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RadhaKrishn 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Manipulates Radha

RadhaKrishn 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna tells if man is respected as Narayan, women should also compete and whoever wins should be respected as Narayani and deserve the same respect. People says Krishna is right. Vrishbhan says if they all wish so, they will organize women’s competition also and pray the winner woman as Lakshmi. Girls discuss even they will participate this year all because of Krishna. Radha fumes and walks away. Krishna follows her to market and acts as surprised seeing her there, asks if she is worried about him, so she is following him. She asks what is his new drama now. He says she knows she will sit next to him on swinger as she knows he loves her. She angrily looks at him. He asks not to look at her like this, he gets shy. Radha walks away.

Krishna plays flute standing in jungle. Radha

walks to him. Krishna says he did not even become Barsana’s king and people are following his order, she will sit on swinger with him. She asks how will he. He wiggles his fingers and says just like that. Ayan walks in and says even he is there. Krishna says he always come as pebble in daal and interferes always. Radha walks with Ayan saying she needs to talk. She takes him aside and says Krishna revealed he loves he and wants to get Barsana via marrying her. Ayan angrily fumes. Balram asks Krishna what he really wants. Krishna says he wants to swing on swinger with Radha like in golok and wants to enjoy feast via her hand. Radha tells Ayan that Krishna wants to swing on swinger with her. Ayan says he will defeat Krishna and will swing on swinger with Radha.

Ayan returns to his mother Jatila and explains his plan to kill Krishna. Jatila asks how did he hid truth from Radha. Ayan says he lernt from her. She asks what is his plan. He reminisces wild bull. They walk to competition venue and see wild bull in cage.

After sometime, Radha walks via jungle with her friends carrying water pot. Krishna breaks their pots sitting on tree. Friends run away shouting ghost. Radha searches culprit. Krishna walks behind her and asks if she is ready to win competition and using magic drops flowers on her, gets bouquet and says winner will be given this bouquet, he will give it to her right now. She says he will not use his magic as he has to win competition with his bravery. He says he will use magic. She says he may not be able to compete at all. Krishna turns and sees Yashoda standing. Yashoda ties Krishna to a tree.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that they hear from their dear ones about evil eyes and doing all sort of remedies, but he does not believe in all this and believes if their heart is pure, evil eyes cannot harm them, just like weak wall falls due to weak base, their weak thinking will make them fall, so they should control their thinking as evil eyes can be changed but not evil thinking.

Krishna’s friends and Balram wait for Krishna at competition venue. Radha says Krishna will not come as he is the main reason for all the problems. Balram asks tied Krishna how will be disobey mother.

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