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Dekha Hazzaron Daffa Aapko… Phir Bekarari Kesi Hai? (3)

Chapter- 3

Hello! I’m back again! Let’s start fast from the applause in the hall. Swara hears it and opens her eyes and find her on the stool with guitar. She checks herself and then looks at back as she stands, like searching for someone.
Then, she looks towards the audience and find Uttara standing alone and holding her ears. Swara’s eyes gets moist as it wasn’t only a dream but for whom she wanted to perform had left long back. She runs down from the stage which confuses others. Uttara follows Swara who goes to the same place where Sanskaar is with Laksh.
Laksh is facing Sanskaar’s back and seems angry. He asks Sanskaar, “Bhai! Why you ran like that? Now, no one was watching you? It was only started and you…” Sanskaar turns back and says cutting him, “Enough Lucky! Yes, I left from there because I don’t like these things!” Laksh’s look of ‘Oh really?’ changes as his eyesight falls on Swara, standing beside Sanskaar.

Laksh and Sanskaar

He widens his eyes while Sanskaar continues to speak, “What is you guys’ problem? If I don’t want to be there then, why you are forcing me?” Swara gets shock as she listens him speaking for the first time in such a tone. She stops Laksh from telling Sanskaar about her presence.

Swara hears Sanskaar

Laksh speaks in mind, “Wow my great brother! Excellent! Usually, you get restless in her presence, your heartbeats increase and you turn into a heart patient only with no larynx. But, see now, the wet cat turns into lion! God, you gave him looks, body, intelligence but forgot to give him common sense.”
He is lost in his thoughts and Sanskaar asks, “Where you’re lost now?” Laksh looks at him and just nods his head in no. “I’ll not listen you today! What you people think of yourselves? How dare you people dragged me like that? Know what, it is not me who is suffering from problem but you and yours that friend! She is not any Miss Universe and even if she is too, then also, I don’t care! You heard what I said? I do not care!”
Sanskaar shouts at top of his lungs in anger and for the first time. Laksh slaps his forehead as Sanskaar turns and finds Swara who is in tears. His facial expressions too change whereas, Uttara who also heard him, says, “Bhai! I can’t believe that was it you only?” Sanskaar tries to reply but cannot as his whole confidence vanish to see Swara in such condition.
Swara is expecting him to reply and tell all that it’s nothing like that. However, when he remains quiet and turns his face away from her, her heart weeps. Swara cannot take it anymore and she runs from there too. Laksh holds Sanskaar’s arms and says, “Bhai! What you did? Why you said like that? How your mute button converted to the loudest speaker? Huh?”
Sanskaar glares him and replies in a little high tone, “Me? Really? Why you didn’t tell me that she was behind me?” Uttara answers him in anger, “To get to know about the truth! I never thought that you’ll be that much rude Bhai! Seriously, not in dreams too.” Sanskaar is cursing himself and replies after taking a deep breath, “No Uttara! It’s not the truth but only anger! I got frustrated as you people were troubling me so much.”
Laksh asks, “Who is troubling you? I mean which trouble is listening to such a beautiful voice?” He replies again, “Lucky! Fine! Uttara, I don’t know why but I just can’ handle Swara’s closeness. I know, you will find it really stupid. But, this is the reason, I always run away from her as I feel very unusual when I am with her. Like, my whole world stops and I hear my heart’s beatings. She makes me lose my senses and I just feel it’s the end.”
Before Uttara can react, he leaves. Laksh makes a sad face but is taken back when Uttara hugs him. Laksh in much shock asks her, “Uttara! Are you fine? It seems as you lost your senses due to shock. Why are you laughing?” Uttara breaks the hug as she slaps his shoulder and says, “Oh God! It seems like you gave all the foolish brothers to me only.
Laksh Bhai, can’t you see that Sanskaar Bhai has fallen for Shona?” Laksh looks at her in disbelief and says, “No! How is this possible? Bhai from childhood is like this. I think you…” Uttara interrupts and says, “Offo Bhai! See, I am 200% sure that it is love. And, childhood was and gone now! We grow up now and Bhai is elder than us, even she too likes him a lot. Maybe she loves him too.”
Laksh asks, “Maybe? Come on Uttara!” Uttara, a bit angry, says in high pitch, “I told you, didn’t I? Really, you are so annoying! I’m sure that Ragini too got fed up of you and went her home.” Laksh holds her ears and replies, “You, nowadays crossing your limits but remember I’m elder than you. And, Ragini is with her parents in her home town!”
They both leaves like this fighting, Uttara goes to Swara whereas, Laksh follows his Bhai. Swara and Sanskaar are in canteen but unaware of each other’s presence. Swara is sitting in the last inside and Sanskaar, near the entrance. They are not facing each other too. Uttara from back door enters and sits in front of Swara and Laksh in front of Sanskaar.

