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Do you think Woh Apna Sa lost its charm?

Zee’s Woh Apna Sa is one another show, which is managing to stay on air with a dragging plot. Though the show attempts to bring in dramatic twists, stagnancy is hitting the interest. The cat and mouse chase is still going on. Nisha and Jia are trying their best to outdo each other. Jia tries to scare Nisha by a life threatening situation. Nisha is a good player. She doesn’t let Jia succeed. Nisha really proves her wicked mind to Jia. She doesn’t threaten Jia, but shows a live demo to her. She attempts to kill Aditya/Arjun and his family.

Nisha is still playing her old evil self. She creates more problems for Arjun and Jia. Nisha plays a life and death game with Jia, by keeping a condition that if the latter fails, Aditya’s family will fall in risk. Jia tries to get help from Arjun. Arjun attempts to save himself and his family. Jia and Arjun give a tough competition to Nisha. They have lost their lives to Nisha in their last birth. Jia doesn’t want the history to repeat itself. Jia alerts Arjun. The lovers try to fail Nisha’s evil intentions. Its pretty obvious that the lovers won’t get killed by Nisha again. Do you think Woh Apna Sa lost its charm? Let us know your opinion.

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