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Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon twinj:episode 22



Ammar saw photos and get shocked.

Ammar:my mamma photos with dost how why?ammar kept the photos in his bag and left.He went to Taneja Mansion and keep the photos in his wardrobe. He went downstairs and sit beside twinkle.

Mehar:finally you come back what you have done it..


Twinkle:you didn’t have your lunch.Come have your lunch.

Ammar:mamma I had my lunch with my dost okay.Mehar and twinkle look at each other’s ammar get busy in cartoons.

Mehar:kunj is so caring father.

Twinkle:he is just selfish for his son pyaar bhut hubar ke aaraha hai.after sometimes later twinkle playing with ammar while

kunj and yuvi get busy in their work.Chinki come to meet with twinkle.They sit in twinkle room.

Chinki: twinkle I’m shocked what is this all.

Twinkle:I know chinki kunj get to know ammar is his son.

Chinki:what. How??Twinkle narrate her everything chinki is in shocked.Hoo.

Twinkle:I’m shocked how so suddenly he trusts on reports that time toh he didn’t.

Chinki:Leave it this twinkle you know na how he is.he is too like his father.What did you think now I mean what you’ll do.

Twinkle:nothing soon I’ll go from here..

Chinki give smile.

Chinki:good Twinkle.After sometimes later Chinki Went.They all sit for dinner ammar doing drama.

Rt:ammar have your dinner.

Ammar:I’ll have afterwards he gets up and went from there.

Twinkle:this boy na.After sometimes later twinkle went in room with food plate ammar was sitting on bed and watching cartoons happily she went towards him.

Now come have your dinner even medicine too no drama anymore.Just than twinkle phone beep.She takes her phone and without seeing caller id.Hello..

Kunj:haa twinkle you didn’t send me documents.

Twinkle:hoo sorry kunj I’ll wait a second she sends to kunj still on call.You check first kunj. Ammar heard kunj name.

Ammar:kunj is it my dost.She didn’t say anything ammar just snatch the phone.

Hello dost..


Ammar:dost you didn’t call me today.

Kunj:I call you only. Ammar talking to kunj while twinkle feeding him food forcefully.

Twinkle:ammar leave this have your dinner first.

Kunj:you did have your dinner till now.

Ammar:hmm my mamma is so annoying call was on speaker.Kunj giggles out.

Twinkle heard and make faces at him.

After complete his food and still talking to kunj while twinkle caressing his hairs.dost..

Kunj:hmm aur bolo..

Ammar:what’s your plan for tomorrow

Kunj:nothing..they both were talking while talking ammar doze off twinkle see him. Kunj was laughing at ammar jokes. Ammarrr.

Twinkle:Kunj he slept.

Kunj:ho..okay bye take care of him.

Twinkle:hmmm..they end the calls.While twinkle get busy in work. She planned something.I have to go from here after see ammar and Kunj bond it’s become more difficult afterward to separate them before I’ll leave from here.While thinking twinkle sleep.Other side kunj admiring twinkle and ammar photos.

Kunj:don’t know what to do to get you back I can’t stay away from twinkle and ammar now. But what I’ll do with Maa she didn’t understand me first I’ll set up my life than think about Purushottam now ammar more important than anything for me, he too sleep.

Next day morning..

Twinkle getting ready while ammar sleeping peacefully he blabbered in sleep dost.

Ammar:In sleep even I too wanted papa. Twinkle Listen this and look at him wet eyes.She went towards him. And sit beside ammar and caress his face,where is my papa god in sleep he murmured..

Twinkle:how I tell you ammar about your papa.I know you wanted your papa but I’m helpless what your papa did with us I can’t forgive him never ever. I can’t tell you ammar that your dost Kunj is only

Your papa.. 🙁🙁.. she kissed on his forehead and went downstairs and tell

Leela she went office and see ammar. She left for office.

At Sarna Mansion everyone sitting for breakfast kunj come down usha went towards him.

Usha:kunj come have your breakfast and see this photos. Kunj take the envelope and see girls photos he looks at Usha with confused eyes,

Kunj:what is this Maa.

Usha:see these girls I select for your alliance Kunj roll his eyes and didn’t say anything just left from there.

Bebe: usha now stop you know everything he loved twinkle and he had one son..

Usha:he is not my kunj son get it..

At office twinkle sitting in her cabin busy in work Kunj entered in his cabin twinkle eyes went on him.Kunj sit and checking files.

Twinkle:why he look so tensed.Yuvi entered in room he and Kunj discussing something.Twinkle doing her work kunj admiring her with love eyes.

Kunj:(in heart)she look so beautiful best creation of god.I love you twinkle so much my one stupidity did this all.More than 4 years I away from you and my baby.I don’t know how I’ll recorrect my mistakes.His and twinkle eyes meet both share gaze and break too..

Ammar and Romir playing they think something Romir call aditi.She come Sarna Mansion.

Aditi: what you both wanted ??

