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When We Met Us…(TS – Part:2 [Last Part])

For those who haven’t read the previous part, here is the link:

I fell…


I fell for his smart attitude, but my respect for him increased that day, when we were in the same flight.  We were in the business class, as you know we are rich. It was during my modelling years.

Before the flight took off, he received a phone call, he took it and I heard him saying, “Mishra, I don’t want to hear it. I need the model to reach now itself. Do make sure that the model should have talent, I don’t care about her glory, I need a talented and hardworking one.”

I heard the other side voice too,”But Sir, what’s wrong with Ragini Malhotra? She has good name. Everyone is running behind her for a contract.”

“Mishra, I am sure she has that much ego and carelessness. All are behind her for her beauty and not attitude. I need someone with less contracts, a hardworking, sincere one, whose acting is good. The viewers should feel that the person is saying the truth and not a lie.”

“Let me think, Sir.”

Mishra, call me afterwards.”

“One minute, how can I forget it? The famous model, who has been roped for her first film recently……”

Shit! Who is that model? I wanted to know eagerly. Anyway, I held my patience.

Ok, let’s finalize with her. She should be like what you said”

He ended the call. He looked at me and enquired, “I hope I didn’t disturb you.”

“No, you didn’t. May I know who you are?”

His expression changed, I think he didn’t expect it. I got embarrassed and said, ” I am sorry, I don’t know anything about businessmen. I am just a model. I am busy with the research in my profession, so I don’t have any time to check the news.” 

His expressions turned back to normal, “It’s okay. Usually, people will know me well, such that I have to escape. But this is the first time. Anyway, glad to meet you, I am…..”

Just then my phone started ringing. I received it.

I heard a voice, it was of a man, “Am I talking to Anika Trivedi, the model whose first debut in movie has started?”

“Yes, I am.”, I replied.

“We have been looking for a model for our ramp walk. Can you come as the main model for Oberoi Fashion Industries?”, the man asked.

“Okay, I will be ready. How can I ensure that your call is authentic?”, I asked without even thinking twice.

We will send you any, email from Oberoi Industries to your agent.”

“Okay, then deal!”

I cancelled the call. He looked at me and said, “Seems like you got a deal in you hands!”

I replied, “Yes..A deal I got unexpectedly”.

“Tell me your name, as now I know you.”, he said.

“Anika Trivedi!”

“The sincere model, now I get it!”, he replied without thinking.

“Yours?”, I asked.

“Myself, Shivaay Singh Oberoi!”

“Oh..okay (realization strikes me) That was from your office?”

“Yes, I knew it when you told me your name.”

That’s when our friendship started, slowly we became close. One day, out of a sudden, he proposed me. As you know I already had a crush on him, I agreed. We were together.

Unknown to us a flood came in our lives, after my first film shooting, the producer once told me to act like dating my co-partner. I didn’t agree to him because I didn’t like cheating viewers. He agreed.

After some time, I received a call from my co-actor, Vikram. He wanted to meet me personally. I went to meet him. 

He said, “Even though you are not my first co-actor, you are the first person who attracted my heart. I may say my dialogues, with magic in them, as they are written by someone else. But today what I am telling is something which I feel.”

Okay”, I replied, trying to guess what he wants to say. I turned my head to the other side in between and noticed Shivaay.

“I really love you. Will you marry me?”, he proposed.

I was shocked. Shivaay looked at me and walked back. I could see the hurt in his eyes.


Vikram’s expressions changed. I tried looking at Shivaay. I was starring at him and lost in my world. I saw him keeping something in his pocket. Tears started filling my eyes. The thought of him getting hurt was something which I couldn’t bear.

I ran from there to call him. Vikram was shocked at my reaction. He called me, but I ignored him.

I didn’t see him. I messaged him to meet me. He didn’t reply. He didn’t see it. I cried a lot that night. I couldn’t see him hurt. That day, I understood he wasn’t a mere crush for me….I love him…”

Afterwards, he didn’t talk to me for some days. Then one day, I got the news that I got the best actress award for my first movie. The moment, I heard it, I messaged it to him.

He didn’t reply. I got angry, sad and dejected. Today morning, I again messaged him as such,

Today, I am going to get my award. I need you by my side. Waiting for you to be at my side once again and forever.”


I fell to be caught by the girl who came to take me to the stage. Had I fell on the ground, media would have trolled me!

I went to the stage, one-fourth filled with happiness and three-fourth filled with anxiety. I have only hope left with me for him.

I went to the stage and received the award, as usual, they gave the microphone to me to speak a few words. I started shivering. Usually, I inform them in hand that I don’t want to talk, but today, in anxiety, I forgot to tell them.

I started shivering and my vision fogged up because of my tears.

“Ani, I hate tears”, I heard a voice from behind. I was shocked and turned back.

“Shiv…” , I went and hugged him tight.

“Okay, Ani, you are choking me to death.”, he replied while laughing.

“Then, go die.”, I replied and didn’t break the hug.

“It’s public, Ani.”, he replied.

Oh! When did he cared for the public? Okay, Ani control yourself!

I took the microphone in my hands and said, “He is my inspiration, my best friend and……”

“Now, officially, her boyfriend!”, he cuts me in between.

I looked at him. he looked at me.

***THE END***

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