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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ekanga takes kanha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying radha, let the problem be huge but any human being can find a solution to that problem by doing karma. Balram comes. Kanha says brother? Balram says kanha, during Navratri there were so many demons, who killed them? Kanha says yes I don’t know. Balram says I am not stupid kanha, I know you both have been hiding something and even that day radha was talking about laxmi. What is the matter? Tell me the truth. Radha says brother there were no demons. Balram says don’t lie to me, there were so many demons who killed them? Tell me the truth. Kanha says okay brother, devi durga killed those demons, she came to protect vrindavan and all people. Balram says oh, now I understand but then who killed the evil powers of ekanga? Kanha says devi laxmi took those

powers inside her. Balram says okay then what about ekanga? Kanha says brother we don’t need to kill ekanga. Balram says now don’t tell me she is our sister so we cannot kill her, she has caused enough harm. Radha says yes, how can our own sister try to kill us and her parents? Suddenly ekanga comes in her huge form and she picks kanha in her hand and goes. Balram and radha are shocked. balram says radha, again ekanga has done the same thing, I haven’t killed many demons since a long time but I will kill her now. radha says yes brother, we have to go. radha and balram go.
Kanha says to ekanga, ekanga why have you picked me? Where are you taking me? ekanga angrily says I will kill you kanha, you have destroyed my life. Kanha says ekanga, it was fate that everything had to happen the way it happened, I have never intended to destroy the life of another person and you are my sister, I have always wanted a sister!
Kansa and bhadraksh watch from the bridge in their palace. Bhadraksh says bhagwan, see ekanga is taking kanha now! kansa says everything will happen as we have thought, that Vishnu cannot do anything and paramavatar wont kill ekanga because she is his sister.
Ekanga brings kanha to her cave. Kanha says ekanga, what has happened to you? ekanga says kanha, you are a problem for me, I want revenge and I will get it from killing you. kanha says ekanga listen to me, revenge is not what you actually want! You need love and you can live with us, you are my sister and mata yashoda and baba nand will be very happy to bring you back, they have been waiting for you to forget everything and live with us! ekanga says no kanha, no!
There kansa laughs and says now soon our mission will be accomplished.
Kanha says ekanga, just once think what you want, you will know you don’t want revenge. Ekanga closes her eyes and she has tears, she says kanha you were right, I don’t want revenge rather I don’t want anything! I have done many sins, I have brought problems to people of vrindavan and my own parents and you too kanha, please forgive me and I don’t want to live, if live then I will live in the fire of regret that I wanted revenge! Please accept me inside you paramavatar shri Krishna. kanha smiles and he takes his divya form of shri Krishna. ekanga says please accept me inside you paramavatar! Kanha smiles and he accepts the soul of ekanga inside his body in the form of a garland.
There kansa and bhadraksh laugh and kansa rolls on the floor and laughs. kansa says finally, my soul is gone inside kanha as well! My mission is accomplished. Kansa stands up and says chakradhari Vishnu, now see if you want to kill me, then go and kill your own avatar kanha! Kansa laughs and says I am immortal now.

Precap: kansa celebrates in his palace as he is happy. Kansa gets to know the truth of radha as well and he sends a demon to first kill the form of laxmi. Yamdev takes the body of nachiket, the disciple of Vishnu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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