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Riansh Os : Intertwined Fate

Author’s pov

Starting with Riddhima forgiving Vansh.

Author’s pov

Vansh was trying his best to hide The truth of Riddhima’s parents’ death from her, He feared losing her, as He Can’t live without her. She became his addiction that he couldn’t lose in any circumstances.

Ang: Boss, Someone is trying really hard to reach the past!

V: No, Don’t let him know anything about it, i want full information about his identity.

Ang: We are trying to find him but he took cautions pretty well, that we got nothing!

V: What are these useless people who are working under you, Angrey? They can’t gather simple information? If he got to know about the truth, Then It will be a disaster !!

Ang: What shall we do now?

V: Transfer this information to the concerned person! and be aware of this unknown enemy who wants to break the peace of VR MANSION.

Ang: Won’t you go?

V: No

Ang: Boss,I really think you should Go yourself!

V: No, It’s so dangerous !! If someone is keeping an eye on me, Then what will happen? Find him fast !! He can’t succeed in this mission! The efforts of years will be wasted (he pushed the vase and it was shattered everywhere)

Ang: Boss, Relax, The family will doubt if you keep behaving like this!

V: No one should know and especially Riddhima !! I can’t take risk!

R: what risk Vansh?

Riddhima who just came with cups of coffee for them asked him curious, He changed his expressions to soft ones while he smiled at her.

V: Nothing, sweetheart!

R(mischievous look): Is it a surprise?

V: Surprises aren’t supposed to be revealed right?

R(pouted): Not fair !! But I will wait for my surprise! I brought you coffee, You must be tired, You were working the whole day!

V(kissing her hand): thank you, sweetheart!

She smiled at them strolling toward the door and exiting the place leaving Vansh massaging his forehead to get over this news.

The other day

On breakfast

They were having breakfast smiling at each other while Kabir was fuming seeing their closeness, He didn’t like the fact that Riddhima loves Vansh now, and she is no more in love with him as she was.

Riddhima’s phone rang: Hello?

The other person: Riddhima Raisinghania

R: Yes, It’s me, Who is this?

the other person: It doesn’t matter, I sent you a gift, make sure you open it personally.

R: Who is this? and which gift?

Vansh and the other members’ attention shifted to her after noticing her tension.

The other person: I am sure that my gift will make you reach the first aim of your life, Your parents !!

R: My parents?????

Vansh looked widely at her and snatched the phone: Hello??? Who are you?

The other person: The harder you try to hide it, I will make it come in the display! Best of luck, Raisinghania!


R: Vansh, give me the phone !! it’s related to my parents !! He said he knows, Give it to me !!! (She took it forcefully) HELLOOO??? HELLLOOOOOO??? NOOO, HE hangs UP WHY?????? (holding Vansh’s hand) What did he say??? Did he tell you something? (Vansh was looking at Angrey in shock) Speakkk uppp Vanshhhh !!! what did he say about my parents !?????

V: Nothing

The servant came: Mme, there’s a parcel for you !!

Both Riddhima and Vansh’s gaze snapped toward the servant wondering what is in it?

V’s pov

God! Who is trying to give Riddhima clues about the incident? Now, She’ll start looking for the truth and won’t back off till she is satisfied. ANd what is in that box?

I saw her moving! No!! running to take it and the moment she took it I pulled it out of her hands making her look angrily at me! She has the right to be mad, If I were here I would have been extremely furious!

R: what do you think you’re doing, Vansh? It’s related to my parents !! !I wanna see it.

V: Let Angrey check it, It can be a trap from my enemies !!

She found his words reasonable and stood waiting for Angrey to check it! He opened the box and started searching then give it to her.

Ang: It’s safe, Babhie ! take it.

She took it and opened it only to find her things from the orphanage: Is it all? and How is it related to my parents?

V: Sweetheart, Someone is playing a bad prank on you.

R(tears): How can someone joke using my parents? This is so cruel.

V(feeling bad): Riddhima, relax, I am here !!

R: No, I will contact the delivery company, It must have the name of the person who sends it. If it’s a joke then I won’t argue anymore, Pakka Promise !!

V(looking at Angrey): Sure, Sweetheart, Let’s investigate !! Angrey is here, He will do it, Right Angrey?

R(smiling): Yes, You are running a (Useless lol) Investigation company, You can reach him fast right?

Ang: Sure, Babhi, By the evening, You’ll find the man in front of you.

Angrey said clutching his fist tightly while assuring her that he’ll take care of the matter.

R: I’ll rely on you, Thank you, Angrey!

V: Then you have to start (He signaled him to go )

Ang: oh Yes, Boss! Excuse me all of you!

V: Riddhima, Complete your breakfast, I am going to see what will find.

R(smiled): Ok!

Angrey ad Vansh went to the study room and he closed the door.

Ang(lifting up his hand revealing the pendant): Boss !

Fb starts

Angrey looked inside the box and hid the pendant in his hand then showed Riddhima the box that contains her pics

Fb ends

V: A pendant? Who sent it? and why?

Ang: Not only a pendant, even a letter! (giving it to him)

“The first step”

V: The first step? Oh God, He is trying to make her curious, and If he manages to do it, Then she won’t stop ever! I saw Riddhima, She has the same pendant, and the one that was a memory of the past, I got rid of it. Does it mean “it’s the same one I have thrown??”? Someone is following me !!!
Someone received a call
Man: hello! I did it
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The other person: brilliant! Now we’ll wait for him to make a mistake that he’ll definitely make!/ but be aware he’ll try to reach you!
Man: he won’t! He’ll be busy into covering up what was exposed and saving the hidden truth from coming in front of the family! And Riddhima
The other person cut him in between: Riddhima will stay blinded by love till we bring everything out.
Man: we have to hurry up then!!

Angrey pushed a man in front of Riddhima.

R: who is he??

Ang: the one who was calling you ( Angrey slapped him) speak up! Why was you bothering babhi???

The man apologized: I am sorry! Please forgive me!!

R( doubtfully): why would you mention my parents? How did you know about me? For a joke, didn’t you take huge efforts first looking for information about me and then calling me? Moreover that the voice is not the same!!!

Vansh gritted his teeth cursing Angrey for his stupidity: sweetheart, these psycho people can go to any extent to bother you!! You are worrying for nothing, This man will be jailed!

K: and the inspector is here so why fear? (Joker hahaha)

V(to himself): god!! Now we’re exposed!! This is our man and apparently, Kabir smells something fishy ! this blo*dy bastard!

R: Let it be! (sadly) I thought it was a clue to reach my parents! Let him Go! I am a concerned person and didn’t complain against him.

Vansh felt bad for Riddhima, still, He was thankful that she didn’t focus on the man!

V’s pov

With the pass of each second, I feel more tensed, Who knows about the accident? She won’t forgive me if she gets to know that I hid the truth. I have to distract her mind. I entered our room only to find her looking down that broke my heart, I approached her.

V: Sweetheart, I am sorry !!

R: No !! It was me who kept high expectations! I should have understood that someone was messing with us!

Vansh hugged her tightly caressing her hair to pacify her: I hate seeing you sad, Now come on, Give me your beautiful smile! don’t I deserve to see it?

Riddhima tried to smile but failed, and he frowned: That’s it?

R(pout): I can’t !! I feel so upset!

V(tickling her): Let’s see.

She started laughing: noo Hahaha don’t hahaha not fair hahaha I can’t! Stop !!

He stopped looking at her while she smiled widely: Now that’s like my Riddhima !!

She looked at him innocently while he leaned to her lips to take them in his only to be pushed by his wife who has a playful smile on her face: Not so soon, Mister! You tortured me! And I am going to take my revenge now !!

V(side smile): Is it?

R(crossing her arms above her chest): Yes, Unless you correct your mistakes!

V: Fair enough, sweetheart, I’ll fill your life with love so that you forget all the pain I made you go through!

He tried to hug her again but she moved faster: WHen you prove it, Hubby !!

V(smiled): Thank God Sia woke up in time or else I would have lost you forever!

R: I am still here with you, I didn’t leave !!

V: let’s sleep (She raised her eyebrow) Just Cuddling till My sweetheart’s punishment ends.

She chuckled leaning on his chest and drifting into a deep slumber. After Vansh was asleep, she opened her eyes and looked at the phone, Surprisingly it rang, The same number.