Romir:take us to papa office.

Aditi:for this you both call me here waha.

Ammar:yes pink panther 😛.Aditi shows her eyes to him.Aditi take them and left for office.Soon they reached office Romir and ammar running. All employees get surprised to see kids..

Romir:where is my papa.

Ammar:idiot this is my mamma office..

Aditi:arey your fathers working here only.

Romir see Yuvi and went in Abeer cabin where Yuvi sitting they went inside the cabin.Yuvi and Abeer get surprised to see Romir and ammar in office.

Yuvi: you both here how and why??

Ammar: we sit in car and come here 😂😂why just yuhi..😛.

Yuvi: Acha.

Romir:papa we get bored you know mamma scold me today.

Yuvi:why did you do anything.

Romir:nothing still without my mistakes.

Aditi and Yuvi look each other face.

Ammar:where is my partner.Twinkle entered there.

Twinkle:ammar you here..

Ammar:yes I’m here mamma.

Twinkle:but why baby.

Ammar:can’t I come here.Yuvi uncle you are here about my dost.

Yuvi:your dost is here only.

Ammar:I’ll find him. He went out of the cabin Ammar searching Kunj everywhere twinkle see him. She went near him.

Twinkle:here is your Dost..she pointed her finger towards cabin door.Ammar give smile to twinkle and rushed towards cabin he open the door and went inside kunj who was deeply lost in work.He looks at Kunj and give smile.He didn’t do any noise and went behind him twinkle see this all through glass wall.Ammar stand behind kunj chair and he covered Kunj eyes with his tiny hands kunj get surprised what is this.Kunj rest his hand on ammar hands and understand who he is.

Kunj:AMMARRRRR…..,ammar closed his eyes and come in front of him.

Ammar:dost how you get to know it’s me haa.Kunj give smile first. He got up and went towards him he lifts him and make him sit on desk.

Kunj:it’s easy for me to sense you.. you here??

Ammar:hold his head.. dostt. How..

Kunj:you leave this. How’s you..

Ammar:I’m all good.. you never told me that my mamma working with you.. Kunj look at ammar face..

Kunj:I don’t know na she is your mom.

Ammar:okay now you leave this all I come here just because of you..

Kunj:acha ji sir what you wanted tell me.

Ammar:lemme think.

Kunj:you decided till Than I’ll finish my work kunj sit on chair while ammar on his lap. Kunj doing his work in laptop.Twinkle clicking their photos from far. Mehar and Aditi entered in twinkle cabin they both see twinkle.They went towards her and take sit beside her.

Mehar:where are you busy?? Twinkle see her keep her phone inside.

Twinkle:me kahi nahi..

Mehar:I know twinkle..

Twinkle:what you know.

Aditi:Twinkle I don’t know what you think.

Twinkle:what I’ll think and why??..

Mehar:look at ammar and Kunj looking so cute. Carbon copy of each other’s.

Ammar:dosttt now your is complete.

Kunj:almost.Romir and Yuvi come in cabin.

Yuvi:son and father is here.Kunj look at Yuvi and gesture him.I mean dost and lambu..

Romir:ammar let’s play game with kunj Chachu and papa.

Ammar:yup where is pink panther..

Aditi:here bachu…

Ammar:don’t call me bachu.you pinkii😂.

Yuvi:why he calls you pinkiii what pink he see..

Ammar:she knows why😂😂😂.Wait a second I’ll tell you.

Aditi:you just shut up.. Aditi running

Behind ammar.

Ammar:dost save me from this pinkii😂.

Aditi:kunj see him afterwards don’t tell me.

Ammar:mammaaa..’twinkle and Mehar seeing this and laughing.. Aditi caught ammar and pulled his cheeks.

Aditi:ab bol little Sarna.

Ammar: don’t pulled my cheeks I didn’t like it.She again pulled his cheeks mess his all hairs.Don’t mess with ammar Sarna get it.Kunj see ammar and yuvi too they both get surprised to see him.He pulled

Aditi hairs and went to kunj and proudly raise his collar, Yuvi and Kunj hold their heads.

Romir: pink panther., 😂😂

Aditi:yuviiiiii.. they four of them laughing so loudly at Aditi..twinkle see ammar and Kunj get so happy both laughing like anything same face expression there is no difference between them.

Mehar:Twinkle don’t do what you plan.

Twinkle:mehar I can’t now..let him enjoy with ammar for sometimes and ammar too I decided I’ll leave India went from here.

Mehar:really twinkle still you thinking why you separate ammar from his father he needed his father.

Twinkle:which father Mehar who didn’t care about his mother and look at him he is so selfish he loved his son and what about his wife whom he just insulted lot.

Romir: I’m hungry..

Kunj:you just hungry your Maa didn’t give you anything.

Ammar:even I too😛😛. Yuvi look at Kunj face.

Yuvi:ab bol😛😛..

Kunj:tell me what you both wanted.

