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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber brings Guneet early after pagphera ritual

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 26th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Nia that he feels that he will get promotion and tells that there are many changes in the company and tells that he feels that his name is in the list. Nia looks on. Kabir asks her to smile. Nia smiles. Kabir tells that when I get promotion, then we all will go on trip. RB comes and tells that Nia had already taken a break due to the marriage. Kabir says you only used to say that one shall balance between personal and professional lives. They both argue. Nia says I can take my own decisions. RB says ok. Kabir leaves from there.

Guneet tells Amber that her mom feels that she got married to 50 years old man, but actually she got married to 5 years old boy. Dr. Pandey comes and calls Amber there. They argue. Nia asks what is this? Dr. Pandey says I am Guneet’s brother and asks him to call his sister. Amber asks him to call himself. Dr. Pandey calls Guneet and she comes there with her trolley. He says he came to take her for pagphera. Nia asks if there is any rasam and tells that she has become saas for the first time. Guneet says I am becoming bahu for the first time. Dr. Pandey asks Amber if nothing happened rather than gas production. Amber says no and asks him not to laugh at his badluck. Amber asks Nia and Dr. Pandey to go to side till he talks to Guneet. He asks Guneet not to go. She tells that she will be back tomorrow and they will get some time to stay again. Nia and Dr. Pandey sings song.

Guneet comes out. Pammi is waiting for her. Amber tells that Pammi was willing to see her daughter married and now taking her back in the name of pagphera. Pammi says my daughter is looking happy. Amber says she is prospering here, else she was upset there. Nia asks her to send her soon. Pammi says she will send her when she wants. Nia tells that she is Guneet’s mother in law and says not more than a day, and says it is your saas’s order. Everyone laughs. Pammi says she is a good saas. Pammi does Guneet’s aarti. Nia asks her to come fast. Guneet gives her flying kiss…Nia catches it.

Later Nia calls Kajal and tells that what Kabir will feel when he comes to know that RB sir is buying Wenet. Kajal says yes. Nia says how he will feel when I become his boss. She tells that they come to help me whenever I need help Kajal says there is a problem. Nia says she doesn’t love Kabir as Swara is in his life. Kajal says this chapter is not over.

Later Amber hears sad songs and gets upset. Bhakti asks what to make with the bittergourd. Amber asks her to make whatever she wants and says today is your test. Bhakti asks are you fine and asks did you get some illness? Amber says my treatment will be done when she returns home. She asks him to do it then? Amber gets up to get Guneet back.

Swara comes to Kabir and tells that she brought home made food for them. She tells that she has cooked for the first time and this is the really amazing. She tells that mom called and asks when we are getting engagement? She tells that she is not pressurizing him and tells that they shall think about it. She says when we are committed then it is natural. She makes him eat food.

Amber and Nia come to Pammi’s house to take Guneet from there. Pammi tells that pagphera means she will be here for 2 nights. Amber says he wants to be with her all her life. Nia asks her to agree and do the aarti. Pammi tells that she has done it already. Lovely Bua tells that she has to go to her home. Pammi says she will also come. Lovely Bua tells that Indrajeet and his wife are coming from London, I can’t tell them that I have no place in house. Pammi says so you are refusing me and says where will I go then? She says I will shift to Amber’s house. Amber tells that it is his house and she can’t come and stay in his house. Pammi says you will take me when you get 1-2 kids. Amber asks whose kids. Nia takes him from there. Guneet tells Pammi that he has done limit.

Amber, Guneet and Nia come back home. Amber says you should have told me that your mom is coming here. Guneet says Lovely Bua changed the plan. Amber says I have no problem, but she would have come after 2 months. Guneet asks Nia where will my mother go? Nia asks them to spare her and goes. Amber tells that he is still her father and asks her to say. Guneet asks her to go.

Later, Nia shares with Kabir about Guneet and Amber’s argument over Pammi. She says she thinks she has to drive this three wheeler. Kabir asks her to let them drive it alone and learn from their mistakes. He sees Swara and gets tensed. Nia asks him to tell what happened and tells that she knows about his mood swings. Kabir says there is nothing to share now and ends the call. Nia gets tensed.

Precap: Pammi tells Guneet and Amber that she has to shift there today itself. She tells that she wants room on the ground floor. Amber says it is of Nia and refuses to give. Later Guneet calls Nia to speak to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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