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Kundali Bhagya 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Karina’s feet twist while coming from the stairs

Kundali Bhagya 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Rishab scolds a waiter, both the Dadi are having a lot of fun they both are talking of their past event and remembering their past events, Sarla comes and ask them about what they are both laughing, Sarla says to Dadi that she trusts her but does not trust her own mother, they start to crack a joke, Karina sees her mother from the balcony and wonders when her mother will realize to not sit with middle class people, she sees the reports and wonders to go and pick them up, Manisha comes and stands near them, Karina thinks pf a plan and acts that her feet twisted, everyone comes to her aid and takes her to the room, Preeta helps her.
Shrishti gets worried and asks Sarla to not scold her, Sarla says that she knows Shrishti did not do it on purpose and she will forget it but Karina will never

forget it.
Preeta and Karina reach the room, Karan comes and asks her if she is okay, Preeta explains the situation, Karina says that she saw the reports and tried to pick them up but lost it, Preeta asks her where she saw it and goes to get the reports, Sherlin hears this and follows Manisha.
Manisha is walking in the hallway, Rithwik comes and asks what happened she says that she has decided that they will no longer help Prithvi but will be with the Luthra’s, they both agree and decide to move away at the end of the path. Sherlin hears their takes and decides o tell Prithvi.
Rishab is with Mahesh and Bi Jee, they come and asks him if he has some feeling for Preeta, Rishab does not understand and asks them to explain it, Dadi comes and taunts Bi Jee, they both decide to talks about Rishab, and Mahesh tacks Bi jee away. Rishab asks Dadi if any of them are drunk, Dadi says that she will teach him a lesson, Rishab taunts her and leaves to get the papers.
Bi Jee asks Mahesh why he brought her away, he says that they must keep it a secret from his mother because she will tell everyone, they both must be sure about what they have thought to be true and otherwise they will not talk to anyone, Bi Jee agrees to his plan , they both head towards the party.
Sherlin calls Prithvi, she tells him that they both must get the reports before the Luthra’s, he is not able to understand but then remembers and ask her where the report is, she says that she saw it underneath Manisha feet, she starts to asks him about the plan, he says that he has already a lot of work and she must do it herself as he is busy, she also say that she has to go and handle Preeta and because also knows of her reports.
Preeta walks towards Manisha and asks her to give the document because it is of immense importance, she at first agrees but then after blackmailing tears it, Preeta seeing this gets really angry and is about to scratch her face, she is topped and sees that the paper is still underneath Manisha feet. Preeta tries to calm her down but saying that he was just trying to keep the mosquitoes away, Manisha says that she is the center of attraction in the party, Rithwik also comes asking if everything is alright,they says that there is no problem, eh leaves.
Prithvi bumps into Rishab, he is about to yell but then calms down seeing that it is Rishab, he says that does Prithvi do it on purpose, he picks up the papers and sees that they are really making Rithwik their partner. Rishab asks him to hand the papers. Karan comes and says that he really looks tensed and what the reason is as who is bothering him, he says that it is Rithwik.

Precap: Karan sees Preeta and wonders what she is doing, Rishab signs the deal and looks for Preeta he wonders what will happens if Rithwik signs the deal and Preeta does not stop him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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