Ammar:hmm what you want Romir.They both decided than give their oder.Romir and ammar playing with files. It’s surprise twinkle he didn’t say anything he is very particular for his things.If anything went here and there he didn’t like it.They both throwing files and here and there while Yuvi and Kunj picking up.Soon their food comes.Ammar and Romir become restless

Yuvi and Kunj arrange the food on table.

Aditi:smells coming yummy.they sit and both fathers feeding their sons.They enjoy food lot and Romir and ammar making fun of Aditi.After later Yuvi and Aditi went in side cabin there is no one.While ammar and Romir watching cartoons.Romir went from there. He went to Yuvi and Aditi he rest his head on aditi chest and she cupped his face..



while ammar feeling sleepy he got up and went towards kunj. Kunj see his face and understand he will sleep.He lifted him.Ammar rest his head on kunj shoulder

And sleep while kunj patting on his back. Kunj pa come with lady who come for project.kunj walking here and there and talking with lady.Ammar still in his arms. Mehar and abeer see this and get so happy.

Abeer:he is not bad father don’t know about husband toh.. See him.

Mehar:even I too saying this but twinkle didn’t understand..

Abeer:give her time.

Lady:very nice Mr.Sarna.She looks at Kunj than ammar.He is your baby.Kunj nodded his head in yes.She gives smile and went from there.Kunj sit in side couch. Place ammar on his lap.He rested his head on backboard of couch and closed his eyes.

Twinkle entered in cabin and look at ammar and Kunj tears appears in his eyes.

She went towards them and caress Kunj and ammar hairs.She controlled on her emotions.And finding files.Due to noise Kunj sleep disturb he wakes up and open his eyes and found twinkle in cabin. He placed ammar on couch.


Twinkle:yes I just come here for file..

Kunj:okay.. Kunj pa come..

Pa:sir what I’ll do with our London client you didn’t went london..

Kunj: tell them If they wanted Than come India I’ll not go anywhere.

Pa:sir how you missed your flight. Last night.Twinkle look at Kunj and understand. He cancelled to go London just because of ammar.twinkle send ammar Taneja Mansion with Fuzail even Romir too went.

Kunj wanted to talk to twinkle but she ignored him.Kunj went in her cabin she can make herself busy In work kunj understand why she does this. He went towards her she about to go kunj held her hand,

Twinkle:kunjj what nonsense is this..

Kunj:why you ignore me haa.

Twinkle:now what you wanted it..


Twinkle:what are you in sense haa..

Kunj:yes I’m in my sense..

Twinkle: Kunj please leave from here..

Kunj:Twinkle please look at me once. He cupped her face I love you like anything. And I can’t stay without ammar please try to understand me..

Twinkle:Kunj please leave this all things you wanted to meet with ammar I give you permission now no more expectations from me.

Kunj:why… can’t you see my love in my eyes.

Twinkle:it’s sounds so rubbish Kunj.. Leave my hand okay.

Kunj: I’ll not leave your hand this time..

Twinkle:it’s too late kunj now.In painful voice. You Itself think and make yourself away from ammar.

Kunj:why I’ll he is my son I have right on him I’m his father.

Twinkle:I don’t wanted to give you any explanation so please go from here.

Kunj:why I know I’m wrong at least think once about me twinkle I really love you both.I too wanted to live with my family like others.Twinkle look at him with shocking eyes.

Twinkle:acha don’t you have shame you wanted to live with your family you have a family your Maa and papa and others as well we are not your family kunj,

Kunj:no twinkle you both are.

Twinkle:Listen kunj please dont do anything like this that I’ll open my mouth.You say you wanted us you didn’t think this before.

Like you me ammar too needed papa and family when everyone addresses me single mother and my baby without father baby what we feel that only we know. You make me so helpless even I can’t tell anyone who is my baby father if you there still I can’t you didn’t accept this and people abused my baby.Kunj you don’t know what you have done with us.You can’t become ammar father so stop this here only. Forget ammar that he is your son.You’ll not get anything Kunj just pain and even in this my ammar will so suffer.

Kunj:I can’t twinkle I’ll wait for you both till my last breath mujhe tujhe haashil nahi Karna hai.I’ll be happy at least you both in front of my eyes.And talking about ammar I’ll stay as his dost don’t wanted to

become father never tell him that I’m his father.I know my mistakes is very big it’s not easy to get your forgiveness.But I’ll not give up.You call me selfish it’s okay yes I’m selfish just for my son.Mere pass kho ne ko kuch nahi hai ab and whom I called it’s my it’s only ammar.

Twinkle:you live in this great. Even I’m ammar mother I’ll not let you take him.

Kunj:Kyu why you have problem with this haa woh mera beta hai.Twinkle please don’t separate us.He cupped her face tightly both looking at each other’s eyes tears escaping from there eyes kunj going closer to twinkle face.Their face is inch apart both can feel and head each other’s breath sound.Even you are mine.

Twinkle:I’m not yours..

