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Mere Sai 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Ganpat ji experiences Dattatre in Sai

Mere Sai 26th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Chandorkar ji explains who Sai is to the villagers to Ganpat Ram. Ganpat ji says I know you respect the law and you yourself are working for the Government. I am bound by the rules. Keshav objects. Kulkarni Sarkar isn’t pleased to see him there. Ganpat ji says I cannot fall in your emotions. Also, I cannot see God in a so called human being. Villagers stay put. Ganpat ji asks the constables to step forward. Keshav, Tatya, Udhav and Govinda stand in front of the villagers and form a human chain. Ganpat ji says violence will be rewarded with violence only. Keshav says Sai hasn’t taught us to be violent but he has taught us to stand firm when we are true. You must step over us if you want to find Sai. All men and kids lie down on the ground to block the way. Kulkarni Sarkar turns to Ganpat ji. I am sure by now you would have understood all that I have had to bear till date. Ganpat ji tells Chandorkar ji to talk sense to them. I may go back today but I will return with a bigger force next time. They will be seen in jail next time. Tatya says we are ready to die for Sai’s sake.

Baizama adds that God decides what’s right and wrong but does law not care about what these people are saying. Will law accept only one person’s statement? Ganpat ji tells her to let them go to Dwarkamai if they are so confident. Why worry when you know he hasn’t done anything? Your revolt is a proof that your faith in Sai is shallow! Baizama recalls Sai’s words about her blessings to Sai which is a shield for him. She asks everyone to step aside. Don’t stop them. Let them go to Dwarkamai. Everyone looks at her in confusion but Baizama says we believe that whatever Sai does is his acts. This is the same kind then. It will end up benefitting someone eventually. Villagers make way for Ganpat ji. Everyone heads to Dwarkamai except Baizama and Appa Kote. Appa asks Baizama if she wont come. She shares that Sai asked her to cook something for him. I am positive that he will come. Appa nods and heads to Dwarkamai while she goes home.

Ganpat ji feels dizzy. Kulkarni Sarkar tries to feed him water but Ganpat ji refuses to eat anything till he visits Dattatre’s temple. Kulkarni Sarkar is concerned about his health. Ganpat ji assures him he is fine now. They all reach Dwarkami but Sai is not there. Kulkarni Sarkar says he couldn’t face his truth and ran away. Keshav disagrees. Sai never runs from anything. Kulkarni Sarkar asks him where he is hiding then. He would have been present here if he wanted to prove his innocence. Mhalsapati tells him to look inside before saying anything against Sai. If we start talking then someone else would be arrested in Sai’s place here. Kulkarni Sarkar fuels Ganpat ji again. I told you they are aggressive. They are trying to threaten me in your presence. Ganpat ji feels dizzy again. Appa and Santa hold him. Someone tries to explain Sai’s stance but Ganpat ji insists that he is only following the orders. He orders the constables to spread in town and arrest Sai.

A girl asks the elders if they will really arrest Sai. They all start thinking of their connection with Sai and everything that he has done for them. Mhalsapati says Sai has been our shield till date. It is our turn now. Come with me. Everyone nods and follows him.

Ganpat ji sends his teams in different directions and the villagers divide themselves in different groups as well. Kulkarni Sarkar wonders if Sai ran away for real. Ganpat ji says he wont be able to go far. No one is able to find Sai anywhere.

Veenu’s sister (Kunda) requests few villagers to help her but they refuse to help her. Vasundhara is putting cold water strips on Veenu’s head. Kunda returns home. Vasundhara asks Kunda if she could find some help. Kunda looks at her sadly.

Ganpat ji is exhausted. Constables ask him to eat something. This stubbornness will make you ill. Ganpat ji calls it a rule. I haven’t eaten anything since childhood with the hope that seeing my dedication, he will come in front of me one day.

Kulkarni Sarkar threatens Santa and Banta to find Sai asap. He notices a kid running excitedly and follows him. The kid informs Mhalsapati where Sai is. Kulkarni Sarkar has overheard their convo. He shares Sai’s location with Ganpat ji. One constable holds him to help him walk.

Villagers chant Om Sai Ram as they stand near a tree. Kulkarni Sarkar is eager to see Sai’s doom. Sai steps in front of the tree. Kulkarni Sarkar and Ganpat ji come there with police. Kulkarni Sarkar points at Sai. That’s your culprit. Arrest him. Ganpat ji looks at Sai weakly. He holds out a pair of handcuffs and starts walking towards Sai. He is feeling dizzy again. Two constables hold him right in time. Sai tells Bheema to sprinkle water on Ganpat ji. Kulkarni Sarkar wonders if that’s all that police could manage to send. Sai sends Chandu to bring milk. Santa asks Kulkarni Sarkar how this Fakir can give orders when he is around. Kulkarni Sarkar says he has been accused of stealing. He will be back in few months but he will spend his entire life in jail if something happens to this constable under Sai’s tutelage. He wont accept anything from Sai and he also has diabetes. Santa Banta get impressed.

Ganpat ji wakes up. Chandu offers him milk but Ganpat ji refuses again.

Kunda is rubbing Veenu’s hands. Vasundhara looks at the empty bowl of milk. How to wake up Veenu? I have nothing to give to him. She prays to Sai. She takes a handful of incense ash and prays that it gets the strength of his udi. She mixes it in water and feeds Veenu. He opens his eyes right then. His sister and mother are thrilled to see him thus. Om Sai plays. Vasundhara hugs him. She thanks Sai.

Sai asks Ganpat ji how his Guru Dattatre will be happy to see him hungry. He sits under the tree. Ganpat ji looks in Sai’s direction and sees Dattatre instead of Sai. He gets overwhelmed and folds his hands in reverence as he stands up. Kulkarni Sarkar’s eyes widen in shock / confusion. Om Sai plays. Villagers are equally surprised to see Ganpat ji walking towards Sai with folded hands. Ganpat ji touches Sai’s feet. Sai makes him sit next to him and feeds him milk. Villagers fold their hands as well. Sai wipes Ganpat ji’s tears.

Precap: Ganpat ji is having a meal with Sai at Dwarkamai. He requests Sai to come to court with him. You only have to give a statement. Sai says why worry when Ram ji is there. Ganpat ji asks Chandorkar ji to explain to Sai. Chandorkar ji advises him to explain the situation to the government. Ask them to settle a special kind of court to conduct the hearing here only.

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