Man: You want the truth? Come to this address, You’ll know everything !!

He ended up the call and she moved to the car without waking Vansh up, Kabir followed her without her notice.

Riddhima reached the place which has this negative aura but was focused on her way.

A man pointed a gun toward her and said: Tell your husband if he wants to save you He has to confess what happened in 1996 before the accident.

R: Accident??

Kabir saw the man coming toward Riddhima and was going to hit her: RIDDHIMMAAA

R(confused): KABIR???

Kabir held his neck as he was injected with something from behind and fell unconscious !!

R: what did you do to him?????

A MAN: Say what I told you to your husband.

and she was hit on her head;

After a while, Kabir woke up only to find Riddhima’s head injured!

K: Riddhimmmmaaa !!!! wake up !! God you’re bleeding (He touched his neck, and then Vansh Reached the place running along with ANgrey only to find the scene that made his blood boils)

V: You blo*dy ba***d, How dare you? You kidnapped Riddhima (Holding his collar) Your end is destined to be with my hands.

K(pushing him): If I kidnapped her, Why would I be laying here too !! You mor**n, Because of you, she was kidnapped !! your enemies are after her !! They talked about year 1996 !!

V(patting her cheeks): Riddhima, Wake up, sweetheart, Your Vansh is here !

R(moving slowly): mm V..V..VAN…SH

V: I am here !!

He picked her up rushing to the car: Angrey drive fastttt, She is wounded in her head !!

V(to himself): Now, I am going to kill whoever he was the one behind this attack, He touched her, and I am not going to spare him !!

His phone rang : HELOO

Man: Vansh Raisinghania, I see you were shouting !! you’ll see these scenes more often till you say the truth !! Where is he?

V: Look, Pray to the almighty that I don’t find you, Because If I do, You’re dead !!

Man: Ohooo I know the Raisinghanias Family are professional in this field, I mean Killing innocent people! Don’t worry about me, Worry about your weakness! What If I tell her who killed her parents, Do you think The wife in her will win over the daughter? Will she forgive the man who snatched her family? Think wisely !!

The call was ended and Vansh cursed the caller.

V(to himself): She is suffering !! Now they are targeting her!

He took her to their room where he dressed her wound, She looked at him confused.

R: Tell your husband if he wants to save you He has to confess what happened in 1996 before the accident. But what accident? and what is the connection between it and 1996? I am confused what was that man saying?

V: I have no idea, They kidnapped you to take revenge on me !!

R: WHo said I was kidnapped?

V: what???

R: the man called me!

V: God damn it, Riddhima, WHat was the need to go? What if they killed you, How would I bear it?

R: Relax, I am fit and fine !!

Angrey knocked on the door non-stop: Boss !!!

Riddhima opened the door: What happened Angrey? You scared me !! Is Ishaani fine?

Ang: I I (stammered) I a..am Sorry !! There’s a problem that is related to work, I wanted to tell Boss about it !!

V(To Riddhima): I’ll be back! Don’t worry!

They exited the room and then Angrey shocked Vansh: They called From XYZ , He wants to leave the place !!

V: WHAAATTT???? It’s still time !! How could he ???

Ang: Time to move now !! You have to stop him yourself !!

V: Get the car, We have to move!

Angrey brought the car and sat in the driver’s seat while they moved to their destination.

A man was shown exiting a house in an isolated place fighting with guards till they backed off, he was about to sit in the car while Vansh stood up in front of it.

V: You can’t do that !!!

Man: Stop caging me here !!

V: I am not the f** one who is caging you here, It’s you !!!

Man: Move out of the way, Vansh!

V: Someone gets a clue about you !! He is looking for the information !! Stop doing it! Because of your mistake, I am having a hard time. We still have to wait for another 6 months!

Man: Rude way to talk with your father, Boy !!!

Author’s pov

On the other hands

Man: What a drama you did! I believed you for a sec!

the other person: It was required! Now time for the final touch to succeed in my mission!

Man: Yes, I am about to end it!

V: A father? What did you do as a father? Because of your crimes, I suffered !! But for now, I am trying to keep you away! Don’t make another mistake! Because you’re not yet safe from the first one! Wait till the 6 months get over!

Man: I heard the news about your death, That’s why I tried to leave you, ungrateful son!

Vansh’s phone was ringing but he ignored while glaring at the man who is in front of him.

V: SOn? All of sudden? So heart-touching !! Where were you when We needed you? And wait a sec, My death?

Angrey frowned looking at his phone: Boss, Someone spreads fake news about your death !! Seee!! “The business tycoon Vansh Raisinghania passed away tonight in a sad incident”

V: what the hell is that? Who did it?

VOICE: Finally, We got you !! (A man pointed a gun toward Vansh’s dad) You tried really hard to ran !! Azad Raisinghania!

Azad tried to ran and the man pulled the trigger: Don’t try, Or else the police force will shoot you !!

V: No !! You can’t take him !!

the man looked at him: We’re going to take him anyway, It still 6 months for the case, and he is not dead, He faked his death however a small mistake gave us a hint about it. Take him now, and you (looking at Vansh) If you don’t want to be taken with him too, stay out of it.

Another man called the man who was threatening Vansh: Aditya! We have to take him now!!

They took Vansh’s dad while vansh was still there like a statue seeing his dad getting arrested while he doesn’t have something to do anymore!

Vansh returned home and found the family looking shockingly at him.

D(cried): all these years??

V: dadi, let me explain!

D: I can’t hear more words, vansh!

S: bhai, all the channels are talking about him, why did they take him, and he was supposed to be dead, how can he be show up? Why didn’t you tell us?

Everyone was showering him with questions while he strolled so exhausted to hear more words!!

He entered his room expecting his wife to be there waiting for him but he found only darkness,he moved fast out of it going back to the hall: where is Riddhima????

S: Bhai,I was trying to reach you so that I tell you that babhi disappeared and not only her, kabir too!!!

V(shocked): whaaat??????? How can she vanish from our house?
He ran to Kabir’s room making everything a mess behind while he tried to find a clue only to find the pendant which he threw!!!!

V: god damn himmmm!!!!!!

Again, he jogged to his room only to find a letter from Riddhima.

” Now,I know everything about the past! the calls and my parents’s murderer! I can’t live with you as they won’t have peace whilst seeing us together,don’t look for me, Vansh! It’s the end!! “

V(shouted): NOOOOOOOOOOO YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME (destroying everything in his room, the family stood near his door but no one dared to interfere, he seemed crazily angry) I AM GOING TO BRING YIY BACK, BY ANY MEANS!! BY HOOK OR CROOK!! THE HELL I CARE!! ANGREY, LEAVE EVERYTHING AND FIND HER!!! I WANT HER!! (Remembering) Angrey,track her phone !! I wasnt you to find her now!!

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Angrey nodded and moved for a while then came back with hesitation, he spoke up: Boss, we can’t track her location! It seems as if she vanished!

V: people don’t vanish like that! Try to reach kabir,he must have done something! Wait a min, what I told you to install before, did you do it?

Ang: yes, boss!! The tracking device is on kabir’s car!

V(smirked): perfect! Let’s go!

Ang: boss, what about your dad?

V:/he brought it upon himself,I tried hard to save him but due to his rashness, he is caught! I can’t help him more than I have already done!
Now, enough of this topic and let’s go!

They reached to his car which was in placed in front of an old factory.

Riddhima opened her eyes slowly only to find her hands and legs tied up and sent angry glare to him.

R: what do you think you’re doing?

K: getting back my love, life and everything I have ever wished for!!

R: are you mad? Leave me now!!

K: baby! I know I was wrong! I have wronged you so much but we can start all over again, and be together,we’ll have our small family and cute house!!

R: you have really been beaten up by someone on your head!! Kabir let me go!!

Kabir touched her face : how beautiful you are my love! Do you think Vansh cares about your protection? He doesn’t or else you wouldn’t have been attacked many times!

R: yes, by your mother as I remember!! (Kabir’s hands cupped her face)

K: now no one will separate us and I’ll protect you even against my mother!! She is not here anymore but if she ever comes back I’ll protect you!!