Kunj:you are still my wife twinkle Kunj Sarna.Kunj Pinned twinkle towards wall and held her hand and entangled each other’s Kunj rest their hands on wall.Kunj nose touching with twinkle.She tries to ignore him.

Twinkle: I’m not your wife..

Kunj:you are my wife and I’m your husband.

Twinkle:really you have any proof.

Kunj:I’ll proved it.he captured her lips tightly.Twinkle was shocked she tried to free herself, but she is all over in kunj cage. Abeer banging the door.door was locked.

Kunj started kissing twinkle while twinkle didn’t give any response.

Twinkle:in between in kiss kunj leave me stop this.Kunj didn’t listen twinkle.Twinkle push him.I know what you wanted it. She open her dress front zip take it you wanted these na.Kunj was hell shocked by this sudden. He closed his eyes and take his coat and covered her.

Kunj:if I wanted this I’ll take it before only that time I didn’t cross my limit and never force you whatever happened between us that night neither I force you.It was just.

Twinkle:it was just a mistake because of that mistake I still bearing.You wanted my body take it and leave me..

Kunj:he laughs out painfully you didn’t understand me twinkle Till now.I never want your body.If I wanted your body I’ll take it till now didn’t stop myself.I didn’t crave for your body before only even now too as well I wanted you just.Pleasure didn’t important for me.Dekha toh sab dete hai dhakana Shikho.Your respect in your hand sorry for this he said and went from there while twinkle fall down on her knees and cried lot.

At Taneja [email protected]

Ammar and Romir finding something in twinkle wardrobe they got finally.

Romir: ammar here photographs..

Ammar: haa they see photos and get shocked.

Romir:ammar yeh mere Kunj Chachu teri Maa ke saath Kyu hai Iss photos me.. This all photos of twinkle and Kunj wedding photos.

Ammar:even I got this type of same photographs in dost wardrobe wait I’ll show.Ammar show in photo twinkle and Kunj backhugging.

Romir:this photographs look like wedding I saw my mamma and papa..

Later office hours end Twinkle and Kunj going they both collide with each other’s twinkle papers falls down.Kunj help her and give both didn’t said anything twinkle take and went from there while some papers still left kunj take and about to give voice to twinkle but she left from there..

Kunj take the papers and look at get shocked just than twinkle pa come there and Kunj asked her about this Rajiv tell kunj that twinkle shifting London Kunj was shattered that ammar will go away from him.soon twinkle reached Taneja Mansion. She sit in living room.Usha come there in full anger.

Usha: so you are here haa.twinkle get up to see.


Usha:yes me.What story you fit in my son ears haa.Leela and Rt or Fuzail come there.Where is my pota haa. Give my grand son whom you call my kunj blood don’t know whom blood he is now putting on my kunj head chiii.

Twinkle:just shut up.Where is ammar.

Fuzail:he went with Romir.

Usha:now he’ll not come back.Ammar come there just than Usha hold his hand take him while twinkle get shocked.

Twinkle:Leave my son…

Usha:no he is my grand son.Usha send ammar with maya. Fuzail and Rt try to stop Usha.

Twinkle: kunjjj.

Mehar: Twinkle calm down. She call kunj he pick up her call.


Kunj: haa twinkle..

Twinkle: Kunj stop your mother she take my ammar forcefully.

Kunj: what wait I’ll come. Kunj immediately left.At Taneja Mansion all Sarna family and abeer or Mehar and Aditi come there.

Usha:now you see what I’ll do.

Leela:you leave ammar.Usha speaking totally nonsense Kunj come there.Twinkle run towards him.

Twinkle: Kunj mere ammar😭😭..

Kunj: maa what is this haa.

Usha:what I have done it she said ammar is your son so he is my grand son and I’m his dadi I wanted my grand son.what she thought she’ll tell you fake story and put this dirty blood on your head that he is your son. I’ll come in her words kunj she making you fool don’t know whom blood she give birth.

Kunj: maaa😡😡😡. In loud voice,

Twinkle:I didn’t come to your son that he is your son kunj get it..

Usha:you fill my son ears. We all know you both don’t have husbands and wife relationship between each other’s.Bacha kaha se hota.

Kunj:Maa please shut up what you speak at least think about it you talk about your son it’s sounds so cheap and bad from your mouth.

Usha:I’m saying right kunj she slept which someone and giving your name.

Kunj:Maa he control on his hand. I Itself told everyone that ammar is my biological son and everyone accept this.Why not you.

Usha:I’m not dumbo like them it’s not possible you have baby kunj how can.

Kunj:I’m tired now Maa.When I told you about this we don’t have anything did I come to you tell this type of things it’s our personal matter.What happened in my and twinkle marriage life this only we know. Outside things, you all know but inside our room only she and me why you can’t understand when I accept this he is my son why can’t you I know na he is my son only.Everything I’ll not tell you Maa.

Why you do this Maa I beg you in front of you stop this why you increase my guilt more.

