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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Maanbai enters Salim’s life

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Salim and Jodha talking about Maan bai. He says she is your fav. she says she is your childhood friend. He says I will help you and go. He selects a necklace for Maanbai. She likes it. Afghan asks Mahabat what did you do to cheat Salim, that you got arrested, an enemy’s enemy is a friend, tell me. Mahabat fakes the story of his revenge for his dad’s death. Khanam says Mahabat is caught by Salim. Rukaiya looks on and says how can a big game end so easily. Mahabat says there is a secret way to leave from here, here are the keys, I will help you escape. Khanam asks what do you mean. Rukaiya says Mahabat can’t be a traitor. Mahabat attacks the guard and takes keys. She says why did Mahabat do this. Mahabat escapes with the men. Guards follow. Salim discusses the plans

with Akbar. He learns about Mahabat’s escape. Mahabat gets caught. Anarkali recalls Murad’s words and worries. She finds Husna crying.

Husna says Mahabat can’t be a traitor. Anarkali says I spoke to Salim, he won’t punish Mahabat, stop crying. She is called by Salim. She goes. Salim and Akbar see Mahabat and recall Salim’s plan to catch the real traitor by faking real one. Salim made Mahabat play the drama to catch the culprit. Akbar feels proud of Salim, who knows to cleverly catch the culprits. Rukaiya says Salim is in love and learn politics too. Khanam asks how do you feel that Mahabat is not a traitor, it means you know the real one. Rukaiya says he has proved that he has become capable now. She calls Murad there. Khanam says so the real thief is here.

Murad thinks the stamp is found, but I will get Anarkali tonight. He smiles. Anarkali comes to meet Salim. She thinks why is Salim so silent today. She goes to him. She gives his fav perfume. She gets shocked seeing Murad. He asks her why is she hurrying. She apologizes and turns to go. He stops her. He says I will give you a reward for mistake, why are you surprised, I have called you here. She says let me go.

Salim comes there and sees Anarkali with Murad. Murad says its good you have come, Anarkali got mistaken that its you here. Anarkali thinks I m hiding the truth, so that I don’t make brothers against. Murad goes. Salim says you are my life, we shall leave.

Bhagwan Das calls out Maanbai. He praises his daughter. Maanbai is riding a horse. Salim and Anarkali hug. He says you are my love and worship, I trust you, I know you won’t let anyone come between us. She promises. He says I trust you, promise we will trust each other always. She promises and hugs him.

Maanbai sees the palace. She says forgive me dad, I have come to Agra, you know I won’t be along anyone, I won’t listen to anyone. Salim and Anarkali leave the lanterns in the sky. They smile. Maanbai sees the lantern flying. She aims at the lantern and shoots the arrow. The lantern bursts and falls down. Salim and Anarkali get shocked. Maanbai smiles and removes the veil.

Salim and Anarkali’s story will have Maanbai’s entry. Maanbai gets ready to meet Salim. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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