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Shakti 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman regains his memory back

Shakti 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Preeto seeing Harman on the Operation bed and shouts my son is found. Harak Singh is happy to know that she got her memory back. Sameer asks Soumya to promise him keeping her hand on his hand that they will go somewhere and will start new life together. Soumya promises to start afresh at new place. Sameer’s mum thinks there can’t be any relation between you both when I am here. She asks Sameer to come fast and says someone will come. Soumya asks Sameer if he is sure that he wants to marry her. Sameer says I always loved you and my love will not change. He asks her to come. Sameer tells his mum that only Khushi and I are going and not you. His mum is shocked. Soumya says she is your mum. Sameer says she is my mum, but Harak Singh’s informer too. He says I tried to make her

understand that I love Soumya, but she didn’t understand. He says if you had not told that day about my marriage venue to Harak Singh, then Harman wouldn’t had come and stopped my marriage. He says I can’t take the risk to take you with you, but I will come when you need me. His mum gets teary eyes and shocked. Sameer and Soumya leave in an auto. Soumya sees Saya and other kinnars coming from front and signs Sameer. Sameer hugs her and hides from their sight. Saya and others go. Sameer’s mum talks to her husband’s pic and tells that Sameer left her alone. Saya comes to Sameer’s mum house and asks about Soumya.

Sameer’s mum tells that Sameer took her with him and tells that they will not return. Kinnar tells Saya that they shall search her. Saya tells Sameer’s mum that she didn’t understand others’ love and her son didn’t understand her love. She says I will not tell anything or curse you as a mother will not want a son to love a kinnar. She says I will pray that your son understands your love. Harak Singh takes Preeto out of OT and says it is good that you got your memory. Raavi gets happy and emotional. Preeto asks how are you? Harak singh says you were not remembering me. He says Harman will be fine too. Preeto asks why did you do this? She says I couldn’t identity Soumya, but why did you let Khushi go as you know she was Soumya. She says lets go and bring Soumya back.

Saya comes and says Sameer left the city with Soumya and haven’t told anything to his mum. Preeto says how we will search her? Saya says now everything will be fine. Preeto says we have to find out how did Harman and Soumya lost their memory together. Veeran and Varun get tensed. Shanno says Preeto is back and will do something. She says we have to do something. Preeto says we have to find where Sameer took Soumya? Saya says Harman will only search Soumya. She says when he met her last, he cursed Soumya and called her kinnar. She says Sameer took advantage of the situation and took her. Doctor comes and says Harman is fine and will gain consciousness in 3-4 hours. Lavneet thinks she shouldn’t have informed them. She thinks to take Harman from there. Sameer tells Soumya that they will start their life and shows the tickets to Pathan kote. He asks what happened? Sameer asks her to think if he wants to stay with her. Sameer says I just love you and want just you and nobody else. He asks her to sit in the bus.

Harman gains consciousness and sees Lavneet standing. Lavneet hugs him and says thank God. She says she was very scared and says everyone is your enemy here. She says Khushi, whom you loved is a kinnar and asks him to come with her. She then thinks to make him unconscious and take him from there. She gets up and takes out chloroform bottle and puts it on the handkerchief. Harman looks at her. Lavneet turns to Harman and asks him to come with her, and says nobody will separate us. She says I love you and is about to make him smell the handkerchief, when Harman holds his hand and gets up. Lavneet asks him to leave her. Harman holds her neck and says I am Harman Singh and not Jolly. He says you are the one who has separated me from Soumya. Lavneet asks who is Soumya? Harman says my wife Soumya Singh, Preeto Singh’s bahu. He says you have ruined everything and separated us. He recalls Soumya telling that Lavneet is not his Gulabo, Lavneet stabbing Raavi and Provoking him against Soumya. Lavneet shouts for help. Harman is holding her neck still. Harak Singh and Preeto come there and ask Harman to leave Lavneet. Harman says I got my memory back and tells that Lavneet feigned to be fake Gulabo and separated him from Soumya. Veeran, Shanno and Varun hears him and leave from there shockingly.

Harak Singh gets happy and says my son..Shera got his memory back. Raavi hugs him and is happy. Harak Singh says you brought my son to hospital and he is saved today because of you, and that’s why I am leaving you. Harman asks her to leave. Lavneet says I really love you a lot and says that kinnar can’t love you as I…preeto slaps her before she could complete the sentence and says the word ‘love’ doesn’t look nice from your mouth and asks her to leave before Harman kills her.

Harman tells Preeto that he will bring Gulabo . Preeto says where you will go, she is not in the city. Harak Singh asks what had happened because of which he lost his memory. Harman tells that Chacha, Varun, Balwinder along with Kishan Lal beat Soumya and him and threw them in the river. Harak Singh, Preeto and Raavi are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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