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Mere Sai 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Solves Sculptor’s Problem

Mere Sai 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai gives moral gyaan to muslim sculpture shop owner’s young son Hameed that a sculptor goes through rain, storm, sun, rough weather and stays intact, similarly his father wants him to learn all aspects of carving sculptures for his better future. Boy says when he has to become owner of this shop, why should he learn all this. Sai gives him an example of sculpture and stone. Stone asks sculpture that they are from same moutain, but why people value you more. Sculpture says when sculptor tried to carve stone with chisel, it could not bear the pain, so it is invaluable while sculpture bore pain of chisel and became precious; similarly, Hameed’s father wants him to understand all aspects of business and if he comes across any difficulty, he should be able to solve it and even value the hard work of sculptor. Hameed apologizes Sai touching his feet and says he understood everything. Sai smiles. Father rejoices. Hameed apologizes father for not unsterstanding him. Father thanks Sai for making Hameed understand calmly, which he could not by scolding. Sai looks at broken sculpture, repairs it with his blessing gaze and leaves. Father is surprised to see sculpture fixed and realizes Sai fixed it. Sai walks away smiling.

A man with his wife brings his ill son and pleads Sai to cure his ill son. Sai feeds holy ash to boy and he gets well and says he is feeling fine now. Sai says father that he has to bring his son to get medicine for 3 days. Man thinks he will incur huge losses and says he will send his wife and son. Sai says he wants his son to be cured, he has to come personally. Man agrees and requests Sai to treat his son first and then others. Sai smiles and says Dwarkamayi is an open house and anyone can come any time for treatment, he cannot stop anyone.

Precap: Rohini’s family forces her to put thumb impression on property documents. Rohini calls Sai for help. Sai emerges there.

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