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Savitri Devi 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi balances work and home

Savitri Devi 27th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Savitri why she didn’t have medicine and asks her to calm down and don’t take stress. Savitri takes medicine and asks why do you act to be concerned for my life. She says if you had really cared for me then wouldn’t have brought Sanchi home. Veer says I know your thinking will not change so soon, and I am sure that you will realize that she is perfect girl for me. He goes to hospital.

Sanchi is in kitchen. Veer calls Sanchi. Sanchi thinks he must have called for time pass. She says she don’t have time for time pass. Veer says they have to do Mr. Patel’s surgery today itself and says he is insisting that you have to do the surgery. Sanchi says ok and thinks what to do now. She thinks to talk to Savitri and goes there. She tells her that there is an

emergency in the hospital and that’s why she has to go there.

Savitri asks her not to make false excuses infront of her. Sanchi says this is my first day in hospital after marriage so I will not go without your approval. Gayatri comes and asks her not to act and taunts her. Sanchi asks her not to interfere between a saas and bahu. Savitri says I don’t address you as my bahu and asks her to complete her work if she wants to be called as adarsh bahu. Sanchi gets worried and thinks what to do. She thinks she can manage both things and calls Veer. She asks Veer what is Mr. Patel’s status. He says he is fine. Sanchi asks him to give medicine to him so that he feels better. She thinks to make food in 30 mins.

Savitri is waiting at the dining table. Priya says I will help Sanchi. Savitri says Sanchi will surely go to hospital, I want her to fail so that she will stop her acting. Sanchi makes the food and brings it on the dining table. Gayatri gets irked. Sanchi tells them that her mum taught her how to use the time right and balanced everything. Gayatri says you didn’t add tadka in dal. Priya says I will do it and asks Sanchi to go. Sanchi thanks her and tells Gayatri not to have much tadka in this age. Priya smiles and tells Savitri that Sanchi did it and asks her to give her a chance. Savitri says I won’t give her a chance, she is like her mum, a betrayal.

Sanchi comes to hospital in auto. Two men see her. Sanchi operates Mr. Patel and tells his wife that he is fine. Veer comes and hugs Sanchi. Nurse tells Mrs. Patel that new bride operated on your husband. Mrs. Patel thanks her. Sanchi says it is my duty. Everyone greets Sanchi and Veer and wishes for their happy marriage. Veer goes and sends letter to Sanchi asking her to meet him in ward, as he wants to hug her. She tears the letter and gets another letter. He asks her to meet him. Sanchi gets another letter and thinks it is sent by Veer. She reads it shockingly. Veer comes and asks what happened? He reads Dr. Kabir’s resignation letter. Sanchi tells Veer that she has hurt many hearts and cries. Veer asks Sanchi to go and talk to Dr. Kabir and says I will go and meet your mum. Sanchi is going.

Dr. Malhotra stops her and blames her for Dr. Kabir’s resignation and says he left because of you. Jaya is picking vegetables fallen on floor. Veer comes and picks it up, calls her sasumaa. Jaya asks him to go. Veer says I came to get her stuff. Jaya says she had thrown everything and says she has no relation with her. Veer says relations can’t be ended this way and goes to her room, gets the suitcase and says this is the proof of your love, you couldn’t throw her stuff out. He says Sanchi’s decision was right and asks her to accept and forgive them.

Pragya tells Veer that Sanchi must have some desires after marriage. Sanchi sits for Muh dikhayi. Beeji tells him that Savitri is doing her shradh. Veer, Sanchi and others are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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