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Bigg Boss 12 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi nominates Jasleen, Dipika, Deepak, Romil and Megha

Bigg Boss 12 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 70
Jasleen says that she is upset with Surbhi about how unfair and cunning she has become, I am irritate with your behavior not sending me to jail. Surbhi says I have to look out for my friends. Jasleen says you have changed in house, Surbhi says I saved my friends, you can say anything.

Sree tells Jasleen and Dipika about the match-fixing charges against him. He says I couldnt sleep after jail, it was hot there. Dipika says what were the charges? Sree says they blamed me for match fixing of 10lacs, I didnt do it, there are no proofs but they sent me to jail.. he cries and says I was not at fault, it destroyed me, I fell in depression, if my kids play cricket then I cant even go to ground to watch. Dipika hugs him and says you are strong. Sree says no. Romil

and Megha join as Sreesanth completely breaks down. He recalls when he was removed from a cricket ground where a celebrity match was being played, as he was banned, I started crying there, I went to lobby but they asked me to leave ground completely, please leave, I was like okay dont worry, I was thrown from parking lot too and they said to never come to grounds.

Somi is talking to Rohit. Deepak comes there. Deepak says to Rohit that I saw Somi crying but I am hesitant to talk to her so I asked you to talk to her.

KV says to Somi that Dipika and Sree are weird, KV says Dipika is raising a child.

Somi and Jasleen talks. Surbhi says now people have rights to play game. Somi says are you taunting me? Surbhi says I didnt comment on you. Somi says I know everyone here.

Day 71
Inmates wake up to song dhoom machale. They all dance and enjoy.

Somi says to Dipika that Kamya commented that Deepak’s affection looks fake. Dipika says it looks fake from his side, Somi says I told him that I never gave him that kind of hints.
Surbhi asks Deepak if he is hurt? Deepak says Kamya called my affection fake.
Somi says to Dipika that if it looked like I got saved in charity then I dont want to be seen like that.

Surbhi says to KV and Rohit that I never liked Deepak, Romil and Somi down, I used to cheer them up but I noticed that when I was down, they never cared. Deepak says Romil said to sit with you as he thought you were down. Surbhi says I could say a lot of stuff against Romil, he talks in favor of Somi but behind her back, he calls her weak, this is all game for her, now he shows concern because of game too.

Jasleen is working in kitchen. Surbhi is washing dishes. Deepak says I will wash dishes. Bigg Boss asks Rohit to wear his mic. Surbhi says oh God. Surbhi calls Rohit and asks him to wash dishes as punishment. Rohit says I washed dishes last night. Rohit says I am not wearing mic, he starts washing dishes. Deepak sings around Rohit. Surbhi asks Deepak to not talk to him. Surbhi asks Rohit to wear his mic. Bigg Boss asks again. Rohit says I am not wearing mic. Romil says its your duty to make him wear mic otherwise we will be punishes. Surbhi says I am not his mom, I asked him but he is not wearing it. Surbhi says to Romil that I am not diplomatic like you, you called Somi weak against her back. Deepak says yes. Somi says to Romil that how can you say that for me? I am shocked. Romil laughs and says we were generally talking, I dont even remember it. Deepak says you said that Somi is a good person but weak contestant. Somi says to Surbhi why you didnt tell me before? Surbhi says Romil is fake, he taunted Jasleen about Anup too. Deepak says to Romil that you commented infront of Rohit. Rohit says yes, you called Somi weak. KV says this is not right. Romil says to KV to stay away from their argument. Deepak says I wanted to save Somi for my feelings but you said to save Somi as she is weak.
Dipika says to Sree that I am enjoying their argument.
Surbhi says Romil is fake, Romil asks her to shut up. They shout at each other.
Megha says to Dipika that Somi planned to go wild from this week.
Jasleen says to Romil that you said I wont be able to stay in this house more? who are you? Somi asks Romil to not say things about her.

Somi says my own friends are saying all that. Jasleen says I dont trust anyone here. Somi says all are like this here. Jasleen says only Surbhi, Romil and Deepak knows everything here. Somi says they three are same. Somi says you commented on me too. Surbhi says I commented on your face.

Romil says to Deepak that I was in Somi’s favor.
Surbhi says I just told Somi that she likes Deepak too and now she is miffed with me, now Romil, Deepak and Somi will reconcile. KV says that will be bad.

Romil says to Deepak that why you are fighting with everyone? Deepak says you call her friend and backbite her thats diplomacy.
Surbhi says to Megha that now Romil will say that Somi is weak contestant so dont spend time on her as she will leave.

Jasleen is getting ready. Deepak is wiping his eyes and looking in mirror. Jasleen asks if he is fine? He wipes his tears and says yes, I am fine. Jasleen says if you take part in all this conversation then it will come on you, you heard Romil calling Somi weak. Deepak says I took Somi’s name in top 6, I didnt agree with it, I will not let my feelings come inbetween, I sacrificed for her but not anymore, I will play my game now.

