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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 4: Riddhima misunderstands Kabir as Vansh.

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The episode starts as…..

Aryan asks Riddhima, “What happened? You seem upset, is everything okay?” Riddhima nods No. Sejal goes to freshen up. Aryan then leaves to go to his house. Riddhima reads the questionnaire and answers given by Vansh. Riddhima and Sejal go to sleep after having dinner.

The next day, Riddhima leaves the house at 10 in the morning and finds Aryan waiting outside for her. She asks him, “What happened? You here?” He replies,“I knew you would go out today and thought of helping you on your way. I know you were upset yesterday because you missed the opportunity to meet Vansh. So thought of going out with you and cheer you. Come on, where to go?” Riddhima feels happy as Aryan cares for her. She says, “I need to buy some flowers to decorate my room so, would want to go to a flower shop.” After this Aryan and Riddhima leave in Aryan’s car. They reach a flower shop. Aryan get’s a call from his Dad, he leaves to answer the call and asks Riddhima to go and choose the flowers which she wants.” Riddhima walks ahead. She’s about to trip when someone holds her. It was Kabir. He holds Riddhima. Riddhima had closed her eyes since she was scared but she realises someone saved her and she opened her eyes. She said, “Thank you.” The very next moment Kabir drops her down and starts laughing. She gets angry, she stands up and slaps him for misbehaving with her. Kabir gets angry and says, “Do you know who I am? I am Vansh Raisinghania’s………” Riddhima slaps him again and says,“ I don’t care who you are. If you wanted to watch me fall, why did you save me? Just get lost.” She leaves from there and recalls his words as she enters the flower shop. She receives a message from Aryan which reads, “ I am sorry Riddhu. I need to leave for an urgent meeting. Or else I would have stayed. I am really Sorry.” Riddhima messages him saying it’s okay and continues with her work. She selects some flowers and comes back home and finds her room already well decorated with fairy lights and flowers. It was a surprise planned by Aryan. She gets happy but then again her face gets sad. Aryan questions her, “Aren’t you happy? I did all this for you to smile so what happened?” Riddhima says, “No Aryan, I am happy that you did all this for me. But I am angry on Vansh Raisinghania. I wonder how come Sejal found him down to Earth?” Aryan asks her, “Did you meet him? What happened, tell me.” Riddhima dictates the morning incident and adds, “ I don’t want to plan an event for him. I am going to cancel this event. Let him search for someone else.” But then Aryan says, “ No Riddhima, please don’t do it. Even you know how excited Sejal is to plan this event. She’s been head over heels to plan this event. If you cancel it she would get upset. Don’t cancel it atleast for Sejal’s sake. And Riddhu people behave differently with different people. The way I plan more surprises for you rather than for Sejal. The same way he may be too good with Sejal but he wasn’t with you. And Riddhu you don’t have to live with him forever so just ignore him.” Riddhima agrees with Aryan and says, “ Alright! I will do it for Sejal.” Aryan then gives Riddhima a sketch of both of them together and says, “ Here. Isn’t it wonderful? I specially asked the sketch artist to make this for you.” Riddhima says she would frame it later and suddenly she notices another sketch in Aryan’s bag. She distracts Aryan and gets the sketch out from the bag. It was Ishani’s sketch. She pats him on his head while Aryan blushes. She asks him,“Do you really like her?” He says, “No!…….. I am in love with her. The moment I seen her for the first time feeding stray dogs I fell in love with her.” Riddhima prays in mind that Aryan should get Ishani in his life as she has never seen Aryan being serious for any other girl like this.

The day goes smoothly.

It’s 11 in the night Vansh leaves his house but suddenly Ishani calls him, “Vansh Bhai, where are you going at this hour?” Vansh says that he’s going for a walk and leaves the house without even giving a second look. Riddhima also isn’t feeling sleepy so she goes to Sejal’s room and finds her sleeping. She doesn’t bother to disturb her as she knows Sejal had a tough day. She decides to go for walk alone. She’s walking alone on a stranded road when suddenly she notices some goons chasing her. She starts walking faster. Her foot trips over a rock and she bends down as she’s scared. Somebody helds her. She keeps her eyes closed as she feels the goons caught her. She gathers courage to open her eyes. When she opens her eyes she finds Vansh, it was him who had held her. He notices the goons behind her. He makes her stand behind him and fights them. They run away. Riddhima notices a slit on his wrist and ties her handkerchief to his wrist to stop the blood flow. She says, “Thank you so much. If you wouldn’t have helped me I don’t know how would I have overcome this.” Vansh replies, “ No worries! It was my duty. I respect women and any man who respects women would have done the same thing. Riddhima gets impressed by his words. He later asks, “Night walk?” Riddhima nods yes and asks him if he would join her since she’s alone and no one’s there to accompany her today.

He agrees. They walk down the lane. While Riddhima says, “ Ohh! I am so stupid, I directly asked you for walk but couldn’t ask your name and neither did I introduce myself. I am Riddhima. And you?” Vansh laughs and says, “Well. You are stupid.” Riddima makes a sad face and then starts laughing, she later adds, “ Now atleast say your name.” Vansh says, “You are too curious to know my name. Fine. I will end your curiosity. My name is” He gets a call and tells Riddhima that he will answer this and come. He goes to answer the call. When he comes back to Riddhima he finds her missing. He wonders where’s she.

Precap: Riddhima asks Aryan the reason for crying.Riddhima is shocked.Vansh reaches home and goes to his room. Sia comes to his room and notices him smiling.

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