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Love after arrange marriage Ep-6- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-6- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

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Episode starts with..,

It’s Dussehra. Daadi calls everyone and says,” Chanchal and Aryan , you both will wear Pink clothes, and Vansh and Riddhima will wear Red.” Chanchal questions,”But why ?? Is it necessary to wear the same you told?” “Yes,It’s our ritual”, said Daadi.” Vansh asks,”Which ritual?” Daadi answers,”According to the ritual, the newly wed couple wears Red or Pink color on their 1st Vijaydashmi , here, we have two-two newly wed couples .., so” “But daadi, why not us red?” questions Aryan. Daadi replies,”Because, Vansh handles the business , so he will wear red as red color indicates sacrifice, which Vansh has done to his health for work.” Aryan says,”But I…” Daadi says,”No ifs and buts, go get ready everyone.” Riddhima is having two options in red..,so she asks Vansh that what should she wear. Vansh says,”Its your wish.” Riddhima says,”I am confused, please tell.” Vansh says,”How can I ??” Riddhima replies,”You are my husband , so you will only tell.” Vansh points to the cloth that he wants Riddhima to wear. But Riddhima selects another one and says,”Ok , I will wear this one.” Vansh gets surprised and asks,”But I selected that one..” Riddhima says,”You only told, its my wish.., so ”  Vansh leaves in anger. Riddhima smiles. Daadi calls all for rasam of Vijaydashmi . Daadi says,”Chanchal ,you apply Vijay tilak to Aryan and Riddhima you apply to Vansh.” They both nod yes. Riddhima’s holding thaali of samgri needed for Vijay tilak. She applies it to Vansh and does aarti. She feeds sweets to him. They both look at each other and Vansh coughs. Riddhima takes water and gives to him. He notices Riddhima wearing the same dress that he pointed to . He moves Riddhima aside and says,”This was the dress I told you to wear, then you refuse and selected another , now you are wearing the dress I told to, Why so?” Riddhima replies,”I have listened that we should agree husband’s on Vijaydashmi.” Vansh says,”Interesting, Very Interesting.! Daadi says,”The newly wed couple burns the Ravana’s idol. But we have 2-2 , so now there will be a competition between the two’s. Both the couple have to see into each other’s eyes , without blinking , if one blinks will lose .” Both the couples look at each other . Aryan blinks . Daadi announces Riddhima and Vansh as the winner . They smile looking at each other . Riddhima takes teer-kamaan and gives it to Vansh. Vansh says,”Riddhima, you also hold it.” Riddhima says,”I am afraid of fire.” Vansh laughs . He takes Riddhima’s hand and makes her hold teer-kamaan . They lighten Ravana’s idol. Everyone eats Jalebi and then goes to their rooms and sleep.

Next day , Riddhima wakes up and doesn’t sees Vansh around . She says,”Vansh, Vansh , Where are you.??” Vansh comes and says,”Oh! someone called me , I think she cares for me .” Riddhima shies and replies,”Are you a small kid ?? Why will I care for you ??” Vansh says,”I know , I know.” He says,”All are going for  trip except me .” Riddhima says,”I am also not going.” “But why?” says Vansh . Riddhima replies,”What will I do there ??” Vansh says,” Enjoy there.” Riddhima nods no. Everybody leaves for the trip. Vansh says,”Riddhima my meeting’s there, so I am going, you lock the house from inside.” Riddhima says,”Ok, Take care.” Riddhima’s alone at home. She thoughts of roaming whole mansion. She locks the door. While she’s roaming, saws a door , she enters inside , there she saws many pics of hers . She gets surprised and thinks,”Why are my so much pictures here??” She then sees a diary. She opens it and sees written Riddhima-my love . The diary has the memories she and Vansh has till now . She reads them all . At the end of every page , its written Love you Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania.She gets surprised. She thoughts ,” Vansh loves me , did I love him??” She says,”Yes !! I also love him.” She decides to give surprise to Vansh. Vansh’s call comes. Vansh says,” Riddhima, you know I cracked a deal , I am coming home.” Riddhima gets happy and says,”Come soon, a surprise’s waiting for you.” Riddhima cuts the call.

Precap: Vansh comes inside and goes to his room . He is surprised to see it decorated, his eyes goes on Riddhima who’s looking stunning. 

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