maasi keliye….idea..idea…aagaya

Kartik is excited and just then his mobile rings. Its the producer

Kartik: Ill talk to him and come.
As Kartik walks out Keerthi comes to Naira

Keerthi: Naira what’s happening here?

Naira: Nothing bhabhi

Keerthi: I can sense it..whats going on?

Naira tells her the happenings

Keerthi: Samarth chachu?

Naira: Haan..

Keerthi: Par Naira we need a full proof plan for it na

Naira: I have thought of something

Keerthi: Whatever it is Ill be with you in it

Naira: Par

Keerthi: If You are Gayu’s sister Im her bhabhi..I have equal rights

Naira:  Bhai doesn’t know it yet

Keerthi: Ill make him understand you don’t worry about it

Kartik walks in dull mood

Naira: Kartik what did he say?

Kartik: The film is not releasing tomorrow

Naira: Why?

Kartik: Rhea is creating a scene now

Keerthi: But she came to the preview na?

Kartik sighs and tells about the babymoon happenings

Keerthi: Kitni gandhi hai ye what does she want?

Kartik: Share in the profit as her dad’s salary. She says 1/4th was directed by her dad

Naira: What now mendak?

Kartik: Producer and the cast is coming here tomorrow. We are scrapping the scenes he shot and re shooting them again

Keerthi: Its a loss for the producer then

Naira: It wont be..mendak will you do what I say?

Kartik: Why not?but whats it?

Naira: You dont get salary for the days you shoot. As he did everything for us..he may have scrapped the project or made Puru work on it

Kartik is shocked

Kartik: Naira…how did you find

Naira: I know you better my mendak

Kartik hugs her

Keerthi: Thu thu thu..may no bad eyes fall on the way who is helping Rhea now?

Kartik: Who else would it be other than Nishant and Urvashi

Naira: Arrey ye jokers ka kaam hai..trying to put hurdles in every step of my husband

Kartik: But little they know about my wife..woh hurdles ko rehne kahan deti hai. With that sorted whats your plan…

Kartik realises Keerthi’s presence and swallows his words

Keerthi: Naira told me about the issue and Im helping too

Kartik: Wow thats to the plan


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