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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: The gods go to mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with ganesh telling the story of parvati and mahadev after their marriage.
The gods now sit in the court as indra dev calls for a meeting. Indra dev says dev gan, if we remember brahma dev had given the wish to tarkasura that only mahadev’s son could kill tarkasura and no one else, tarkasura got a wish where mahadev’s child without the help of parvati only can kill tarkasura, so even if mata parvati gets a son, it cannot be through her and mahadev, we have to tell mahadev about this and request him to bore a child but only through his powers. The gods say yes but it will be very risky because of mata gets angry, then who knows what she will do. Indra dev says yes that is the problem but we have no other choice otherwise tarkasura will soon destroy earth.

dev says lets go to mahadev. The gods and devraj go to Kailash.
In Kailash, mahadev is meditaing and parvati comes to him. parvati says swami, I am eager to have a child, I want my child who plays in our palace and I want to see his childhood and love him. mahadev says parvati, soon your wish will be fulfilled, I give you a blessing. Parvati is happy and she goes back in the palace. The gods arrive and come to mahadev. Mahadev says what happened dev gan? You all look worried! Indra dev says yes mahadev because now it is time to kill tarkasura, brahma dev gave tarkasura the wish that he could be killed by a son of mahadev only without the help of mata parvati, which means mahadev you cannot give birth to a son with the help of mata parvati, the one who shall kill tarkasura shall be your son born by your powers only. Mahadev says I know indra dev. Indra dev says mahadev we want a blessing from you that you give a son by your powers only and not with the help of mata parvati. Mahadev says okay and he blesses the gods with a wish where there will be no child born to them with the help of mata parvati. The gods go.
Mata parvati gets to know about the blessing given by mahadev to the gods. Parvati gets angry and her eyes turn red and she takes her trishul. Parvati says how dare did the gods ask such a blessing from mahadev? I will punish them for taking away the love between parvati and mahadev. Parvati goes and she sees the gods riding in their chariots with their wives, parvati says indra dev and all dev gan, you dared to take such a wish from mahadev where he could get a son but without my help, I curse you all that from now you gods will also have no child with the help of your wives, you shall not have any children by the help of your wives. The gods and devi’s are shocked as they ask for forgiveness from mata and say we had no choice left. Parvati is angry.

Precap: Kartikeya is born as mahadev uses his powers to give birth to kartikeya. Parvati is angry as she takes trishul to punish the gods. Mahadev stops parvati.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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