R: it’s cool to be protected by someone and (freeing her legs with a knife in a fast move while she gave him a turning kick) it’s even cooler to be able to protect yourself(leaning toward him) Kabir!

Voice behind her spoke: princess, it seems like you kicked him hard on his face!!

Riddhima looking at kabir who was still in shock: I can”t bear him anymore!!! Stupid! He took me by surprise and hit me! What shall I do with you Kabir??

Kabir recovered and stood up going near her : Riddhima

She give him a back kick while turning fastly only for his nose to start bleeding.

R: didn’t I mention that I am fed up?(Giving him a scissor kick while he fell again) I am so done with this role of the weak girl !!

She sensed a shadow nearing her and punched the person on his face with a jump kick.

R(exclaimed noticing the face): Vansh???

Adi cracked up laughing: So bad, Riddz, You kicked your husband’s face too! Kya Dharam Patni hai, Yaar!

Adi cracked up laughing: So bad, Riddz, You kicked your husband's face too! Kya Dharam Patni hai, Yaar!

R(rolling her eyes): Shut up, Adi!

Aditya: Riddhima’s partner, and wanted crazily to arrest Azad !

V(stunned touching his face ): Riddhima!

R: Sorry I thought it was someone else !! you shouldn’t have come here anyway, Vansh!!!

He looked at her oddly and she understood him: You must be confused! I get it but we can’t stay together! You should have just believed the letter and accepted the truth!

V: which truth, Riddhima? and you (looking at Adi) what are you doing here? How do you know each other?

R: Adi, Take Kabir to the police station, we have all kinds of evidence against him, He won’t see the light again. (Slapping his face softly) Kabir, You messed with the wrong person, Goodbye!

Adi pulled Kabir with him: Oh I was dying for this moment, Come beta, I’ll teach you a great lesson !!

Riddhima and Vansh faced each other while they came closer, Her face didn’t show any regret or emotions, she simply eyed him.

V: What was it, Riddhima? You left because of the pendant !! Your parents’ accident! Riddhima I am sorry I made a mistake but I got my punishment! Don’t leave me for that !!

R: Still you have the courage to lie, Vansh? Woah! If I didn’t know the truth then I would have really believed this act. Do you think I don’t know that your sister did the accident? Miss.Brat Raisinghania! Oh I know everything, Maybe more than what you do yourself ! The accident that killed a couple! You kept a pendant (She said while walking in a circle around him then stopped) How foolish, Isn’t it? To keep an important proof with you! I know everything! ops I knew everything about that incident since the beginning, Even before our meet on the cruise!

V(in disbelief): who are you?

R: Good question !!

V: Whattt?????

R: You looked for their daughter but you had neither clue who is she, Norr information. And What was sent to you, Emmm You can say I provide it to you, Don’t you feel thankful, Raisinghania?

V: why are you talking about? and why are you talking with me like this? I care about nothing but our relationship.

R: We share one relationship, an agent and a criminal’s son !! This son was the way to get his father after trying hard to hide him !! I must appreciate your hard work!

V: My dad !! were you behind his arrest?

R: what do you mean by behind his arrest? I am the one who sent them there, I mean Adi! He is my partner!

Fb starts


Riddhima’s phone rang: Hello?

The other person: Riddhima Raisinghania

R: Yes, It’s me, Who is this?

the other person: It doesn’t matter, I sent you a gift, make sure you open it personally.

R: Who is this? and which gift?

Vansh and the other members’ attention shifted to her after noticing her tension.

The other person: I am sure that my gift will make you reach the first aim of your life, Your parents !!

R: My parents?????

Vansh looked widely at her and snatched the phone: Hello??? Who are you?

The other person: The harder you try to hide it, I will make it come in the display! Best of luck, Raisinghania!



Someone received a call
Man: hello! I did it
The other person: brilliant! Now we’ll wait for him to make a mistake that he’ll definitely make!/ but be aware he’ll try to reach you!
Man: he won’t! He’ll be busy into covering up what was exposed and saving the hidden truth from coming in front of the family! And Riddhima
The other person cut him in between: Riddhima will stay blinded by love till we bring everything out.
Man: we have to hurry up then!!

She was Riddhima!


Man: What a drama you did! I believed you for a sec!

the other person: It was required! Now time for the final touch to succeed in my mission!

Man: Yes, I am about to end it!

It was Riddhima and Aditya’s conversation.

Fb ends

R: I mean all the mess we created, Your fake death’s news was just an attempt, I told myself, Maybe it’ll work, and that did the trick. my partner arrested him !

V: Your partner means?

R: It means that you are talking with an agent, Vansh, a secret agent! It’s unfair to you to keep you in the dark for a long time, So in order to leave me alone and continue your life as we never met, I am going to tell you everything. The pendant, I was the one who took it after you get rid of it, The letter, Was my plan and the phone calls too. And finally the attack on me, I needed Kabir as a witness there, so that you’ll be so convinced, See here, You have this old habit of not believing your wife, I mean the role I played!

V: Role?

R: I could expect that your mind will register only this word. So let me repeat myself again on this special occasion. The calls were done as per my orders, And I spoke in front of you so that I scare you, ANd I manage to succeed in that pretty well, Ain’t it, Angrey? (Angrey was so thunderstruck to answer her which made her smirk went wider) Kabir made the work so easy for me, whenever a problem of me getting exposed came he handled it.

V: You knew about his enmity with me? about the truth? still, you put the family in danger?

R: No I didn’t know !! (He gave her disbelief look) Wait are we going to play the Blame game here? You have to believe that my focus was on you, I didn’t care about Kabir what he is doing and what not! who is he? Unfortunately, Ragini died in the process, I bore the attacks on me too Because My mission was more important! You know how is your father being alive gets exposed, I am sure you do, But I am going now, Nice talk !!

V(held her hand): You can’t go !!

R: Leave my hand!

V: You’re my wife !!

R(calmly): I am not, It’s just a role !!

V: what about our moments? and our love? Was everything a lie? A dhoka?

R: I am sorry (Vansh fell after that unconscious while Angrey approached his Boss)

ANg(shouted): Boss!!!!

R: Sorry Angrey (She gave him an axe kick knocking him down unconscious too)

Ad: I see you enjoyed celebrating alone !! Not fair !!

R: let’s go, before they came back to their senses !!

Ad: don’t you feel regret for leaving him?

She looked at his unconscious figure for some time and then answered: No !! He could go to any extent to protect his family and I could go beyond his limits to catch a murderer who killed 10 people. When we found bloodstains near an old factory, and we were proved right when the results came out, He was alive ! STill I don’t know till now, How did Vansh protect him all this time?

AD: Are you praising your husband now?

R: Shut up! I told you he is not!

Ad: Did you tell him that you’re not that couple’s daughter?

R: No, I didn’t, He doesn’t need to know that Sejal is their real daughter whom I used! He doesn’t need to know that Sejal is their real daughter whom I used! gosh, this dress is killing me !! Uff finally I’ll go back to myself!

Ad: By the way, what was the need to inject him, You could have just kicked him too?

R: I felt bad for smashing his handsome face!

Aditya laughed more while she gave him a wide grin, and snatched the keys.

R: I will drive !!

Ad: You’ll start your crazy driving again !! God, why me? Riddhima, Drive sl(She moved the car) God save me !! On a serious note, What are you going to do with Vansh? You know that it’s not his fault, Even I don’t blame him !! If My father was alive, I would have done anything to protect him.

R: Adi, It was just a mission!

Ad: Ri, Now, you’re lying to me, Your childhood friend !! We grew up together, and we’re in this mess together! I can see what do you feel.

R: I am warning you now not to utter more words or (She accelerated her speed)

Ad: OH MY GODDDDDD !!!! My mouth is zipped, you crazy woman !!

They reached to a mansion where a woman was waiting for them.

Wom: Finally, I see you after this long time!

R: Maa, I missed you

She threw herself in the woman’s arms while she reciprocated her hug cryingly.

Wom: My princess, Are you fine? I was always saying to Adi that I want to see you still He convinced me that it can be dangerous to your mission ! and what is this (pointing toward the sindhur she was still wearing)

R: mm Nothing mom, It was dropped accidentally on my forehead!

Wom: Let me remove it then (She approached her to remove it but Riddhima backed off fast)

R: Mrs. Anjali. Arrora, DOn’t you think you’re stressing yourself over silly things?

