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Taken For Granted (Rumya FF) – Part 15

Rudra’s POV

Everything has changed since Anika bhabhi, Gauri bhabhi and Priyanka left

Everything has changed since Anika bhabhi, Gauri bhabhi and Priyanka left. I miss them. I am such a bad brother and brother in law. I could never find the pain that they held. I miss joking with my bhabhis… I miss being a child… why did I change? Why am I neglecting my family?

The reason is that I am really angry at my brothers. How could they do that to my bhabhis? I found this out because of Bhavya, she recorded Shivay bhai hurting bhabhi and O hurting Chulbul bhabhi. These are not my brothers, my brothers would never hurt someone. I saw how O pushed Chulbul bhabhi… which made my bhabhi bleed and how Shivay bhai held Anika bhabhi’s wrist so hard that it became so red. Bhavya was right, my brothers only care about their reputation and money… they don’t give a damn about their wives.

I may have been hurt when Anika bhabhi accused my wife… But I would never ever think of hurting my bhabhi… NEVER. Priyanka, I didn’t look at outer beauty for Bhavya… she is perfect for me… I don’t know how you will understand, Saumya is a disgusting woman… I HATE SAUMYA KAPOOR! She is the one that destroyed our family, I wish I could tell you this Priyanka… Saumya doesn’t deserve any respect from me. I have changed myself so that I am a perfect husband for my wife… I no longer have any family besides Bhavya… she is my only family… soon we are going to have an addition to my family. I haven’t told anyone that my Bhavya, is… 3 months pregnant… no one deserves to know… who knows like they hit their wives, they might hit mine causing my wife to lose her baby? I will never tell them and once I make more profit, I will leave this house… I will never come back.

Priyanka’s letter opened my eyes and I don’t even talk to mum anymore. Where was she when I crying for my mum’s love? She was fighting with dad… where was she when we had parent-teacher interviews at school? She was drunk or fighting with my father. Even Though, I have parents… I feel as if I am an orphan… thank you Shivay bhai… and O… without you, I would have died. That’s the only reason I don’t completely hate you… because you guys love me truly.

 because you guys love me truly

(Bhavya’s dress)

Bhavya (drunk) – Rudy… baby

Me (shocked) – Bhavya, are you drunk?

Bhavya (laughing) – May…maybe

The smell coming from Bhavya, told me immediately that Bhavya is drunk

Me (shocked) – Bhavya, you are drunk… you are pregnant… why did you get drunk?

Bhavya (drunk) – Because I am tired of listening to all your b*****, I want to be independent… Bhavya, do this… Bhavya do that… I am your freakin wife, not your slave… I told you before… I…I won’t be a housewife…

Me (worried) – Bhavya… you should sleep

Bhavya (laughing) – I hate …. (falling over on the bed) Saumya, wasn’t lying…

Before she could finish off what she was saying… she falls asleep. What was she saying? I will just ask her when she wakes her up. I carefully take off her high heels and place them on the floor and then pull the blanket to cover her up. This is the 2nd time she has come in drunk, I need to see a doctor … I need to know if it’s affecting our baby.

What will happen to Ruvya’s baby?

Why is Bhavya being so irresponsible?

Precap – Omkara’s POV

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