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Badho Bahu 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Komal gains conscious

Badho Bahu 27th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lucky suggests one more alliance for Titli. He is Krur Singh, Zalim Singh’s brother. Malti ji tells him to be quiet. Lucky says we will find a nice guy for her who can understand her and explain to her too or she will make everyone nuts like me. We will only proceed with this alliance when we make sure everything is fine. Titli nods in satisfaction.

Teji is looking for Pragya but cannot find her. Did she leave with Vardaan? Radio is playing in the background with a similar situation to what Teji is going through. Teji gets thinking.

Zalim Singh is being followed by Kamla ji and Pinki. He meets many people and they offer him good amount in return of mean tasks but he politely refuses to do them. He seeks help from Vardaan who clearly tells him off. Zalim Singh tells him he is trying to

find some work for himself honestly but no one is willing to let him do anything nicely. I must earn 5k today itself! Some people are asking me to do illegal work. You too behaved like everyone else! Vardaan tells him he can get 500 as this is the daily wages. Zalim Singh happily agrees.

Lucky comes to his room and gets sad. This room does not look like mine without you! I wonder where I am when I come here but cannot find you! Where are you Badho? He tries her number. It is ringing but there is no response. I don’t understand if I should get upset on this innocence or not! You left to do tapasya for that Kabootari leaving your Lakha alone! He looks at her photos emotionally and wipes his tears. You are a fool! Come and fight with me if you want to but this time I will fight with you! Just come back. You can fight but just come back Badho!

Zalim Singh is toiling hard like a labourer at a site.

Payal meets her mother. Her mother asks her if she managed to do anything. Payal asks her if she will ask these questions instead of offering water. Her mother tells her she wont be able to do anything. Payal says I cannot find them together. Payal’s mother tells her she wont be able to manage her business when she cannot do such a small thing inside her own home. Payal tells her she knows what’s right for her. Payal’s mother goes to bring water for her. Payal mentally tells her mother not to worry. I will not give up so easily.

Kamla ji and Pinki tell Lucky, Malti ji and Titli what they saw (in mute). Malti ji asks them if Zalim Singh is breaking stones. Pinki nods. He will only get 500 for this. Lucky smiles that it is good as he would have gotten used to doing this in jail. Pinki goes aside to attend a call (of kidnappers). She scolds the kidnappers for calling her. I was with Lucky ji. If he would have known then I would have been dead. They tell her it is an emergency. She asks them if Badho managed to escape. She begins to curse them. They tell her that maybe Badho is dead. They tell her everything that happened sometime back.

Teji is looking outside. Pragya rues that she couldn’t find a gift for Teji ji. What will I tell him now? Teji asks her where she was. I think we should show our kundli before marriage.

Pinki is sure they are misunderstanding. She must be only unconscious. They cry that they are afraid of getting beaten by Komal. She motivates them. Don’t fall in Badho’s sweet words. Sprinkle some water on her. She will gain conscious for sure. They agree and end the call. Rana asks her who she is getting water thrown at. Pinki goes quiet.

Pragya says why it is necessary. He tells her it will be too late if she later realises she took a wrong decision. Nothing matters more to me than your happiness even if that means we don’t stay together. You will come right? She nods.

Pinki lies to Rana that she was talking to her mother. She cooks up a fake story. He asks her to pack his bag. Lucky and I are going to Delhi to get something. Do you want to come along? She denies. I will pack your bag. She heaves a sigh of relief as he goes out of the room.

Zalim Singh gives 1k to Ram ji. Raghubir ji reminds him of the condition. Malti ji and Kamla ji reason that it is no point giving their daughter to a house where the guy cannot earn. Zalim Singh apologizes to everyone. I tried to earn honestly but no one gave me any work because of my past. I only got wrong jobs but I have left everything behind. This honest amount of 1k is much better than 5k earned wrongly. I got this too because of Vardaan ji. Vardaan adds that he did the work of 3 labours and I gave him double amount. I don’t doubt his intentions or motive. I was so impressed by his dedication. I could have given him 5k but I dint have that much amount. Ram ji tells Zalim Singh that there cannot be a better guy for my daughter than him. I am sure you will keep my daughter like a princess with whatever little you will earn. Money stands nowhere before honesty! Everyone goes quiet. Lucky thinks of his assurance given to Titli.

Chunnu and Munnu do sit ups as Badho gains conscious. Chunnu apologizes to her. I am the one who hit you on your head. Munnu also promises not to do anything after today. They keep crying and apologizing to her. Please don’t ask us again who we work for! Please forgive us. We pray that you get well soon. We will see a film together then. Komal gets sad.

Precap: Zalim Singh tells Titli he wont marry her if she doesn’t want to. She walks away in a huff. Lucky tells Ram ji to think again. Zalim Singh and your daughter are equally hot headed. Titli is about to ride the bike when Zalim Singh holds her hand, lifts her on his shoulders and takes her inside carrying her like that. Raghubir ji’s eyes widen in shock as he sees him thus.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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