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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Geet asking Roop and Ishika to come closer and smile. Ishika and Roop pose for the pics. Roop says this is enough dose for today. Geet says I will send pics to Rupesh uncle. Rupesh and Kanchan are happy to see the pics. He says he is very relieved seeing them happy. Kanchan asks him to sleep. They sleep. Roop tries to talk to Ishika. The masquerade party host asks all couples to dance. Geet says I have checked and tells that there is nobody good than them. She asks them to take mask and win in the dance. She gives them masks. Someone throws stone wrapped by the letter in Kanchan and Rupesh’s room. They wake up shockingly. Kanchan takes the paper and reads Namaste written with red ink. Rupesh is shocked too reading it. Geet asks Roop and Ishika to look in each

other eyes and start dancing. Roop forward his hand. Ishika holds his hand…..Jab sunta tha….rishta tha.plays……Roop says you are looking stunning in this dress. Ishika says I am wearing this dress because of you. Ishika asks him not to praise her falsely. Roop asks why are you blaming me? Ishika says she lost her bag because of him. Roop says you showed extra cleverness. Ishika says you showed extra foolishness and says accident happened because of you. Roop loudly asks what did she say. Everyone in the party looks at them. Roop says nice party. He says I told driver that I will drive as he was feeling sleepy, but he didn’t agree. Geet takes their pics. Ranvir brings Purvi to party and thinks he will search Ishika. He asks Purvi to come and dance on his tune. He brings Purvi to dance floor. Roop and Ishika are dancing.

Ranvir eyes Ishika while dancing with Purvi. Purvi says I know our marriage happened in such a condition that I was thinking what to do. She says we shall think about our future. Ranvir asks her to dance with him and says your face shall not be seen. He thinks so that I can spoil Roop and Ishika’s honeymoon trip. He is about to touch Ishika, but some other couple comes between them. Ranvir makes Ishika’s fall on the other couple. Roop says sorry to that couple. The man asks them to compete honestly or go off dance floor. The lady with the man calls loser to ishika. Ishika asks how dare she and tells Roop that they shall show them who is best. She asks Roop if she can trust him. Roop asks him to wait and watch. He dances with her. Geet takes their pics. Nashe si Chad gayi plays……All couple dance. Ranvir’s mask drops down. Purvi says sorry and tells that she is hungry. Ranvir asks her to go to room and have food. All couples end their dance. The host tells that best dancing award goes to Mrs. and Mr. Wagela. Ishika says did you see that who is loser and taunts at woman. Roop thinks he is in love with her go and get attitude. The host asks Ishika and Roop to make each other wear sash. Roop and Ishika make each other wear sash.

Rishta tha plays….Geet takes their pics. Ranvir fumes and thinks to ruin their happiness. Ishika says I am so happy. Roop says because of me. Ishika says whatever and goes. She thinks Roop didn’t tell that they have won because of both. She hears someone crying and goes to her. She didn’t know that she is purvi. Purvi is crying. Geet comes and takes Ishika from there. She asks her to get ready. Ishika turns to Purvi and sees her with the Ranvir. Ranvir acts as kissing her. Ishika don’t see them. Ranvir takes Purvi to their room angrily. The host tells that for the next round, the dancing partner will change with music. Ranvir dances with ishika. Ishika senses uncomfortable and says I need to go. Ranvir says if not mine then will be of nobody. He swirls her and goes. Ishika comes to the man wearing blue suit and says I understood who are you? She finds the man to be someone else. Roop comes and asks what happened? Ishika says she has identified his voice? Roop asks who? Ishika goes to her. Ranvir is wearing suit like Roop now and thinks you will pack up and leave from here. Rupesh asks Kanchan if she is not getting sleep. Kanchan says this thing have never happened with us and says this is a planned conspiracy. She says we have faced enough, but not anymore. Rupesh asks her not to take a step in anger and says don’t know what trouble awaits us outside.

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