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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 12)


Vansh sat near Riddhima’s bed and hold her hand in his hands. His eyes are filled with Tears. But he managed to hide it.

Vansh : You have to wake up Riddhima. You have to…for our love…for me. Wake up Riddhima. We have to live a long life for our love. We have to spent the rest of our life together. If you didn’t wake up then who’ll prank me ? Who’ll call me khadoos ? If you didn’t wake up then I’ll tell everyone that you’re a cry baby. You didn’t say yes to my proposal. You have wake up and say YES to my proposal. Wake up Riddhima. You have to…you have to…

His words stammered.

Vansh failed to control his tears this time. He cried by holding her hand and kissed her forehead. Suddenly he felt a movement of Riddhima’s fingers.

Vansh : Riddhima…

She opened her eyes slowly and looked Vansh with teary eyes.

Riddhima : Va…Vansh…I…I..Love… You..

Vansh hugged Riddhima with teary eyes.

Vansh : I Love You too Riddhima. I know you’ll return from death’s clutches for me..for our love. You did it Riddhima….You did it. You proved that Riddhima Raichand is brave.

They share a moment.

Vansh : Doctor….Doctor… Riddhima woke up.

Ajay, Rudra, Uma and Anupriya accompanied doctor to Riddhima.

Doctor move her to room from OT.

Doctor : Its Miracle. Patients in Riddhima’s condition probably fall into coma. But she wake up and responded to medicines. Now she’ll be fine. I assure you that I’ll return your Riddhima back safe and sound. But Vansh how did you managed to make Riddhima woke up.

Riddhima : Because of his love. He saved me from death because of the strength of his love. I too love him a lot.

Rudra(seriously) : But you can’t marry him.

Everyone shocked.

Precap : Rudra – I promised my friend that you’ll marry his son. Now you have to marry him. I can’t back out from my promise.

What is the new obstacle in Vansh and Riddhima’s love ? Why did Rudra want Riddhima to get married to other person when he knew Vansh loves Riddhima a lot? How many shackles did they have to break to win their love ?

I know it is a short one but please spare me as I am very busy due to my studies.

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