Anj: Ha I have to, Or else I know you won’t take care of yourself, ALways so engrossed in work !!

R(emotional): Maa, If it

wasn’t for you and dad, I would have died in the streets, You adopted me and gave me a good life !

Anj(hugged her): Baby, Don’t cry! Since when you cry over silly matters? You’re my daughter, Don’t you dare to mention it again !! (Raising her eyebrow) My agent became so emotional, WHat softened your cold heart?

Aditya(holding his laughter) : A mission

Riddhima sent an angry glare at him, And her mother frowned while Riddhima said giving him a warning look: He is just joking, Ma, Isn’t it, Adi?

Ad: Ha mom !!

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Anj(laughing): Still you’re scared of her? But you have to, She didn’t beat you just once, You have always been beaten up black and blue by her.

Ad(whined): Mom, not this topic !!

Adi’s phone started ringing and he answered and spoke politely

Aditya received a call: Yes sir !! Finally solved !! We arrested him today!! Yes, SHe is with me here! (to Riddhima) Take it!

R: Hello sir !! ! I didn’t find any kind of evidences against Vansh Raisinghania, He is clean !! (Aditya raised his eyebrow but she totally ignored him) Azad is in jail now! Thank you, sir !! It was our duty!

Anj: WHo is Vansh?

R: No one, Maa, He is just a mission and it’s ended now. I will go and freshen up.

She walked inside her room, and jump on her bed: I missed you, My dearest bed ! !

Vansh woke up blinking his eyes confused only for the realization to hit him hard: Riddhima !!

He tried to stand up and found something in his hand! A letter!

” You have another chance, Vansh, to walk out of the mess you put yourself in, I know that you had no choice! still this time, I am giving you an opportunity to walk out of that darkness! Don’t make me come back for you! I wish if only I was sorry for what I did, But actually I am not, I did what I was supposed to do as an agent and daughter! Stay safe “

V: Naaaa Riddhima !! You still can not leave me! I won’t pay for someone else’s mistakes! You’ll have to come back!!

Aditya walked inside his mother’s room who was holding a pic crying, Aditya hugged her while Riddhima looked at them in tears.

Ad: Maa, The criminal is arrested now! dad’s soul is at peace! He is happy and proud of us, especially of Riddhima! She proved that she could do it!

Anjali opened her arms for Riddhima to hold her: Thank you, baby, You know one thing? Your dad when he saw you for the first time, said you’re a gift from God to us! He was right! He would be proud of you, Riddhima!


Riddhima was moving in her bed unable to sleep: What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I sleep?

She marched and kneeled looking for something in the drawer.

R: find them !!

She gulped sleeping pills slowly drifting into slumber!!

One week later

Riddhima started taking sleeping pills to help her to relax while Anjali was still confused of what suddenly happened to her, yet she didn’t ask her expecting her to open up soon.

The morning

She was sleeping deeply when she felt someone shaking her: Vansh! I am sleepy !!

Ad: Shut up and wake up

But she was still under the effect of sleeping pills: I wanna sleep more! Just go to your work !!

Ad(in disbelief): This girl is actually dreaming of him !! ShiT !! What should I do now? I have to wake her up!

He saw the jug and splashed the water on her face !!

R(jumped with a gun in her hand): Keep your Hands up !!

Ad: Hahahahahaha, Were you dreaming of arresting Vansh?

R(sigh): Shut up! Is it a way to wake me up?

Ad(with serious expressions): It’s urgent! we have to move now!

R: Give me 30 mins, wait for me in the car !!

She wore her clothes and ran on the stairs toward the gate but Anjali stood in front of her: Where are you going without your food?

R: Maa, I am sorry, But I have to go! There’s an emergency case now, and we’ve been called there.

Anj: It took 3 years to succeed in your mission and punish your father’s murderer! You had the right to ask them for a time yet I feel as if you’re rushing into coming back to work for something else! What are you hiding from me, Riddhima?

R: maa, You are exaggerating now! I am concerned about my job, And you know that I am so passionate about it. I am extremely sorry, But we’ll have this conversation when I come back, Take care & goodbye !!

She ran again while Anjali looked down sadly then she came back and kissed on her cheek: Love you, Maa !!

Anj(with a wide smile): Love you too, baby !!

Aditya said when he saw her coming toward the driver seat: Today, I will drive, No craziness!

R: I’ll let you do it as I am not in the mood!

They entered the Crime department while everyone gave them an appreciation look for their success. They knocked on the door of the crime department chief.

Voice: come in

R/Ad: Good morning, sir!

CH: Good morning, A new case of money laundering, We got a clue of it from a source, A party is organized tonight, Riddhima, You’ll access easily there, and catch them red-handed. They will be inviting dancers, so you have to be one of them, And find a way to help Aditya in! It’s a dangerous mission, Stay alert!

R/Ad: Yes, SIR !!

The evening

She was ready to be a part of it checking herself in the mirror that nothing is suspicious about her. Her hair was hiding earphones that were not noticeable! Taking her fake identity, then returning it to her, they let her in!

R(in mind): masquerade? What type of weird party it is? !! Anyway, I’ll have to perform so that they don’t doubt me.

Music started and she started dancing while noticing every move they were doing waiting for the right moment! Suddenly she saw their attention snapped toward her and a hand was placed on her waist, A touch that she knows very well: Vansh??

V: shhh, They recognized you (Placing a gun in her hand with a smirk) I guess it’s time for the show, sweetheart !!

A man shouted: CATCH HER

And bodyguards ran toward her while she found herself trapped, she pointed a gun toward them: Don’t move! All of you are under arrest !!

Man(laughing): You’re courageous enough to sneak into our place! but guess what, gorgeous? You won’t walk out of here! Alive!

Aditya heard them through the Bluetooth earphone: Damn it !! She is exposed !! Let’s move!

Riddhima looked at Vansh for help as she can’t handle all of them alone but he leaned toward the wall: Need help?

R(cursed him under her breath): No, I can handle it.

She looked alert at them one by one they were 6 men around her, she observed their move clearly to know who’ll attack first so that she can defend herself, and as she thought the man approached her but she kicked him with the same force he was attacking her with only for him to fall down.

V: WOOOOHOOOOO Muaaahhh, My wifey is awesome, Isn’t she?

The gangs’ men frowned then they started coming toward him too only for them to be trapped between his men.

V: I don’t appreciate someone who interrupts me while I am looking at my sweetheart, Got it?

Riddhima knocked down four of them but at least the other one choked her from behind only to fall injured the very next moment while Vansh came near him and pressed the place where the bullet hit: No one has rights to touch her but me !!

The men shouted: ahhhhhhhhh

Riddhima saw the others approaching her: Damn it! Vansh! Help !!

V: Sure sweetheart !!

They fought them However the gang’s men were more than Vansh’s therefore They hid somewhere when the shootout started.

bullets were shot everywhere between Aditya’s team and the gang, Riddhima looked at Vansh who was hiding in the place against her while he was still helping her.

R: What are you doing here? How did you know that I’ll be here?

V: You said you’re giving me an opportunity so I am helping my wife in her work, I am the unknown source who provided information against them, Ain’t I a dutiful husband?

R(hearing the shootout): Shut up! we’re still stuck!

V: No one will touch even your shadow !! I don’t care about your motive to come into my life, But you can’t go, Riddhima !! I’ll earn your love! Whatever was the relationship, A criminal, Husband or enemy, Only My death can make you get rid of me. (Holds her hand and put the gun on his heart) Kill me If you don’t want to see me again!

She inhaled a deep breath: Let’s get out of here!

She saw someone coming behind him to attack him and she pushed him and kicked the man’s face, She looked at Vansh only to see him taken away.

R: Noo !! !Stop

But they didn’t, she followed them and in the middle of the way, someone used chloroform to make her lose her consciousness.

R(opening her eyes and then closing it seeing Vansh’s figure taken away): V..a…n..S…H!

Aditya gets inside the house only to find no traces of them: Riddhimaa?????? (Shouting at the team) ALL OF YOU LOOK FOR HER !! I DON’T KNOW WHERE SHE HAS GONE.

One of the team: SIR, we searched everywhere, she is not here !! she disappeared!

