Would you miss Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE?

Star Plus’ Mariam Khan Reporting LIVE is going off air. The story is going towards an interesting track. Mariam has confessed love to Fawad. The lovers reciprocate their feelings and happily decide to get married. They have happy moments. Fawad has also learnt her real identity that she is Majaaz’s daughter Mariam. He accepts her with every truth related to her. Fawad is also connected to Majaaz by relations and profession. He is a journalist who is trying to crack the mystery of Majaaz Khan. He wants to know if Majaaz is really a terrorist. He is aware of Majaaz’s links with the terrorists group. He doesn’t know Majaaz’s intentions and the real truth behind his tie-up with the terrorist group.

Majaaz learns about his daughter Mariam. He arranges a meet with her only to share the big secret with her. Majaaz and Mariam unite after many years. Mariam questions him about his wrong activities since Fawad has an evidence against him. She believes that her father is innocent and the truth is different. Majaaz confesses that he isn’t a terrorist, but a Raw agent who is working for the Indian government. Mariam decides to help her father and clean his image. She will be confiding truth and seek Fawad’s help. The story seems to be concluding. Would you miss Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE? Let us know your opinion.

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