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Ishqbaaz 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye and Anika get locked

Ishqbaaz 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika get disturbed by the guard. Dadi and Nani check Shivaye and Anika in rooms, and think they are asleep. Anika asks why are you scared, its your guesthouse. Shivaye says yes, if I hide with any girl here, what will the security guard think. Guard says maybe I forgot to lock the door, if Shivaye knows this, he will be furious. He locks the door and goes. Anika says we shall go now. Shivaye checks and says I think he locked the door. Anika says if you don’t reach home, what will Dadi and Nani think, call the security guard. He thinks and says Ramlal. He says calm down, his shift time would have started. He calls him out.

Anika says what will we answer Dadi and Nani now, couldn’t you wait for a day, pole star, now stay there. He says you wanted me to tell you, you were asking

me, you couldn’t wait, let me think, I will call Khanna. She says don’t tell me that your phone isn’t with you. He says my phone isn’t with me. He says its more closer to you than your wife, now you don’t have it. He says yes, its precious to me, don’t come between me and my phone. She stares at him and asks is there any solution. He says we can’t fix it, lets do something if we are stuck here. He gets close. She pushes him and says I don’t want to talk to you. Its morning, Priyanka checks decorations. Omru also stay busy. Khanna says I will go and get pandit. Dadi asks him to hurry up. Dadi asks Gauri and Bhavya to make the bride ready. Sahil comes home and calls out Gauri. Gauri hugs him and asks how are you, you came late. He says VIPs always come late, where is Anika.

Gauri says she is sleeping, you have breakfast, she will come. Nani asks where are groom and bride, go and check on them. Nani and Dadi compliment each other. Gauri and Bhavya go to Anika. They find cushions under the sheets. Omru also find Shivaye missing. Rudra says Shivaye got stolen, I mean he disappeared. Om says poor Anika, what will she go through knowing her husband is lost. Omru talk that Shivaye is scared of marriage and went away. Gauri and Bhavya talk that Anika has run away being angry on Shivaye. Bhavya says Shivaye doesn’t even know that his bride had run away. Dadi asks Omru did Shivaye wake up. Omru say no. Nani asks did Anika wake up. Gauri worries. Shivaye and Anika wake up. Nani asks what are you doing here, where is Anika. Rudra says washroom. Nani asks so long? Om says Shivaye takes much time. Rudra says beauty bath…

Dadi asks them to make Shivaye ready. She goes. Bhavya asks Gauri to go downstairs, she will think of some solution. Om asks Rudra to go downstairs. Rudra says I can’t tell team Dulhan, else Anika will get heartbroken. Gauri says I can’t tell Team Dulha and find Anika. Rudra laughs and asks how is the preparations going on. She laughs and says great, Anika is getting ready. He says stop her, I mean Shivaye will take much time to get ready. She says we are not in a hurry, its great, we will find her. He says Shivaye is looking dashing. She says bride is also looking amazing. He says we will see. Dadi says you can see that later. Nani says get the groom and bride first. Dadi says pandit has come. Rudra and Gauri get worried. Anika tries to break the window.

Shivaye says its unbreakable, I know about it. She says at least this will break. He says no, that’s bullet proof. She says when you have made everything so luxurious, you should have hired a watchman for 24 hours, we would have not got stuck here. He says watchman works for shifts, this one left and other one is on leave. She says we won’t be present in our wedding this time. He says last time when we got married, it was just us and this time everyone is there except us. Rudra asks pandit about rituals. Nani asks why are you passing time with pandit, you can see rituals. Rudra says I was asking for knowledge. Pandit says I m the same pandit who got you married, we will be performing the same rituals. Gauri says I thought we will get more time, but pandit ended the talk. She says Nani wasn’t there at the time of your marriage, did you tell your and Bhavya’s love story. Rudra says good idea. He takes Nani and shares his love story.

He says five years ago…. FB shows Rudra’s car breaking down. He gets upset. Bhavya says the tyre is punctured, why are you so angry. He says I don’t know. She says when I met you for the first time, you were arrogant, spoilt and childish, but you had that cuteness, I don’t get to see the old Rudra now. He says yes, I changed, you know the reason. She says you are punishing yourself, don’t change yourself for someone else. He says you are crying for me. She says of course. He asks why. She says because you are stupid, and I m in love with this stupid. He says you are also stupid and I m in love with this stupid. They hug. Their marriage is seen. FB ends. Nani asks has your story ended? Gauri and Sahil clap for him.

Nani says now go and get Anika and Shivaye. Gauri says wait, we have enough time, you heard Bhavya and Rudra’s love story, its my turn to tell Om and my love story. Pandit says I have to go to other place, call the groom and bride. Dadi says yes. Gauri and Rudra stop her. Gauri says Om and I liked each other, everything changed after that incident, but one day…. FB shows Gauri colliding with Om. They hold the huge box. Om holds her hand. He thanks her for help. He says thanks for helping me in this difficult time, you are truly my best friend. She says I don’t regard you a friend, I have different feelings for you.

He stops her and says I understood, you didn’t complete the talk, I wonder if you have the same feelings, just answer yes or no, will you marry me. She says yes, marriage, but how can we marry in this situation. He says if I wait for this to change, our lives will end, I m just asking you, if you want to take the relation to next level, will you marry me, yes or no. She smiles. Gauri says Om proposed me for marriage and we got married. Om and Gauri’s marriage is seen. Saathiya….plays… FB ends. Dadi says its time for marriage ceremony, Shivaye and Anika’s story won’t start if your stories go on. Rudra asks Dadi to tell them about Dada and her romantic story. Dadi says I will start now. Nani stops her and says go and bring Shivaye. Dadi says yes, get Anika. Om says I have lost it, I m finding Shivaye inside the cupboard. Rudra says exactly, you should look for him under the bed. Om says you have lost it. Rudra says you asked me to steal Shivaye’s phone, if he had his phone, we would have tracked him. Om asks did I dream that Shivaye would run away from his marriage. Rudra says we will also run away, what do I do, Nani and Dadi are after me, from where do I bring Billu?

Dadi and Nani ask them to bring the groom and bride. The groom and the bride come downstairs. Dadi and Anika get shocked seeing two Shivaye-Anika pairs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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