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Good Morning My Lovely Readers

Thanks alot dear jasmine sia and silent readers

Recap- Adi drops zoya at wasim’s house for her peth phera rasam he plans to go to usa leaving  zoya in india

Anjana  is extremely  upset when she comes to know about this

Adi feels helpless

Roshnaq  brings food for zoya

Zoya is lost in her thoughts

Noor is continuously  teasing  her

Roshnaq -zoya beta is everything  fine

Zoya looks in her eyes

She hugs her

Roshnaq  gets worried

Noor too seems worried

Roshnaq -kya hua beta

Zoya-ammi everything  is so new n so different  so just that

Roshnaq -are u sure beta Everything  is fine ??

Zoya-yes ammi its just that I miss u all alot Ammi u know aditya was saying  if I wish I can stay here

Wasim comes

Wasim-no beta zoya no

Now that’s ur house thats ur family

Adi really loves n cares for u so he might  have said so par beta

Roshnaq  feels bad

Zoya-yes abuu u are right

I will  tell him to pick me up

Wasim hugs her

He smiles  evilly

Adi is shown booking  his flight tickets

Adi calls someone

Adi-see I told u i will return soon I cannot  stay without u more time

Guess what I havery booked next Sunday’s tickets

Adi-no no Dnt wry  she is not coming

Nobody  can come between u n me trust me

N guess what I will get ur favourite chocolates  so now pls cheer up

Love you

Adi smiles n ends call

His smile disappears

As he reads zoya’s msg

Zoya-Aditya pls come to pick me up in evening  I wish to return to hooda house

Adi’s pov-she is really unique  yaar i gave her such a wonderful  option n she wants to return back

Adi reaches siddqui house

Siddquis  emotionally say bye to zoya

Adi takes Roshnaq n wasim’s blessings  n leaves with zoya

Adi notices  while driving  that zoya seems upset

Adi-thats y I told u that stay back

Zoya-no problem  am fine It will take time I will get used to

Zoya-so u tell me ur work got done

Adi-actually  zoya I wanted ur help

Zoya (confused)-my help??

Adi-see zoya I need to urgently  return  back to usa lots of work pressure  n u too cannot get leave from hospital  n zoya ur visa formalities  will take time  I cannot wait that longer so I have booked my tickets am leaving  next sun for usa

U pls explain  ma this

U pls tell her u are OK with this Pls

Zoya is shocked

Zoya-But Aditya u didn’t  even ask me once

I could have taken leave n joined u

Adi-y do u need to bother zoya see u have ur career I have mine we should  focus on our careers

Zoya-Aditya  we are married now we need to be together

Adi-ohhh pls Zoya try n understand  I thought  u r a Dr u will be more practical  in ur approach

Zoya-Aditya  u could  have asked me atleast  once

Adi-see zoya I already told u i like living  my life my way I cannot ask every small thing I want to take my own decisions

Zoya (fighting  her tears)-This is not a small thing

Adi-pls yaar zoya pls try to understand

Zoya-I cannot Aditya pls tell me one thing if u wanted so much space why did u marry  me

Am observing  u Since yesterday  Aditya if u are so very uncomfortable  around me y did u marry me

Why Aditya why

Adi(getting frustrated )-see zoya I had my own reasons  I never wanted to get married  but i had to so……..


Tears fall from zoya’s  eyes

Zoya-means what u said in cafe was not a prank

Adi is unable  to speak

He nods

Zoya-pls stop the car


Zoya-pls stop car Aditya I need some time Pls

Adi-zoya are u fine

Zoya (firmly )-u need not bother u be comfortable  in ur space  I need to be alone

Adi stops car

Zoya rushes our

Adi cannot stop her

She walks away teareyed

Adi- i didn’t  wanted all this tamashaa

Zoya is hurt because  of me

Ohhh god


Zoya is walking

Adi’s words echo in her ears



Zoya is walking  in middle of road

She is lost

Adi gets worried  for zoya

He leaves to look out for her

Zoya dashes with a car

Yash comes out from car

He is shocked  to see zoya in this state

He brings her to his home

He shows her printouts

Zoya is shattered

Yash-wasim uncle said u knew about this

Zoya-I was clueless  yash

How could  everyone play with my life

Maa knew about this

Zoya leaves in anger

Yash tries to stop her

Zoya shows printouts  to Anjana

Anjana  is shocked

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