Ad: Vansh is ot here too, So did Vansh take her? or they both were kidnapped?

His phone rang

Ad: Hello?

The other man: I want you to release my men if you don’t want to see their corpse, I am giving you time to think If you dare to make a move, I’ll kill them!

Ad: hello

The call was ended !



She woke up in an unknown place, he was handcuffed but then saw a glass was near her, she held it and hit the corner of the table to break it and in the process, she was hurt but she didn’t care as hers and Vansh’s freedom was more necessary! she managed to open the ties and she heard someone coming near.

With the piece of glass, she attacked him from the back: Where’s he? Where’s my hus(his fragrance attacked her nose) YOUU????

V: Sure, wifey, Me! You didn’t believe that your husband can be kidnapped, did you?

R: You faked everything?

V: No, I just guided you to bad men but for my own motive, You fulfilled yours, Now it’s my turn! See, sweetheart, We’re supposedly kidnapped both, To reach our location, They’ll take much more time than what you think, and within this time, many things can happen (touching her lips) Maybe by the time they reach, hmmm I guess You’ll be already expecting !!!


V: let’s not disappoint them (Saying so he sealed their lips while Riddhima’s eyes were wide in shock)

He was holding her hands tightly and she was still in shock, He pinched her waist making her eyes slowly getting closed. He kissed her with passion making her forget their relationship’s reality, she clutched his shirt while they were so engrossed in their kiss, Then the realization hit her hard, She was kissing that man’s son ! she pushed him angrily.

R(breathed out then yelled at him): You have the courage to kidnap me? It seems like you love Jail !

V(licking his lips): I don’t mind going for you, Besides I won’t go there !!

R: And what made you so sure about it?

V: I kidnapped my own wife! Nobody will punish a husband for it, Wifey! I’ll tell them I was pleasing My love as she is angry with me. By the way, I love you too!!

R: Who said that I love you?

V: The way how you attacked my supposed kidnapper, Where’s my husband? Hayeeeee Nobody can melt Vansh Raisinghania but his sweetheart!

R: Nobody Can melt me too, I am well-trained, You’ll get nothing by keeping me here, So stop daydreaming !!

V: I’ll see how soon you’ll come running into my arms admitting how much you love me!!

R: shut up, ok !!! Adi will be so worried about me! and maa too! Seriously, Vansh what are you doing? I told you I don’t want you in my life!

V: If I gave them the news of you being safe, Will you stay here willingly?

R: what? Are you mad? Till when do you intend to keep me here in this isolated place?

V: Place? You meant Island! We’ll stay here as long as you are stubborn, The day you accept my love, We’ll go and take blessing from your maa! By the way, she’ll be my Maa too!

R(yelled): Nooo !! She won’t be your mother ever! (Eyes became teary making him shocked and perplexed)

V: what happened? why are you crying? Don’t cry,(cupping her face) No, she’ll be just yours!

He didn’t understand why she cried for that silly reason, All he digested is the fact that her tears are unbearable for him.

R: Leave me alone, I hate you!

V: Why? If you really hate me, and you want us to go back then you have to answer my questions, WHy can’t we stay together? why can’t you love me?

R: FINE !!! YOU WANNA HEAR? THEN LISTEN! Your dad killed my dad, Vansh! Along with 9 people, He destroyed 9 families, We hated him to the peaks because we saw our Maa suffer after his death. We choose this field Because we wanted to punish criminals who tear apart parents from their kids, It was our passion, Mine and Adi’s. But then a few years ago, We found bloodstain, with another corpse, Your dad was supposed to be dead in an accident, Still Thank God, It was still time for the case to be closed and I started investigating again only to find it belongs to him. I used every single way to find him yet it was all in vain, and your moves were so prudent therefore I decided to make an entry in your life, Just to arrest your father! My mission was above anything else, I was ready to die for it.

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V: I am sorry for your dad’s death !! I wished if Only I could wipe the past and make our meeting less complicated, however, I can only wish, I have no power over the past, But Have it over my present !! I’ll change our future, and challenge the circumstances for our union! I didn’t know that you’ll be blaming me for my father’s mistakes! You said you know how much I suffered! !No you don’t! We were tortured due to his crimes, He just died and disappeared during my childhood, and I struggled so much for my family to fulfill their needs! & I don’t have regret over it, The world is not a pleasant place, Believing this fact, I did what I had to do! (holding her hand in his) I won’t let you go ! You’re my wife! No matter how much you’ll deny yourself, at last you’ll admit that you do love me (Whispering in her ear) the way I love you.

He pecked her cheek and went out of the room leaving her behind.

Vansh called Angrey: Hello, Angrey did you reach his address?

Ang: Yes, Boss!

V: Go now and do what I told you!

Ang(listening to him): Yes, Boss!

Arora Mansion

Aditya was waiting for the kidnapper’s call so that he tries to make a deal with them to let Riddhima go!

Anjali was worried looking at her son’s face: What happened? Why you’re not talking since you came? and where’s your sister?

Ad(massaging his face): Please Maa, Wait for some time; she’ll definitely come !!

Anj: Sure?

Ad: Yes, MOM!

A servant came announcing an uninvited person’s arrival who was insisted to meet Aditya.

Ad(frowning): Maa, Stay here, I’ll go and see who is there!

She nodded and he marched till the stairs where he saw the person’s back was facing him: WHO ARE YOU?

he turned to him and Aditya exclaimed: ANGREY??? Did you come here because of Vansh’s kidnap? If it is about that, Then I am trying my best to save them.

Ang: No need !

Ad: Excuse me?

ANg: Excused! Boss told me to tell you that his wife is with him, You do not need to worry about her.

Ad: Vansh kidnapped Riddhima?

ANg: she’s his wife whom He adored, and he won’t hurt her! He just wanna talk and understand why she doesn’t want to stay with him.

Ad: I think your boss has gone mad !! He kidnapped an agent and for that, The whole crime department,t will be upside down !!

Ang: No, He took his wife to a calm place where they can solve their problems. I request you to give him time. They are married anyway, And if Babhi can clean all evidence against him to save him, Do you think she’ll be wanting to jail him on charges of kidnapping her? Think again, and do believe that she’s in safe hands.

Angrey left the place while Aditya was thinking of his words, He isn’t wrong! They need to solve this mess.

Anj: Riddhima is married????? and how can she get married without telling me? Who is Vansh?

Ad(sigh): Ok, Vansh is Azad’s son, And he is Riddhima’s husband !!

Anj(shocked): WHAT?????

Back to Riansh

Riddhima started looking for her phone and luckily found it !!

R: Ufff What Mastermind’s masterplan !! Who kidnap someone ad let his phone with him? Stupid !!! wait !! what??? No signal !! He removed the sim card! Damn !!

V: Of course, sweetheart, Your hubby is not that dumb, I mean you could fool me, I admit it, However, My mind is still working!

R: I love challenges!

V: and So I am!

Both gave each other a side smirk with a daring look who’ll win.

V: But for the time being, Let’s have our candle dinner date, I made full preparations for us.

R: You cooked?

V: Obviously not me, I can’t cook an egg.

R: Yeah that’s what I thought!

V: Taunting, Are we? By the way, sweetheart, You can’t taunt me too, Except your Meethi baat, I guess you can’t even make a juice.

R(open mouth): HUH?????

V: Not that I mind at all !! But you can for example make a chocolate cake for me to pacify me as a change !!

R(glaring): Shut up !! Cake? and for you? Never !!

V: Yeah I knew it! You can’t bake it! I heard there is a cake mix, It’s almost ready, And easy, So you could use it instead of always feeding me Meethi baat !!

R: I said shut up !! Stop this bakwaas !! You kidnapped me and now uttering nonsense nonstop!! What do you want? I said I don’t want you !! I reject you!

V: Not for so long, You’re just denying yourself! However, I won’t let you leave me! Now our dinner! Let’s go!

He tried to hold her hand but she jerked it: Keep your hands to yourself otherwise I’ll break it for you So that you can learn how to !!

V: Uffff fire !! You don’t know that this attitude gets me madder for you! To hold you close and never let you go! If you want me to kiss you again, Then keep behaving like that.

R(looking straightly in his eyes): TRY

V: Gladly!