Usha:you can come in her words but I’ll not he is not your son. Ek ganda khoon hai woh.

Kunj:he hold her shoulders tightly.Okay fine you can’t accept and I’ll not force you too. He is my son it’s matter for me

whether you accept it or not I don’t care great he is ganda khoon in front of your eyes so listen today before him I’m ganda khoon he is my blood. You are mother still doing this with another mother Maa what you wanted tell me today.

Usha:Leave this girl her najayaz aulad.. now it’s enough for kunj his raise his hand and stop in air.. Everyone get shocked.

Kunj:bas bas MAA enough is enough you wanted to abuse me you can but I can’t let my son.

Usha:why I’ll abused my son.

Kunj:Chii Maa you don’t know if you abuse ammar automatically you abuse me first. If I heard again one word for ammar than no one will worse than me.

Usha:what you’ll do..

Kunj:he look down I’ll forget aap Meri MAA ho.Aap ke Meri bete ko gali nahi de shakti ho.

Usha:for this son you tell me this kunj haa.

Kunj:you force me Maa to tell this all.

Bebe:kunj is right usha.

Twinkle:leave from here.

Usha:she did black magic on my son. Usha take knife Kunj today you have to do promise you’ll leave this girl and her son too if not than I’ll kill myself. Kunj laugh out sarcastically tears falling from his eyes.

Kunj:what type of Maa you are logo ki Maa toh apne bacho ki khushi ke liye apne dushan ko bhi apna bana leti hai marne ko tayar hoti hai but mere Maa toh she can’t see my happiness why Maa. If I leave them how I’ll live that not matter for you.

Usha: I’m here for you.

Kunj:really MAA in these years when you come to me and wiped my tears you just busy in yourself you totally forgot you have one son. This your blackmail this time not work out years back you did same and just because of you I leave her not today. If I can’t leave my mother so even I can’t leave my son and wife too. Today you fit this in your ears Yuvi and Bebe get so happy finally kunj speak in front of Usha who didn’t said anything in front of her always did what she wanted it.

Kunj: Arey maa I always do what you like okay fine if you don’t like her but at least for me.

Usha: I can’t.

Kunj:than sorry Maa.If you wanna kill yourself you can I’ll not stop you.I fulfilled all duties of my being a son now it’s your time.

Usha:you pr*stitute Kunj closed his eyes he about to slap Usha but stop himself and punch his on table.

Kunj:for god’s sake Maa will you stop I don’t want to do anything for that I’ll regret letter.

Twinkle:give me my son back.

Kunj:where is ammar Maa give him to his mother back.

Usha:if he is your son than I’ll not give her back.

Kunj:Maa please listen to me.

Usha: how can I’ll give him to her he is heir of Sarna family.

Kunj:Leave this bullshit Maa.

Twinkle: this maya take ammar kunjjj.

Kunj:bring back ammar maya.In loud voice.

Maya:okay..maya went and bring ammar.

Usha:good he come he should to know about his father.Twinkle get shocked.

Kunj:Maa no please..

Usha:mere pota. She cuddles ammar. Twinkle try to take ammar..

Twinkle:leave my son kunjjj😭😭😭.

Kunj:Maa ammar ko chodo please..

Usha: Ammar you wanted your papa an I’ll tell you about him.

Kunj: ammar don’t Listen her.

Twinkle: yes ammar you come with me.

Ammar:just shut up First you both give me answer.what is this. Ammar having photos in his hands he turned the big photos frame of Kunj twinkle.They all see and get shocked from where he got this.Twinkle and Kunj looking each other’s.Bolo mamma and what is this how and why your photos with my dost and even you too dost why my mamma with you in bridal dress. Answer me today don’t lie please.

Twinkle: ammar this all is rubbish.

Ammar: no don’t make me fool mamma when you are Taneja and how I’m Sarna na even my father name is Kunj Sarna and my dost name is too Kunj Sarna 😱😱.. I never think about this. I got your photos in dost room and his and yours too in our top

Wardrobe did you know my dost mamma answer me today how dost mamma is my dadi..tears escaping from twinkle and Kunj eyes like anything both don’t have answers of ammar question how they will tell him truth.

Usha:ab bolo tum dono.

Kunj:maa don’t come between this I’ll not spare you later if anything will happen to him.

Usha:why you are so silent twinkle. Ammar before Usha said anything.

twinkle:ammar you are kunj son she closed her eyes😭😭..

Ammar: I know my papa name is Kunj Sarna But where is my papa which Kunj Sarna is my father whom you told me about who went for work and here is my dost.She sits in front of her on her knees. And hold his both hands.

Twinkle:ammar your dost is only your papa.Ammar look at Kunj in shocking way.

Ammar: pa…pa dost…. don’t kidding with me. Even Kunj too sit.

Kunj:cupped his face your mamma is right ammar I’m only your papa.

Ammar: how can you are my papa. You never tell me about this no you all kidding with me.

