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Agnifera 26th November 2018 Written Episode : Devi’s Adamancy to Force Kishen To Accept Sakshi As Wife

Agnifera 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kishen’s family ladies sit sadlly after Sakshi’s tricks and marries Kishen. Chachi says someone’s bad eyes are on our family that they are facing such a situation. KD brings snacks for them and asks to have someone. Revathi says she cannot believe her one granddaughter ruined another granddaughter’s life, she will never forgive Sakshi for her heinous act. Devi says whatever it is, Sakshi is her bahu now. Chachi asks how can she go against her own son and ruin his life. KD shouts to stop and says Sakshi and Agni took 50% pheras each with Kishen, so they both are his wives now. Chachi says sautan.. Devi asks maid to take her from there. Maid pulls wheelchair towards Kishen’s room. Devi sees Sakshi sitting outside Kishen’s room and asks why is she sitting here.

Sakshi says Kishen did not let her in. Devi asks to follow her and asks her to get into Kishen’s room. Kishen looking at his and Agni’s name shouts to stop, she does not have any place in his room. Devi says from now onwards, Sakshi has equal rights on his room and asks Sakshi to walk in. Sakshi walks in.

Kishen warns Sakshi to stay away from him. Agni walks in and warns Sakshi that she is Kishen’s love and wife. Sakshi says she took 50% pheras each and his wife, she has already trapped Devi in her drama, Devi will help her get Kishen. Kishen angrily leaves.

Next morning, Yashi searches Kishen and asks Devi if she saw Kishen, he did not return home since last night. Devi asks in surprise. Kishen returns. Devi asks where did he go without informing his mother, why did not he think about Sakshi. Kishen angrily leaves. Yashi confronts Devi and asks can’t she see their son is in pain, how can she herself inflict pain to her son. Devi yells she is Kishen’s biological mother and knows his pain better than Yashi who is just his foster moster. Yashi walks away shattered. Husband confronts Devi and asks what happened to her, did not she know about Yashi’s sacrifice, he married Yashi on Devi’s insistence to get a mother for Kishen, Yashi sacrificed her motherhood and did not bear her own children for Kishen; she washed away Yashi’s sacrifice so easily. Devi just sits on her chair and sits deaf eared.

Kishen walks to his room and sees Agni sleeping on 1 sofa and Sakshi on the other. He angrily throws water on Sakshi. Sakshi wakes up and carves Kishen and her name on cupboard and says soon Kishen will accept her as h is wife. Kishen says what about love, nobody can take Agni’s place in his life. Sakshi determines to replace herself in Agni’s place soon.

Precap: Revathi asks Agni to perform post-wedding kitchen rituals. Yashi backs Revathi. Devi asks Yashi to give grocery room keys to Sakshi as she will perform post-wedding rituals.

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