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Nimki Mukhiya 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jhariya comes out of jail

Nimki Mukhiya 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Tettar says Babbu’s uncle sent a photo of a girl for him. Everyone comes to see it. Babbu says I dn’t wanna get married. Annaro says we want to see you happy. I wont let anyone sacrifice your happiness. Your sister learned too. Ritu says yes we all overcome. Dablo says girl is nice. Sweeti comes and says is it because of politics? Annro says they have nothing related to politics. Sweeti says then get married Babbu. Rekha says your nimki would be divorced. Nimki says yes you divorce her. Why are you thinking so much? Dablo says would you be happy? Sweeti says Nimki left him already. His life was ruined with her. Babbu get married and fix everything.

Nimki calls Mausi and says I am bringing food. Mauha packs the food. Mauha says help me at least. Nimki says I don’t

do all this. Ramla says give me kheer too. Nimki says this is for abhi and elena only. Ramla says I will make mine. Mauha says they are upset that’s why. Nimki takes it and leaves.
Nimki comes to Abhi’s place. She sas how do I look? I know I always look beautiful. You wanna eat chicken right? Here is some for you. Abi says but we cooked. Mausi says I was lying. Nimki told me already. Nimki says she can’t make such good chicken. Mausi says what.. Elena comes and hugs Nimki. Nimki says like old days.. No more sad things. Eat it now.

Abhi serves everyone. Moraylal comes. Abhi says join us. Nimki says you can eat aalo bhujiya. He says I wanted to tell something. Jhariya is out. Nimki says how? He says Sweeti said she doesn’t remember who shot her.

Scene 2
Jhariya comes haveli. He says ever since I took Tettar’s name everyone was respecting me. Diamond says you wont tell anyone who shot. Ritu says he is our dog. Tettar gives him money. He says why this.. Sweeti says you are dog. You deserve the bone. Give him more dad.
Tettar says this all happened because of Sweeti. Annaro says yes. Rekha says dablo brought her/ Dablo says sweeti really loves her brother. Nimki says my conscience wasn’t believing me my brother shot me. How could I say.. She leaves.

Abhi says how could she do this. No one will take her name. Nimki says there must be some reason. Abhi says there is no reason. Nimki says we should be happy the innocent one is out. Lets eat now.
Babbu says to Ritu I don’t understand sweeti. Ritu says she will take time but she is on our side. Relax. Babbu says she came to you and said she wants to get married? Ritu says I thought she would fight. She said she wanted to go in front of Sweeti with me. Once sweeti is totally in our control lets see how we show Nimki a lesson.
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