Dipika announces the LOC nomination task. The house is divided into two teams – Dipika Kakar Ibrahim, Jasleen Matharu, Deepak Thakur and Romil Chaudhary and Karanvir Bohra, Sreesanth, Somi Khan, Rohit Suchanti. Surbhi will name the people whom she wants to nominate this week. At the end of the game, an entire team will get nominated. There is line of control in garden area, there are bunkers of both teams, there will be bomb blasting and at that time, Surbhi will blast bunker of inmate which she wants to nominate, there will be 5 blasts, whole team at the end will be nominated and other team will be saved, Megha is already nominated, all inmates can convince Surbhi to save them.

Jasleen asks Deepak if Surbhi will save them or not? Deepak says Sree helped her in becoming captain, KV is her papa, Rohit is her friend too.. Romil, you are her enemies.

Jasleen says to Surbhi that please think before nominating, you know who is deserving. Surbhi says what B team have done? KV, Rohit and Sree dances. Blast plays, Surbhi says Rohit breaks rules, Dipika is puppet of truth. She nominates Jasleen for not having her arguments and is a weak performer

Romil says to Surbhi that I should get a chance, I am weak too, I am sorry for calling others weak, I was in different zone last week. Jasleen says I want to talk to you. Surbhi says you are already nominated.

Blast plays, Surbhi says I feel A team is trying a lot. She nominated Rohit for breaking rules.

Blast plays, Surbhi nominates Romil for calling others weak.

Surbhi says to Deepak that you are not going anywhere, Sree saved me so I can save him too, I think Somi is strong, Rohit and KV are on otherside, you just chill in this team and not go against other team.
Blast plays, Surbhi says I want to nominate Somi as she is a tough competition.

Deepak says to Romil that Surbhi is favoring their team. Romil says try to change her logic, dont agree with her like this.

Surbhi says to Dipika that KV is my friend and Sree is my favorite, he favored me too, I am just confused about you. Dipika says I spend time with you. Surbhi says connecting it with game is different, you dont strategize with me. Dipika says I dont like to discuss strategy with me.

Somi says to Surbhi that Jasleen and Dipika have guts to be strong but I did my 100%.
Romil says to Surbhi that you said you will save that team as you think Rohit and Somi will go, so you think they are weak? Surbhi says I didnt say that. Romil says you called them weak indirectly, you have made your mind already, you called them weak by saving them. Surbhi says you are going to be nominated. Romil says to Somi that Surbhi said to Deepak that she wants to save team A otherwise Somi or Rohit will leave. Jasleen asks Surbhi to be fair.
Deepak says to Romil that she said that Rohit and Somi are her friends. Surbhi says Romil thinks they are weak, you are a wanna be.
Blast plays, Surbhi says I will save whom I want. She nominates Dipika for playing good in task but less involved in house.

Bigg boss says nominations are done. Megha, Romil, Jasleen, Deepak and Dipika are nominated.

Surbhi says to Somi that I talked to Deepak that your team have my friends more. Deepak says you said that there are three celebrities there and 2 of your friends. Surbhi says Romil plays with emotions.

KV says to Deepak that Romil thinks you dont tell truth.
Dipika says to Sree that Surbhi said I dont talk to anyone other than Sree, she planned to be wild till 10 weeks and then become domestic.

Jasleen says Surbhi didnt even hear me out, she hates me. Surbhi says you are not worth it, hate is a big word, dont take everything negatively.

Dipika sits with Sree and says I will sit with you only now.

Romil says to Rohit that Deepak have kicked my back, Deepak kicked me for love, my respect is gone.

Surbhi says to Somi that you wouldnt listen to anyone against Romil.
Romil says to Rohit that I am very close to Somi.

Romil writes sorry on tissue and says sorry if I hurt you. He puts it on Somi’s bedside table.

Surbhi says to KV that Romil might be a good person but he is playing bad game, Somi took care of him so much.

Somi sees Romil’s sorry note.

Deepak says to KV that I had a burst out of last few days, Romil does diplomacy and makes me get cursed.

Somi turns Romil’s sorry note away. Romil says people dont care about emotions.

Somi is sitting in garden at night. Deepak goes to check on her. He asks Surbhi to check on her but dont talk about him.
Surbhi goes to Somi. Deepak runs away from her.

Somi is walking in garden. Romil says talk to me, I am sorry, you are my good friend. Somi says you called me weak? you dont exist for me, I dont want to talk to you.
Surbhi says to Deepak that you should clarify with Somi, Romil will talk her back.

Somi says to Romil that my friendship made me biased about you but thank you for letting me know your thoughts, bye. Romil says I will pray that you win this show, forgive me if you can.

PRECAP- Dipika says Surbhi is fake. Deepak says you people chose Surbhi as captain. Dipika says she is full of aggression. Romil says Surbhi is fake.
Surbhi says Romil keeps eyeing Somi badly and calls her sister? Romil says how low will she stoop? she pointed at our relation, he wipes his tears. Somi says eww.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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