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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohan insults Aaliya

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Rohan about the big compensation. Aaliya and Ruhi say we are ready to give then divorce and move on in our lives. Aaliya says we got the divorce papers, this should happen by mutual consent, remove this 100 crores clause. Rohan says I think we should agree to your condition. He makes the tea fall. He asks Aaliya to clean his shoes. Ruhi says Aaliya you don’t have to do this. Aaliya says I have to do this. Karan asks her to hurry up. Rohan insults Aaliya. Ruhi asks Aaliya not to do it. Rohan makes Aaliya clean his shows with her saree cloth. Aaliya obeys him. Rohan and Karan smile.

Simmi and Ishita talk to lawyer. Simmi asks are you convinced with Shikha, Sudha is very clever, will this idea work. Ishita says its best idea, we have no option,

I need your support. Simmi says we all are with you, we have to do this today itself. Aaliya makes Rohan fall down. Ruhi catches Karan. Aaliya steps over Rohan and scolds him for demeaning a girl. She says I will give you one chance, sign these papers. Ruhi thanks the guys since the drama ended. She says we have removed the 100 crore condition, sign the papers now else… Rohan says fine, we are ready to sign the papers, but we have a small condition, that your dad will fall at our feet and plead with us. Rohan and Karan ask them to make Raman apologize. Aaliya slaps Rohan. Ruhi scolds Karan. Aaliya and Ruhi leave. Karan says our plan backfired, mom will get angry knowing this. Rohan says no, mom will be proud of us. He asks waiter did he capture it. Karan sees the video. He says you are smart, you recorded their threatening. Rohan says mom will be happy, our case will be stronger. Karan says we will see what Raman does.

Ishita asks how dare he ask you to clean his shoes. Simmi says they have done injustice with our girls. Ishita says we will show them what’s women empowerment, I have a way to teach them a lesson, people think that girls and their families are weak, we will show that we can give them a solid reply.

Sudha talks to media. She blames her bahus for mental and physical torture. Reporter says last time you blamed the same thing and Ishita proved you wrong. She says Ishita is very clever, she knows to manipulate things, this time I have a proof. She shows the video. She says this video is a proof. Rohan says mom taught me to respect women, we didn’t know these girls are such. Karan says we didn’t know their hidden agenda to harass us. Reporter asks Sudha to take rest. Sudha acts sick. She says my sons are going through many difficulties, I did a big mistake by getting them married, I can’t tolerate this insult anymore, someone needs to take a move, so I m thinking to take a stand for all the tormented mums-in-law. They hear the dhol band sound and go out to see. Sudha asks what’s happening, who gave you permission to get baraat here. Ishita says its baraat of my daughters. She comes smiling. Sudha gets shocked seeing Aaliya and Ruhi with pagdis.

Ishita says we have come to take the Dulhas. Men gets dolis for groom. Aaliya and Ruhi come to them. Simmi says we have come to take Rohan and Karan. Sudha asks what nonsense, we have filed for divorce, my sons won’t stay with them, we will meet in court. Ishita says I got the answer from the court, we have come to take our Jamais. Everyone dances. Aaliya and Ruhi get the dogs collar. Sudha asks them to get out, else she will call police. Simmi says call police, they will help us. Sudha checks the legal papers and gets shocked. Ishita says your lawyers are not good. She explains the laws. Sudha says you can’t force people to keep the marriage. Ishita says I will be glad to teach you, when the husband abandons wife, when wife doesn’t want the divorce, she appeals to court, court wants the couple to work out the relation, you don’t want to go against the laws, right. Sudha says my sons will not go with you.

Sudha says they are harassing us, we don’t want such uneducated bahus. Ishita says we will go but taking along our Jamais.

Update Credit to: Amena

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