He came closer to her while she backed off with one leg taking a fighting position when he took one more step, Her leg passed near his face making him burst laughing!

V: You really want to hit me, don’t you?

R: I did before, And was about to just do it! A good move that you backed off!

V: You know what wifey? The old Riddhima, No doubt I fell for her, But this Riddhima ufff is literally killing me! Easy on me, sweetheart!

R: Ufff, Again this stupid flirty role !! Vihaan! stop it now !

V: You have to stop being a firecracker if you want me to stop! Vaise I am hearing this name after this time, So I think I missed it! Now, Dinner!

He took her to a beautifully organized place where servants serving them their dinner.

Riddhima accidentally hit the glass of water and it fell on the servant.

R: Oh my god! I am sorry !!

V: Hey, Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania, Don’t apologize!

R: I am not mean like you! (she took the tissue and helped the servant, Then leaned to take the glass )

V: what do you think you’re doing now?

R: There are glasses everywhere, It will hurt someone!

V: they are there for it. (He signaled to the servant) what are you waiting for? Clean it!

She cleaned it then went back.

V: so how did you find the island?

R: Woah, what a question! , I guess this is the perfect question to hear from my kidnapper.

V: Aweee, don’t play innocent, wifey, You make it look like “the devil me” kidnapped “the poor you”.

R: No, Actually “the criminal you” kidnapped “the agent me”, Congrats! you’re in big trouble!

V: Hahahahaha I am enjoying this conversation!

R: Well, I am not!

V: Riddhima, Please! I asked why you can’t love me? You didn’t even give me a valid reason still you’re expecting me to let go!

R(blank): Yes, I expect you to have some self-respect and let me go because I am rejecting you again and again!

V(hurt expressions): Since When did you become heartless?

R: Since you stopped understanding the answer from the first time itself!

V: and I’ll keep not understanding your damn answers till you give me a valid reasonable one to let go otherwise a big No, sweetheart! You might hurt me with your words, still, I won’t give up !!

R(yelled): Why are you making it hard for both of us? Just accept this damn truth and spare me!

For a moment, He could see shining in her eyes, he could see the hurt but she masked it fast.

V: Your eyes are saying the contrary! I can see what you’re hiding!

R: I am done! Thanks for dinner!

She left the place, entering her room, she sat there fighting tears that threatened to fall.

R: I am sorry, Vansh! I can’t be with you!

Arora Mansion

Anjali was angry because of what she heard from Aditya, She couldn’t believe that they hid the truth from her, Or else she wouldn’t have let her do it.

Ad: Maa

Anj: Shut up! Don’t you dare try to justify anything in front of me now, And you better bring your sis back, she has to face me for this!

Ad: Maa she was

Anj: Aditya, I said No justification, End of discussion !!

He sighs praying for Riddhima to be saved from their mother’s anger. They lied to her despite knowing that she hates lies so much!

Ad: May God save you, Ri!

Riddhima went to Vansh after a while: When we’ll go from here? I need to go back to work and my family! !They are waiting!

V: I sent them a message, don’t be tensed !

R: God !! what did you do ?

V(frowned): What?

R: Maa doesn’t know!!

V: about?

R: us, details of my mission!

V: You mean our marriage?

R: Uff yeah !

V: Wow, Then It’s going to be a great chance to know!

R: back to my question, when we’ll go?

V: when you accept my love? Don’t you love me? (he cupped her face asking her and she kept her mouth shut) Your silence gave me the answer! You do love me, don’t you?

R: Yes, I do !

V(surprised): Really? oh god !! finally? (he left her up twirling her )

R: I said I do but still I don’t want you! Do you love me?

V: Yes!

R: Give me time to think I feel confused! I have a headache too! I really need something refreshing!

V: you didn’t have your dinner properly! I am going to bring juice for us!

He went and came back with juice, She admired his care and held his hand.

R: Thank you!

She went closer to him and placed her lips on his while he was shocked at first but then he encircled his arms around her then parted away.

V(winking): what a way to say thanks! I guess I’ll have to do more so that you thank me like this.

R(side smile): what nonsense !!

V(turning to the table): Take your juice!

she held a glass while he held the other one and drink it, she placed her head on his shoulder!

V: what happened to your hand?

R:small injury,I dressed it!

R: I guess, I am sleepy tonight !! after this time!

He eyed her till she slept only to kiss on her forehead and drifting to sleep too.

The morning

Vansh woke with a headache hearing a loud voice of : Is it what I think it is?

He ran only to find a chopper while Riddhima pointed a gun on the pilot’s head: move before I blow your head!

Pi: If I do, He’ll not spare me!

R(making the gun touch his head): You’re part of kidnapping an agent, I don’t forget my enemies, If I get caught now, I won’t be harmed but you !! I’ll haunt you whenever you go and make your and your family’s life hell, What do you going to choose now? Try my enmity!

As what sheexpected, He was intimidated, and the chopper take off while Riddhima bid bye to Vansh who was still in shock !!

V: How did this chopper come?????

He started looking for his phone and found it dropped on the floor. He called Angrey.

V: Did you send the chopper here????

Ang(confused): Yes, Boss!

V: GOD DAMN IT !! Why did you act on your own??? I told you don’t do it unless I tell you to.

Ang: You did, Boss!

V: when did I ? I didn’t even talk with you since I asked you to go their house!

Ang: Boss, Yesterday You called me and asked me to bring the chopper! actually, due to network issues, I couldn’t hear clearly what you were saying but you sent me a message.

V: RIDDHIIIIMMA !!! She fooled both of us and escaped! Sent one for me I have to go back!

Ang: I am sorry boss !!

V: Just do as I said !!

He hanged up the phone frustrated while Riddhima smirked remembering how she fooled Angrey!

Fb starts

Scene 1

R: I am not mean like you! (she took the tissue and helped the servant, Then leaned to take the glass )

V: what do you think you’re doing now?

R: There are glasses everywhere, It will hurt someone!

She started recording and hid her phone.

Scene 2

R: I said I do but still I don’t want you! Do you love me?

V: Yes!

Scene 3

she held a glass while he held the other one and drink it, she placed her head on his shoulder!

V: what happened to your hand?

R:small injury,I dressed it!

(She remembered how she intentionally injured herself so that she could without the servant’s doubt looked for sleeping pills)

Scene 4

He went and came back with juice, She admired his care and held his hand.

R: Thank you!

She went closer to him and placed her lips on his while he was shocked at first but then he encircled his arms around her, She extended her hand to the glass and put the sleeping pills then parted away.

Scene 5

After Vansh slept, she took his phone and texted Angrey

“Angrey, We are coming back! I want you to send the chopper as soon as you can”

Angrey called Vansh: Boss, Shall I send it tomorrow?

V: Yes (Playing the record )

Ang: Did babhi agree?

V: Yes !!

The call was ended and Vansh sent ANgrey a message “there’s a network issue, Send it! I’ll explain later”

She went back to his sleeping figure and kissed on his cheek: I won again, Hubby!

Arora Mansion

Riddhima arrived there only to see Adi looking boringly at her: You’re late !! I expected you to find a way much earlier or You were enjoying your husband’s company that’s why you didn’t really want to come?

Aditya was teasing her but she was in a very bad mood: Adi, Not you too, I can’t take it anymore! I have new information about Chang! He contacted Vansh but luckily I read his message! This deal won’t happen so I don’t want vansh hurt in the process, Adi! We’ll have to track him down before he makes the deal !

Ad: You care about him to this extent !! so Why are you torturing yourself then? Do what you want !! who asked you to do something like that !!

R: It’s my duty as a daughter, And I can never forget !! I can’t hurt maa by bringing the son of her husband’s murderer in front of her eyes! I just can’t !! Vansh soon will give up and leave! (sadly) It’s better this way!

ANj: Who said that?

R: Maa

Anj: You hid this big truth from your mother? !! What did you think of me? I am heartless and I will be wanting you to spend your life regretting leaving your husband for me?

R: Maa, I can’t do it!I am indebted to you and dad, I can’t insult the love you gave me for him!

Anj-with tears): You know nothing !!

Vansh went to see his father.

Az: Surprised to see you here, No actually shocked, what happened Boy?

