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Chandragupta Maurya 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chanakya Rescues Chandragupta

Chandragupta Maurya 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta hidden in grocery chariot heads towards city’s main door with his friends driving chariot disguised as Magadh soldiers. Guard asks Stulbhadra what is taking outside. Stulbhadra says grocery for soldiers outside city. Guards check chariot and let it go. Chandragupta sees soldiers captivating teenage boys and their parents pleading to let them free. He asks his friends to meet him at their decided place while he returns after finishing a task. He joins teenagers. Soldier arrogantly asks who is he. Chandragupta says one who will change his fate now and trashing soldiers frees teenagers. Mahamartya Rakshas reaches there and is surprised seeing a single boy overpowering many soldiers. Chandragupta’s friends join him. Chandragupta asks why did they come here

instead of waiting at decided place. They say they decided to be together always and trash soldiers. Chandragupta asks them to go and wait for him and continues trashing soldiers. Mahamartya injures him and asks if he is the one who stole Dhananand’s effigy’s head. Chandragupta says he is deciding everything. Mahamartya says he will take him to Dhananand. Chandragupta says in his dreams. Mahamartya angrily attacks him. A chariot passes by, Chandragupta jumps on it and escapes. Chanakya drives chariot. Chandragupta thanks him for help. Chanakya shows Chandragupta’s mother’s bangle band and asks if it is his, turns and sees Chandragupta has already gone. Soldiers capture his friends and bring to Mahamartya. Mahamartya orders to throw them in prison.

Chandragupta reaches decided place and finds Dhananand’s golden head intact, but does not find his friends. His lady friend comes running and says soldiers took all his 3 friends. Chandragupta stands tensed and says if he melts this golden head as per his boss’s order, Dhananand will kill his friends and all teenagers.

Mahamartya throws Chandragupta’s friends in jail and brutally tortures them asking where is their friend. Dhananand’s foster mother/daayi maa enters saying she will not let Mahamartya torture these innocent boys and knows her foster son is very cruel. She frees them. Mahamartya says she is not doing right, he has to present these boys in front of Dhananand and walks away. Foster mother asks boys to run away with her before Mahamartya comes back, takes them out and shows 4 horses asking them to escape out of Magadh. They ask why 4 horses. She says one is for their friend and insists to tell their friend’s name so that she can inform him and send him out of Magadh. Boys are about to take Chandragupta’s name when Chandragupta’s mother Mura renters and stops boys saying Dhananand’s foster mother is as cruel as Dhananand, they should never tell their friend’s name. Foster mother orders soldiers to take back boys to prison and punishes Mura for alerting boys.

Next morning, boys and other teenagers are presented in front of Dhananand. Dhananand orders to call shatrani Mura and stars his jokergiri. He says Mura insulted him seeing his beheaded effigy, now she will see these boys beheaded and orders to behead boys. Soldier is about to behead Stulbhadra when Chandragupta enters banging plates dragging golden head box.

Precap: Chandragupta shows Dhananand’s golden head saying Dhananand will enjoy seeing this head than real cut heads. Dhananand asks who is he. Mahamartya says he is the one who stole golden head.

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