Twinkle: I know ammar it’s tough for you to digest this kunj is your father.

Ammar:if he is my father than why you didn’t tell me till now I always asked you where is my papa..

Twinkle:Maa I’m helpless I can’t tell you about him.You are very small for these things.

Ammar:you are a bad mamma you playing with my feelings even you too dost I truth you more than myself.he push both twinkle and Kunj and run from there.
Usha laughing loudly.

Usha:now you see twinkle you away my son from me now yours too.

Kunj:leave from here Maa.Twinkle and Kunj went behind ammar.Ammar sit on bed and looking at twinkle and Kunj photos they went towards him. Ammar Listen to us once you are right please understand us.

Ammar:leave from here.

Twinkle:ammar please don’t do this.

Kunj:yes ammar she didn’t do anything I’m your culprit.She is your mamma na..

Ammar:please leave alone.they both went from there downstairs..

Twinkle:you tell this to ammar na now you are happy na.

Kunj:what why I’ll tell him twinkle you misunderstanding me I didn’t tell him anything..

Twinkle:now you are happy Kunj Sarna you wanted this only. But listen to me I’ll not give you ammar it’s my swear.

Kunj:acha even you too listen twinkle Taneja you force me too. What did you do taking my signature on papers in that clearly written I don’t have any relationship with ammar twinkle and others too get shocked. Don’t be shocked how I’ll come to know about this he throw paper on her face.You leave this your precious paper in office only due to this papers did you think you will separate my son from me. No at all I never thought you’ll stoop so low Twinkle Arey once tell me I Itself went away from you and ammar what’s the need of this.

Twinkle: yes I did I’ll not deny he is not your son get it. You don’t have any rights at him.

Kunj:now you wait and watch my rights. Till now I don’t want to do this but now I’ll too.When you use law for this even I’ll too use all laws to get back my son at any cost.You collide with Kunj Sarna don’t forget this twinkle Taneja apne bete ko toh me leke rahuga. And talking about you even you are my wife too still he held her hand.

Kunj: haq ki Baath karti hai na ab dekh kunj kya karta hai.. I’ll give you answer back in your language let see how you’ll went london with ammar. Biwi hai na Meri tu.

Twinkle: I’m not your wife anymore.

Kunj:don’t fly humhara divorce nahi hua hai Usha get confused.i know Maa you take twinkle signature on divorce papers and my too without let me know but I’m too smart I never submitted in court. My hook and by crook I’ll get you and my son back it’s promise of Kunj Sarna and you too do yourself best apna beta toh me leke rahuag Twinkle.I don’t want to do this and you force me today, in both the situation I’ll win..

Twinkle:did you think I’ll let you take my ammar.

Kunj:not only ammar if you try to take him away from me than I’ll too do same I don’t wanted son even want his mother.

Twinkle:court will not support you. When I tell them truth

Kunj:you stand on your truth and I on my power.Till now everyone take me very lightly if is my mother and others as well.

Respectfully this world get to know about my son and my mother type mouth will automatically shut up..

Twinkle:I’ll deny he is your son even ammar too.

Kunj:great na.Dekhte hai kesh ke pass ammar jata hai Tere pass yeh mere pass.

Twinkle:whatever. I’ll now give you divorce.

Kunj: and if I’ll not give you.

Usha:kunj leave her na see I find many girls for you and see maya she is better than this twinkle.

Kunj:bas MAA no more. I’m not interested in anyone ab toh mere bete ki maa hi will come with me at my house.

Twinkle:don’t see dream with open eyes.

Kunj:you open your eyes twinkle both show each other’s fingers.

Twinkle:even I’ll go see you how you take my baby Kunj Sarna.

Kunj:than get ready to see Kunj Sarna dhoka I didn’t like it.Let’s go from here maa.

Usha:mera pota..

Kunj:chalo yeha se miljaygea pota bhi first correct your tongue..he take usha from there.

Twinkle:me nahi dugi apna beta Kunj loudly she said.

Kunj:while going dekhte hai..everyone went from there.twinkle went in room and see ammar who was sitting having gloomy face.

Twinkle:ammar listen to mamma please.

Ammar:what I’ll listen mamma why you hide this truth from me..

Twinkle:ammar papa and mamma have some issues that’s why I’m going to tell you about papa soon.

Ammar:than where is dost..

Twinkle:ammar Listen to me once.I can’t give you papa please understand this. Your mamma and papa separated long back.Kunj try to calling ammar he didn’t pick up his call kunj crying lot.

Ammar:mamma why papa leave you us haa.

Twinkle:ammar you are very small for this.

Ammar:I’ll hate dost now.

Twinkle:no ammar don’t do this.We’ll went from here soon.Like this two days passed away Kunj try to talk to ammar while
ammar just ignoring maya tell ammar everything just filled ammar ears against kunj. Ammar playing outside Taneja Mansion Kunj see him and went towards ammar.

Kunj:ammar listen to me please.