V: I spent my whole life wondering why a person like you became a father! I cursed myself still when You sought my help I hid you from the whole world, Thing that you failed to do to your child when I was still so young and need shelter. Despite all bitterness, A son’s responsibility I wanted to fulfill it, But today is the first time, I despise you this much! I was always saying that my past made me who I am, And now, I wished if I could change the fact that I am your son ! I lost my wife because of you! I hate you, dad!

Even for a heartless man like Azad, His words made him feel as If he was slapped. Vansh went outside. And left to his mansion!

Riddhima entered the police station to see Azad: WHaT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ME?

Az: You’re the woman who hurt him, right?

R: No you’re the man who caused the fatal wound, and made him suffer! Maa mentioned your name, what do you know about Anjali Arora?

Az: Arora? So you’re the girl who was saved during the accident! Why did you do it to him?

R: How do you know me?

Az: Probably, My connection with your reals parents is that I witnessed their death, Hit and run accident but then I grabbed the chance to blackmail him! Do you know who he was?

He said with a smirk and she widened her eyes: NO

Az: Yes, Mr.Arora, The man who adopted you, for whom you left Vansh!

R(shouted): NOOOO ! You are lying!

Az: Was he the reason why you rejected Vansh? I agree I did nothing as a father still I felt bad when He said he hates me, He said I am the reason why you both can’t be together! Therefore I am telling you everything! Yash wasn’t in his senses! and he hit the three of you but you survived. His guilt made him raise you up!

R(whispered): No!

Az: Ask your mother! She knows everything! I believe that she couldn’t tell you that the man you did everything to take revenge on his murderer is actually the one who made you an orphan! You wanted the criminal behind bars, Here I am, But my son shouldn’t be the one who is blamed for it. He suffered enough! It’s a request, Don’t leave him! He wasn’t that hurt even when I abandoned them.

Riddhima walked out of the place so shocked to utter a word, then she met Aditya who has the same expressions as hers.

R: You knew?

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Ad: Ri, I swear I had no idea! Maa just told me now!Rii Riddhimaaaa

She just carries on her way without giving a head to him, Her world seems upside down, Everything she believed vanished all of sudden.

R: I lost everyone today!

She went near the beach and started drinking for the first time in her life, She needed something to run from her reality.

R: Life is unfair! (closing her eyes and then opening it then looking at the sky) Mom ! dad! Did you feel sad when I called your murderer dad? I bet you were! I accused Vansh and hurt his feelings for the man who snatched my parents !! (She started laughing ) So funny hahaha (tears ) It’s funny to an unbearable extent!

Her phone rang but she hangs up when she saw Adi’s name.

R(childishly): No no Adi, It’s unfair!! I can’t talk with you too now!I ignored my Vansh, Now I have to ignore you!

Due to the wine’s effect, she was uttering nonsense, But Adi didn’t give up, He kept calling.

R: Hello Adiiiii My dearest Brother, How are you?

Ad: Riddhima, are you drunk?

R: Naaaa, You’re speaking with an agent! I don’t cross rules!

Ad: God! We don’t have time, Riddhima, where are you?

R: dad’s favourite place! I wanted to ask him why he did it?

Ad: The beach? Wait I am coming !! don’t move from there! Vansh is in danger!

R: what????

Ad: He is going to make the deal! He’ll be either murdered or jailed! Don’t move from there!

He ended the call and shouted at the cars in front of him: MOOOOOVEEEEEE

He crazily drove to reach his sister.

Chang ordered his men: The moment We take the diamonds, Shoot him !!

Aditya ran to the beach looking for her: Where is she?? Shit !!! we don’t have time !!

He noticed someone dozing off while sitting on the sand: finally !! Riddhima !! Riddhimaaa !! *

R: Oh MY brother came !!

Ad: Get back to your senses, You have to convince Vansh! Or else saving him will be impossible !!

R: My Vansh !! I am a bad wife !! I am sorry !!

Ad: Ufffff I am sorry, Riddhima !!!

He picked her up and threw her in the water: wake up now!!!!

R: what happened ??

Ad: I tracked Chang’s number and he will meet Vansh today! You have to stop him or else we have orders to arrest him and if necessary (He paused) Kill him!


Ad(pulled her): Time to move!

He made her sit and give her water: Drink water! don’t stop till you recover from your hangover.

She drank it and he continued: You have to stop, Vansh! he’ll listen to you !! Convince him by any means! (ashamed) This is the least I can do for you! I am embarrassed and angry with dad! He should have been punished for his deeds However he ran away like a coward!

R(with tears): I can’t hate him !! I can’t help making excuses for him !! How can I hate the man who took my hand when I was alone! and guided me! (She sobbed ) I can’t help feel bad because you called him a “coward”!

Ad: Riddhima !!

R(removing the tears stains): Drive faster !!

After an hour

Vansh reached there where Chang was waiting for him, He was holding a samsonite.

V: Time to complete our deal!

Chang: Sure Raisinghania, show me the diamonds!

V: Money first!

Chang: Sure! (Showing it to him) Now my diamonds!

Adi(pointed the gun in chang’s direction): Surrender! Police are surrounding the place, A wrong move and you’ll be dead!

Chang kicked Adi’s hand making the gun fall and pointed his gun at Adi, Only to find a gun pointed at his head as well.

V: Don’t do this mistake! I have enough bullets to make your brains blown out!

Chang(looking at Vansh): You cheated Chang! for this cheat the whole Mafia world will be set upside down!

V: Oh good luck in that!

Chang: You’re wrong if you think I am defeated here!

Suddenly the bullets started being fired everywhere, and Chang started running away only to be kicked by Ri.

He smiled remembering a few minutes ago what occurred.

Fb starts

Vansh ordered Angrey to protect his family And took the car to the location; after few minutes of his departure, Riddhima and Adi arrived there.

Ang: babhi

R: where’s vansh?

Ang: Why do you want to know!

R: I know what he is intending to do!! I want to save him! If someone else reaches him, he’ll be dead! Please Angrey let me help him!

Angrey hesitated and Riddhima held his collar: where is Vansh!!!/I don’t have the blo*dy time for you to think peacefully!! Angrey, now you are making me angry (Shayari 🤭)

And I don’t know what I am going to do if I lost it. Open your mouth now!

Ang: for boss’s sake!! Not for threatening me! He is going to XYZ

R(moving fast): thank you, (to Adi) you, give me the keys!! Otherwise, we’ll reach tomorrow!!/

Adi held his smile while throwing the keys to her while she sat and drove with a flying speed.

R: do inform the whole team to go to the place which Angrey mentioned. And did they find Vansh’s car?

Ad: not yet!!

R: damn it!!

Ad: got it, see ( he showed her)

R: Adi, me ready!!

Ad: for?

R: this (she accelerated her speed to the limit while he looked at her in horror)

Ad(exclaimed): Vansh’s car !!

SHe looked in the direction he pointed and moved her car, And honked at him to stop his car but he didn’t seem to notice her.

On the other hand, Vansh was in deep thoughts, His mind went back to his first meeting with Riddhima, How she was fierce still so innocent, He smiled as He was still seeing her innocent, But with a clever mind and a stronger personality. Maybe for her, He could leave this world, If he’ll stay alive, He’ll definitely go back to her again. Only death will tear him apart from her. But the question was will he come back safe?? An annoying sound was disturbing his thoughts but he decided to ignore it.

R: Damn this man !! Ok, Vansh Raisinghania, it seems like I will stop you myself.

Increasing the speed she passed him and moved the car and stop it in front of him.

V: What the (He widened his eyes and use the brake to stop the car before it hits hers, He sighs in relief seeing her safe, and went out of the car) Did you lost it? Riddhima !! what if I couldn’t stop it? Thank god!

R(hugged him): I had belief in you!

V(taken aback): In me? suddenly?

R: Vansh, I am sorry for what I did! I know you find it weird for me to apologize to you all of sudden, But I am really sorry! I was unfair and thought that our relationship will hurt my mother !!

Ad: Riddhima!! Chang will run away by the time you finish your confession!! Vansh, She loves you, Ok?

R & V: shut up!

he rolled his eyes at them: No time to romance, He loves you, you love him too, End of drama, Now move both of you!

R: Vansh, You can’t make this deal! you’ll be killed either by police or by Chang himself! (Held his hand) Can’t We start all over again? can’t you get yourself out of this mess so that we can live peacefully? It won’t be easy! It will be dangerous but we’ll do it together! Please!

