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Two Hearts That Beat As One (Soorya, Ishra) (Epi-19)

Ruhi , adi , ved and vansh prayed to god that ishita should be fine

after some time…

doctor : we have done ishita’s surgery , but she is not getting consciousness , this might be dangerous sometimes

raman : can we go and meet ishita ?

doctor : yes , but one at a time

raman went inside

raman broke down , he could not see ishita like that

he held her hand and said , get up na yar , pls , i cant see u like this , pls , i cant live without u

raman continued… u may be thinking why i am telling u all this ,  before some months  u were just my children’s mother , but now u are my love yar , i love u

suddenly ishita’s hands moved

she slowly opened her eyes.

She held raman , raman hugged her

. ishita was surprised ,

Ishita (weakly) : what did u tell right now .

Raman : did u hear anything

Ishita : no , i was getting consciousness when u were speaking , i did hear something , raman pls tell that again

Raman : nothing , i said nothing

Ishita : pls raman

Raman : i…i told that i love u , i am sorry , i know u just consider me as ruhi , adi’s father

Ishita : u dont need to be sorry  to tell that , I LOVE U TOO

ishita was herself surprised that she had finally told those three words so easily

Raman was surprised

Raman hugged ishita

the doctor came in with ruhi

ishita : mani u did my surgery?

Mani was the doctor

mani smiled and nodded his head

. he said : i am glad that u r fine now , mr.bhalla  was very worried and ur daughter , she was so adamant that she wanted to meet u , thats why i brought her and ishita wont u introduce me to your family

ruhi hugged ishita .

ruhi: i am sorry mumma

ishita : baccha ,why r u sorry , u need not be sorry , now stop crying

and wiped her tears

she continued…and raman this is mani , one of my best friends from my college days , and yes the best surgeon in this hospital .

raman shook hands with mani

mrs.bhalla came in running . she said ishita puttar , raman puttar , it is 8:55 right now . pandit ji told within 9:30 if engagement is not over ,there will be a problem

ishita was surprised with mrs.bhalla’s sudden entry

mani : i cant let ishita get discharged so soon , her leg is broken and she has a severe head injury

ishita : yes mummyji mani is right , i am not even able to stand on my legs .

mani : but ishu , u can definitely get engaged

ishita : mani what do u mean ?

mani : its ur hospital ishita , ur work place , there are many births happening here why not an engagement ?

ishita : but mani…

mani :see within 10 minutes how i decorate this place , till then u be in the next room

ishita : but mani…


mani : no more talks ishita , you are getting engaged and smiled

ishita gave a weak smile and said ok….

everybody became happy and started decorating the ICU room

to be continued….

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