Ammar:please leave me.. twinkle and other comes.You make my mamma cried lot I’ll not leave you.You call my papa bad woman twinkle and others get shocked how ammar come to know about this I’ll hate you Kunj Sarna I’ll never ever talk to you leave me you are world worst father. Kunj ground slipped totally.He didn’t believe on his ears and eyes what ammar speaking.Ammar throw stone at Kunj which hit on kunj forehead blood started oozing from his head.


Kunj: ammar please Listen to me I’m sorry for everything please don’t said this all things I love you lot you know this..

Ammar:if you love me than you didn’t leave me I stay this years without father you don’t know everyone making fun of me without father baby I m.I love you so much dost.when I come to know my dost is my papa I become so happy but never know what you have done with my mamma.He telling whatever comes in his mouth kunj bow down his eyes and head and went from there.

In side Taneja [email protected]

Twinkle: ammar this is the way to talk to someone he is elder than you haa and even he is your papa too.How dare you tell this all to him if I tell him anything it’s my right he didn’t do anything bad with you ammar whatever he did with his wife not your mother get it and from where you know about this all things who told you haa.

Ammar: woh maya aunty told me that papa did this all things with me and he throw me and you..

Twinkle:ammar this all isn’t true yes he did mistakes but he doesn’t know about you okay he didn’t hurt you.

Ammar:Phir dost Kyu nahi aaye..

Leela:ammar you cant understand this all you are very small.

Ammar:now what I’ll do I hurt dost lots

Twinkle:yes you hurt your dost lot. Never tell this all things to him it’s my and his matter you don’t come in this all till now you love him as a dost now too. Twinkle went from there to Sarna Mansion. Maya busy in manicure she immediately get up to see twinkle Usha was there even mahi or Bebe too.

Usha: you..

Twinkle:yes me here.You maya.She held her hand how dare you do this all who told you tell my son this all things haa.You filled his ears against kunjj haa doing same with my son what you and she doing with kunj. Don’t dare to do this again I’ll not leave you.

Maya:what wrong I did ammar said everything right to kunj as per your thinking kunj is bad husband and father as well.

Twinkle:I don’t need your ideas get it and if he is bad father or good father I’ll
decided you don’t need to think this.

Usha:aaj bada pyaar aarah hai Kunj par..

Twinkle:Chii what type of mother you are she is outsider but you are his mother he doing your worship still you doing this haa.

Mere pyaar ki chinta you don’t do.if I’ll show my love for kunj you’ll out of his life. She said and went from there.. Bebe get so happy.

Bebe:sunliya aache se..

Kunj was crying looking lifeless soul ammar each words echoing in his ears.He reached hospital and went inside.Nurse come and take kunj in room.Kunj wiped his tears and went ahead.See old lady sitting on wheel chairs. Kunj sit down and rest his head on her lap..

Kunj:today ammar called me bad father
Dadi.I didn’t do anything purposely why no one understand me dadi.Kunj raise his face and look at her she give him smile. She just blinking her eyes and playing with toys. Kunj smile to see her.What Tragedy

Happened to me I don’t know.I lost my everything.dadi you become like small baby and papa who can’t speak anything.

And minimaa went and leave me.First baby lost don’t where that baby lost till now finding that baby only.Minimaa few hours born someone stole it. My second part.and you are here.Kunj cupped her face dadi please help me.At least you tell me what happened and where that baby went.I can’t take you from here if anyone will get to know you are alive than that Purushottam and his daughter will get to know about you.I’m sure behind papa accident Purushottam behind right now he is behind bars but I can’t leave you too

Alone no one knows my dadi is alive. Expect me and yuvi or daee jaa.It’s so good that daee jaa see you in hospital everyone thought in that fire you die.

[email protected]@
Kunj and yuvi was 5 years old boys.Daee jaa and Kunj dadi Padmakshi Sarna.They all family members went to their farm house.Padmakshi see something suddenly fire come from kitchen everyone went outside only she left.Kunj and yuvi crying for her Manohar try to safe her but Usha didn’t let him go.

Kunj:dadi Maa.Papa..

Manohar:usha let me go please..

Usha:you’ll burn in this fire.everyone just seeing this all.Padmakshi run from behind door whole house blast everyone think she die in that fire Kunj totally break down just few days back he lost one more. While padmakshi run she get hurt lot.She were walking on road she bumped with car.Car left padmakshi lay on roads in blood.So one man see her and take her hospital her treatment starts she lost her memory and become kids she stay on bed can’t moved her whole body Paralyzed one day daee jaa was come in hospital there she her eyes went on Padmakshi she was hell shocked to see her.After that fire accident Usha throw daee jaa. Before meeting kunj some days before she saw padmakshi she can’t believe on her eyes that whom everyone thought she die but she is alive and she find all in formation about her get to know even Sarnas too don’t know about.She asked doctor who bring doctor that years back one man bring her here and he tell them do her treatment once in years he come to meet with her now he went Aboard.Nurse give her one paper that when she come in hospital this paper was in her pocket. Daee jaa read the paper and get shocked.

