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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh feels guilty

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandu saying when did I write on the floor. Baba hypnotizes him and makes him put water on the floor. Chandu says I have done as you said. Baba says great, whoever falls down the stairs now will trouble Akhilesh, he will think its my wrath and get scared, he will come to me. Akhilesh stops near the stairs. He calls Ira and asks why didn’t you tell me about the camp. Ira says its imp, this will bring happiness in our lives. He wishes her the best. Ira meets Mishra and says I have come to collect semen sample of Akhilesh Pandey. Mishra hands over the sample to her. She thanks him. Akhilesh says why is she so worried.

Bhoomi calls him and shows the mangalsutra design selected by Bhavik. He says its nice. She says I m so happy. She falls down the stairs. She

gets much hurt. Akhilesh gets shocked and runs to her. Ira thanks Mishra. She gets Bhavik’s call and rushes knowing about Bhoomi. Mishra is also Baba’s devotee. He says I have given wrong sample to Ira, I have Akhilesh’s sample. Baba says now you can send the sample to me by my aide. He says I will ruin this sample, Akhilesh won’t become a father, he will get helpless and come to me. Akhilesh and family admit Bhoomi to the hospital. They cry. Pushpa prays for Bhoomi. Ira asks doctor about Bhoomi. Doctor says she got saved, she didn’t slip in coma, but she has multiple fractures, she needs rest. Devina says but its her marriage after two days. He says sorry, you have to postpone her marriage. Pushpa asks Devina to let Bhoomi get fine first, then they will think about marriage. They cry. Devina says baba is behind all this. She scolds Pushpa.

Devina blames Akhilesh and cries. They rush to see Bhoomi, knowing she got conscious. Akhilesh says Bhoomi is in this state because of me, let me go and apologize to her. Chandu smiles. Akhilesh cries seeing Bhoomi. He apologizes to her. He says baba has done this to hurt me, but you got hurt, forgive me. She says don’t do this, you did a lot for me and family, marriage can’t happen now, I don’t want to become a burden on Bhavik. He says I m sure that you will get fine soon. She says I have taken my decision, I can’t marry Bhavik. Bhavik comes there. He says I need to talk to her. Akhilesh goes out. Bhavik says I love you and will always support you. Devina asks what. Bhoomi doesn’t want to marry now, this is done by baba, sorry to say this, before this happens again, Akhilesh should go to baba. Pushpa argues. Akhilesh agrees to go to baba. Pushpa and Ira get shocked.

span style=’color: #ff00ff;’>Precap:
Baba asks Chandu to bear up Akhilesh and get him. Chandu slaps Akhilesh and scolds him. Ira looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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