Swara was crying
nullLaksh and Sanskaar

Swara seems like is crying from a long time whereas, Sanskaar’s eyes reflects his guilt. Uttara asks Swara, “Shona, are you ok?” In front, Sanskaar replies Laksh, “How can I be fine Lucky? I really overreacted, I shouldn’t have said that.” Laksh says, “She, Uttara and I were actually shocked to see you.”
At back, “I never thought that he will… he thinks like that for me. Was it a mistake of mine to wish his presence with me?” Uttara replies, “No Shona! It’s not like that. You love him thus, …” Swara cuts her in middle and says sternly, “I don’t! I don’t, Uttara!” Uttara gets shock to listen her whereas, Laksh in front, asks Sanskaar, “Are you sure?”
He replies, “Yes! I’m sure Lucky. I’m guilty so I should seek forgiveness too. It’s me only, because of whom she had tears in eyes.” Swara’s eyes are moist and she says, “I can’t forget this Uttara. He was…” Suddenly, a boy comes and announces, “Guys! Get up and come out! An announcement is there for us!” Swara and Uttara leaves as well as Laksh and Sanskaar without noticing each other.
Afterwards, the college ends and they all begins to leave. Swara and Uttara are silently walking, just then, Laksh comes to them running. He seems happier and this makes Swara feel bad as she thinks that both, he and his brother are same, heartless. An excited Laksh in a very happy tone asks, “You both heard that announcement or not? If yes then why your faces are so dull?”
Uttara and Swara nods their heads in yes and Laksh says, “Come on! I just can’t believe that after listening about that trip, Shona is so quiet! We are leaving tomorrow!” Swara takes breath and replies, “I’m not going.” Sanskaar, standing far behind Swara, hears it and gets sad.
Laksh knew it and says, “No! This can’t happen! I mean, now only we four are going? It’s so bad that Sanskaar Bhai is coming for the first time with us and you’re denying now.” He makes a sad face and this makes Swara angrier. She says to herself in mind, “This is so rude! He is not at all affected and going for trip! Swara! For whom you’re spoiling your mood? That person who has no issues with all this! No!”
Uttara shivers her a little and brings her out of thoughts. Swara says, “No! I mean yes! Is this possible that you can have fun without me? I’ll surely come. See you tomorrow morning. I have to pack stuff too for this whole week.” She goes, leaving a shocked Uttara behind.
Sanskaar comes to them and then, she is informed that it’s a plan to apologise Swara. Uttara is surprised but she is also thinking for Swara and his confession planning. They trio leaves for the Maheshwari mansion and starts all packings. The night, Uttara tells Laksh about Swara which tenses them a little but they both goes to bed with a hope.
Sanskaar is not getting sleep due to whatever happened in morning as well as thinking of tomorrow. He is feeling bad. However, he encourages himself to face the tomorrow. On other side, sleep is also far away from Swara’s eyes. After all, she loves Sanskaar by whole heart but what it means? Really, what’s meaning of this when he doesn’t cares at all! 


Precap: The trip and Swara’s birthday arriving!

Hello dear readers! I’m so happy by the response I got! I really didn’t expected this much love by all! Love you a lot! So, the post got late today as my Diyu Di wanted it as her gift for birthday. However, Di, I was planning the surprise by dedicating Swara’s birthday to you! I will post next part very soon! And, once again, a very ‘Happy Birthday’ to my Diyu Di!
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By Hemita! 

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