Save my dost if I’ll die than stay with my kunj.They are my behind us and now with me that fire not itself she fired. Daee jaa get shocked after this she didn’t tell anyone about her visit everyday to meet with her when she meet with kunj after 20years back she was shocked to see kunj he become so big she get sad come to know about kunj life.One day she tell kunj everything about his dadi even Kunj too in deep shocked whom they all

thought she die she is alive kunj went to hospital and see her condition curse his fortune.After that Kunj didn’t in formed any one about her she is alive someone try to kill her so he can’t take risk.Kunj shifted her in the best private hospital there only her treatment going no all best and special doctors he provide for his dadi. She getting fine but still mad her brain working like small baby.Flash back end.

Kunj:dadi now what I’ll do. Nurse come with medicine Kunj give her medicine. Doctor come for check up. Now how she is doctor.

Doctor:see kunj she is fine but her brain is still same.It’s great she started walking on her foots little bite one day she’ll all okay.

Kunj: what I’ll do more for her.

Doctor: Kunj take her at your home where her family will be around that brings her memories back at least let them see her if she see them maybe help her lot.

Kunj:Doctor you know why I kept her in under security.

Doctor:where she is we’ll too kunj.You have to took one step.Kunj think.may be your father see her and get fine.anything can happen kunj.Kunj kissed on her forehead and went from there.

Kunj sitting on his balcony just drinking. Aditi and yuvi come there kunj tell them

About this.

Yuvi: kunj if anything will happen to her.

Kunj: if that killer see dadi killer will reacted too Yuvi. And we are here with dadi na.

Aditi:kunj is right Yuvi.Manohar uncle will too get fine after her.

Yuvi: kunj we don’t know clearly what actually happened that night thanks to god your dadi is alive.

Kunj:Yuvi now feeling like leave everything just take my papa and dadi from here and went somewhere else.Today what twinkle did I’ll never forgive she let down me in ammar eyes here he was upset with me and clearly said he don’t want to meet with me.

Yuvi:kunj he is small baby leave about this think about this matter. They three of them drinking this all seen by twinkle from her room balcony feeling so bad to see this. She knows kunj hurt by ammar words. She went to ammar who busy in games twinkle take out box and sit beside ammar.

Twinkle:ammar you know this dress your papa give you when you are so small. Ammar see and give smile.

Ammar:But mehar aunty told me my friend give me when I was baby.This band too.

Twinkle:your kunj dost was that

Dost only ammar he only give you this band too.

Ammar:really dost was that man.

Twinkle:yes he loved you lot that time too

Ammar: I’ll apologize him.. I’m wrong..

Twinkle:indeed..,now come and sleep they

Both sleep.Next morning Yuvi and Kunj or Mahi and Romir went to gurudwara there Taneja’s too went ammar see kunj he too but ignore him he knows.Kunj and yuvi sitting.

Twinkle:you go and sorry to him..

Ammar:okay.Ammar went and kept his hand on kunj back shoulder Kunj turned and his face and see ammar.


Yuvi:kunj lets go..

Ammar:wait dost I wanted to talk to you.
Kunj see twinkle and others.Ammar hold his hand tightly.Whatever I tell you I’m sorry for my words I know I didn’t wrong whatever comes in my mind I told you dost didn’t think once when my dost love me this how can he try to hurt me.he held his both ears I M SORRY DOST.. tears falls down from ammar eyes kunj see and wiped and take his hands in his hand.

Kunj:it’s okay ammar I didn’t feel bad. Ammar touch kunj wound because of him. He hurt.don’t be sorry..I’m fine. Kunj get up and about to go..

Ammar:loudly papa…Kunj stop and others freeze and look at ammar.Kunj turned and look at ammar.Papaaaaaa.. Kunj went towards him and fall on his knees.

Kunj:what did you said ammar..

Ammar:’pa…pa.. tears dropping from kunj eyes even twinkle too.


Ammar:yes you are my papa..

Kunj:can you please once again. Ammar went closer to him. Ek bol aur Papa

Ammar:papaaaaaaaa so loudly.. he hugged kunj so tightly. I love you papa..🥰. Kunj hugged him back..


Ammar:yes my papa even I’ll too call you papa no more dost.Yuvi smiling.Ammar break the hug and wiped Kunj teardrops even you too didn’t look good with tears.

Papa.they joint their heads.Twinkle never thought ammar will call kunj papa.

Episode end on ammar and Kunj..


Hi everyone I know I’m late what to do you all know my problems so.I write just for you.Don’t know anything.leave errors please.So finally kunj dadi come.in front of you all. 

Think 🤔 more.. ammar get to know about his father and Kunj is only his papa.. first time he called kunj papa.. 

Bye love you all thanks for your supports and please pray for me. 

Allahafiz 😀

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