He left her hand going away to his car while she looked sad at him.

V: What are you waiting for? don’t you want to catch chang?

She smiled at him while hi-fi Adi, and sat near him, she talked with Vansh from the car.

R: Vansh go!! we’ll be right behind you !!

Fb ends

V: Nice move, wifey! (to Chang) it definitely hurts. I am saying it with experience!

They arrested Chang and took him, While Riddhima and Vansh stood there looking at each other.

V: This time! No games!

R: I promise!

V: I love you, sweetheart !! I am the happiest man on this planet !!

R: I love you too!

He came closer but she kept her hand between their mouths.

V: Now, what you’re intending to do next? killing me !!

R(laughed): You lost trust in me, didn’t you?

V: Aur kya Karu? whenever I say, She agreed, You give me a shock!

R: Pakka promise, this time ! No games! I have to go to a place first!

Arora mansion

Riddhima went inside the mansion and got her suitcase only to see her mother who was crying!

Anj: I am happy for you, my princess! You were a gift for us, When I lost the baby I was carrying! The pain was so much to bear, Yash blamed himself and was drank, he hit them but you were saved! He couldn’t leave me while I was drowning in depression, I even tried to commit suicide! He wanted to confess after treating me but when he came to know about you being alive, He went to see you, He was saying that you were like an angel, and your cries broke his heart! You had no one and on that day, you became his daughter, A Precious daughter. He wasn’t a coward as you think. and His love wasn’t fake or out of guilt, He genuinely loved you!

R(lay in her lap): Maa, I want this fact to be erased from my memory! With all the gratitude I feel toward him, There’s anger toward him, and you! But not hatred! Will my mom-dad be angry with me because I can’t hate him?

Anj: no! They’ll be so proud of you! Please try to forgive us!

R: Maa (She cried more in the only mother she has a memory of while Anjali held her like a small baby consoling her) I’ll go!

Anj: Try to visit me more often!

R: I will! But it will take time to accept the truth, can you wait till then?

Anj: This house will be always yours.

R: I’ll come next time with my husband!

Anj: God bless you !!

Aditya arrived and witnessed the emotional moment, His eyes were moist too thinking of losing his sis!

Ad: Won’t you hug your brother too?

R(smacked his arm): Stupid! I am not leaving forever, Moreover, you’re stuck with me, Agent Adi!

Ad: I’ll wait for your return Agent Ri!! (He hugged her) I’ll miss you!

R: I’ll miss you too, Adi!

She bid bye to them and sat in the car.

V: are you fine, sweetheart??

R(smiled): I’ll be !!

He placed his hand on hers heading to their house!!

A few months later

Riddhima was sleeping peacefully when she felt her husband’s hands on her naked body, she whined: Vanshh !!!

V: Riddhima

R: I want to rest, Yesterday was hectic!

V: Really? What were you doing?

R: shut up! you cheesy husband! I meant during the day I had a mission again!

V: Yes, And again you kicked their a**, I am so proud of you, wifey! My fighter, No one can mess with her !

R: Even you, Hubby! Therefore go away before I punch you!

V(biting her earlobe): Pakka you want me to go!

R: Ye(he tickled her) Hahahahaha Vansh hahaha ok no noooo

V: Good girl ! Now get up, we’ll go out, right?

R: Mmm yes, I’ll get ready now.

She was about to get up and he traveled his eyes down her neck: Pervert !!!

V: Aweee after these months still you’re shy!

R: Vanshhhhh !!

She covered her body with the bedsheets and went to take a shower.

The restaurant

They were having their food peacefully when she noticed someone pointing a gun at a salesman, It was a robbery attempt. She jogged and Vansh followed her to the car.

Continued on next page…

R: safety belt

V: yes Mme, Now Flyyyy !!

She flies after them and during the chase, she hit their car to stop it but their car hit another car that overturned it.

R: Oh my god !! Vansh, call the ambulance !!

She found parents with a little boy, Both the parents were injured heavily but the boy was slightly wounded. They take them out difficultly from the car!

The hospital

R: Bappa, Please save them !! Please !!

she was praying, and Vansh hugged her: Don’t worry, They’ll be fine!

R: they better be, Or else I won’t be able to meet the boy’s eyes! thankfully he’s fine, But How could I be so careless?

V: It was not deliberately, Don’t blame yourself!

The docs came out from OT with sad expressions: I am sorry, we lost the patient, Both had internal bleeding that led to death.

R: No! All because of me, They died!

V(holding her): Shhh, sweetheart, don’t cry ! You were doing your job!

She heard cries and found the boy was crying; Vansh, see him, he must be waiting for his parents!

V: and he’ll get his parents!

R: what do you mean?

He picked up the boy and put him in her arms: He now will get his mother and his father.

She looked at him: was this what dad felt when he adopted me? The willingness to protect me!

V: Yes. Now, we have our own son. (He intertwined their hands together) we’ll be by his side together and make him grow to be a strong man like his mom-dad.

She hugged him promising herself to always protect him, whilst Vansh hugged them both to his chest.

AFTER 2 years

Angrey came tense: Boss, I don’t know who is haunting our business! Someone is giving information to our rivals!

Before Vansh can reply, someone else replied: Angrey Chachu, It’s so simple.

Vansh, Riddhima and Angrey looked at each other confused: How is it, Rihaan?

Rih: Dad, bait is a perfect way to get the fish!

V: Where did you hear that?

Rih: Mom is always saying that.

V: Yeah, Now, Both of you will give me a headache with the investigation and all, Nice work, sweetheart! (she grinned) complete My small agent!

Rih: Yeah, I was saying a bait! I Mean you spread wrong information but you have to limit the number of suspicious, Give each one different information, And wait for the fish to be caught with the bait.

V(astonished): Is he really 7 years old? What did you do to the boy?

R(proudly): I made him so intelligent! Woah my son is like me, hi-fi

They hi-fi each other and Vansh gave them a smile and turned to Angrey: I guess He told you what to do!

Ang: Yes, Boss!

Adi and Anjali smiled.

Adi: he is intelligent,I admit it but he won’t be strong, right little man?

Adi was teasing him knowing very well that he hates to be called by that name.

Rih: ok uncle Adi,let’s challenge each other!

Ad(laughing): hahaha your son is totally like you! You are so small still wanna challenge me?

Ri: scared, uncle?

He said with a smirk and Riddhima turned her face to the other direction laughing.

As: challenge accepted, but don’t go to your mom crying!

Ri: don’t worry !don’t hide your face with shame, uncle!

Riddhima and Vansg we’re watching the show so interested to see what the little boy will do.

Ri: attack me, uncle!

Ad: you want me to attack you? Riddhima, your son is mad!

R: attack him, adi!

Ad: ok as you wish! If I touch you,youu loose ! Because I can’t hit you !

Rihaan looked directly in Adi’s eyes while noticing his body language, he moved his hand , and Rihaan avoided. It and placed his leg on Adi’s stomache, and fixed it.

Ri: I won!!

R& V: wohoooooooo bravooooo my Rihaan !!

R: agent Adi! Shame on you! Still you got distracted easily! God! Your fighting skills!

Ri: mom,don’t scold uncle! He was teaching me how to defend myself!

Ad: till you defeated your teacher! I think he has a great observation skills, he knew how I’ll attack. I am proud of you .

The night

Riddhima was looking at Rihaan’s pic with them when she felt Vansh hugging her from behind: Vansh, Do you think he’ll hate me when he’ll figure out what happened?

V: DO you hate your dad?

R: No!

V: So how can he hate you? He loves you so much, more than me! And I feel jealous, I mean he is a boy, He must be imitating me, But he is following you everywhere, attentive to everything. I guess We’ll have another agent. May God save me!

R(turning and encircling her arms around his neck): Shouldn’t you be happy? That you’ve got a strong wife and son.

V: I am extremely happy, and I love you both.

He fused their lips together not before she confessed again his favorite three words.

By the way, This is my 100 TH OS on Riansh.

The End

I wrote this story because a friend of mine wanted to see Riddhima as a fighter, therefore I fulfilled her wish, she was so happy with it and you? are you happy? I hope you are, dears. 

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