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Siddhi Vinayak 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari ready to bid adieu to Rudra

Siddhi Vinayak 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Manjari is talking to Rudra’s photo. You can see that Vin is marrying Urvashi. Siddhi’s name will not be taken with Vin anymore. I know you will be at peace seeing this. Your happiness is bliss for me. Shankar pats at her shoulder. I know you are still not over Rudra’s loss. Sometimes people don’t make mistakes intentionally. Maybe the time is wrong. It is worst at times. It takes too long to get out of it. Vin is marrying Urvashi to fix his mistake. Everything will be fine afterwards. She agrees. I am thinking of bidding adieu to Rudra after Vin’s marriage tomorrow. Shankar likes the idea. Manjari is emotional thinking that RUdra might be finally at peace. We should free him from this kalash. Shankar agrees. Manjari thinks I lied. Truth is that Rudra and I are at peace seeing Siddhi

break apart.

In her room, Siddhi is thinking about how everyone turned against her recently. Urvashi lights a firework (Phuljhadi) in front of her. I was looking for you everywhere. Siddhi gets up and looks away but Urvashi dances around her. She laughs at Siddhi for running away. I am helping you only. You have nothing left now. Why don’t you burn yourself today and end this story? I came in this house as Siddhi. I even married Rudra while wearing your mask. I used your identity to spoil your name and took over your place in this house. Now I neither need you nor your name! You were acting smart. If you try to play any other game in the next 24 hours then I wont spare you! She leaves. Siddhi eyes the Phuljhadi sadly.

Next morning, Kundra Mansion is being decorated for the wedding. Urvashi comes downstairs. Manjari advises her to wait to let Vin get haldi first. She nods. Vin comes downstairs too. Gauri goes to bring haldi as Vin takes his seat. Manjari goes to check on Gauri. Urvashi keeps smiling looking at Vin. He stands up feeling uncomfortable. Siddhi comes there just then. He looks away restlessly. Siddhi mentally coaxes Vin not to marry Urvashi. I am feeling very restless. Please don’t marry Urvashi. Prachi comes as well. Siddhi slips on the clothes spread on the floor but Vin holds her just in time. They share an eye ock as Siddhi falls right in his arms. Urvashi glares at them. Vin gets hurt in the process. Siddhi gets concerned for her. Gauri is coming with the turmeric bowl. Siddhi takes it and applies turmeric on his wound. I am really sorry for not being careful. Manjari moves her aside. Is Vin fine? He nods. Manjari calls it auspicious. Vin’s first wife applied the first haldi on Vin’s hand by default. It is a good omen. Urvashi smiles. Manjari applies haldi to Vin right in front of Siddhi followed by Gauri and Prachi. Siddhi walks away upset.

Vin is in the corridor when Siddhi suddenly pulls Vin in a corner. Why are you doing this? What will you gain by marrying Urvashi? You should punish me if you are upset with me. Why are you punishing yourself? She made Chota Raju kidnap me. He tells her not to blame her for what she did wrong. You got her kidnapped so I cannot marry Urvashi. She tells him he is mistaken but he calls her a cheater. I believed whatever you told me in the past but now I have begun to differentiate between right and wrong. I will marry Urvashi now! She tells him against it. You cannot marry Urvashi as you are still married to me! I am still your legal wife. He accepts her challenge. I want to see what all you can do to stop my wedding. Do whatever you want to. I will marry Urvashi at any cost. Saying so, he walks away. Siddhi is determined to stop this wedding even if she has to seek legal help to stop it. Siddhi leaves.

Siddhi tells Inspector it is illegal that my husband is marrying someone else when I am there. You can see the mandap. She enters with police but the house is back to normal. Inspector questions her. She asks Prachi about everyone. Prachi shares that everyone / everything disappeared when she went upstairs to change. They are playing a big game. Inspector tells Siddhi they cannot waste their time like this. She asks Gauri about Vin who tells her that he has gone on a shoot. No wedding is happening here. Why would Vin remarry? Siddhi wonders why Vin went on a shoot when the wedding is due in 45 minutes.

Vin and Urvashi are in the mandap. Pundit ji is chanting mantras. The wedding has been organized on the sets. Vin thinks how will Siddhi stop the wedding now.

Precap: Siddhi shouts at everyone to stop the wedding. She tells Inspector that Vin is marrying Urvashi even when his first wife is alive. Inspector tells Vin it is illegal. You can be punished for this!

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