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Kundali Bhagya (The Untold Love Story) – Character Sketch


Hi Guys!! This is the first time i an writing a story.Ignore my mistakes.Hope you like it….

Character Sketch:

Luthra family:

Bani Luthra: Elder Of Luthra Family.

Mother Of Mahesh Luthra. A loving Granny And a Positive Character.

Mahesh Luthra:Father Of  Karan,Rishab and Ruchika.Loves His Wife So Much.Cute Bonding With His Children’s.

Rakhi Luthra:Mahesh’s Wife And Mother Of Karan,Rishab and Ruchika. Her Only Desire Is to Get her Sons Married.Secretly Desires for Preeta To be One Of Her Daughter-in-law.

Kareena Luthra:Mahesh’s Widowed Sister,

Also Lives In Luthra Mansion.Hates Preeta And Shrishti.Can Go To Any Extent To Protect Her Family.

Rishab Luthra:Elder Son Of Mahesh And Rakhi.Renowned Businessman Man. Responsible and Caring Among All The Siblings.

Karan Luthra:Youngest Son Of Mahesh And Rakhi.Famous Cricketer. Flirtious Nature. Spoilt Brat Of The family.Loves his Brother More Than His Life.

Ruchika Luthra: Mahesh’s And Rakhi’s Daughter.Smallest Of All the Siblings.The Fashionista.Studying in London.

Kritika Luthra:Kareena Luthra daughter.

Simple,sweet,Ambitious and Innocent Of All.Pampered By Karan And Rishab.

Sameer Luthra: Son Of Rakhi’s Sister Who Died In An Accident.Later Adopted By Mahesh And Rakhi.Karan And Rishab Take Him As Thier Own Brother.

Arora Family:

Daljeet Arora :Elder Of Arora Family.Loves Her Daughter-in Law So Much.Helps Her Both Grand Daughter Whenever Are In Trouble.

Sarla Arora: Mother Of Preeta And Shristi. Although loves Both The Daughters But Maintains Love-Hate Relation With Shristi Because Of Her Antics.

Janki:Servant Of Arora’s But Treated Like Member Of Family.Loves Preeta And Shrishti As Her Own Children.

Preeta Arora:Elder Daughter Of Sarla. Sweet,simple,Responsible girl Who Dreams To Give Her Family All Happiness They Deserve.

Shrishti Arora:Smallest Daughter Of Sarla.

Childish,Carefree But Also Shows Maturity When Needed.Apple Of Her Sister’s Eyes.

Other Characters:

Sanjana Khurana:Friend Of Kareena Luthra. Wants Her Daughter To Get Married In Luthra Family.

Sherlin Khurana: Daughter Of Sanjana Khurana.Greedy,egoistic and Selfish person Who sees Only Self Benefit.Helping Her Boyfriend In Destroying Luthra’s.

Prithvi Malhotra:Enemy Of Luthra Family.psycopath,Greedy,Evil Minded Person And Sherlin’s Boyfriend. Is Planning To Marry Preeta For Destroying The Luthra’s.

Arushi Singhania:Preeta’s Close Friend And A Divorcee.Looking For A Job.Wants to Be A self Made Woman.Ambitious Girl With Many Dreams.

Sahil And Samar Singhania:Twin Brothers Of Arushi. Looks Exact Same.People Always Gets Confused Between These Two.Doctors By Profession.Works In Same Hospital As Preeta.

Karanveer Singh: Rishab Friend And Business Partner Of Sherlin’s Father Who had a Secret Crush On Sherlin.


Akshay:Kritika’s fiancé. A psychopath who promotes domestic violence and abuse.

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