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Indiawaali Maa 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Meenu vents anger on Cheenu

Indiawaali Maa 26th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshay saying I have come to ask your reply. Cheenu says I didn’t decide anything, Rohan is the father of the child and I love him. He says fine, decide it and tell me, there is a big conference tomorrow, I want your help to decide my clothes. She says seriously, you don’t need my help. He says you got your soul mate, you can help me. She says I have to go and meet Kaku, fine I will come for some time. Cheenu calls Rohan and says I m coming to office to meet Kaku, sonography is done. He asks how will you come, its all mess. She says Kaku is also there, I will come. He says mum can always handle. She says you didn’t show your office to me, I will need some time, I m going with Akshay for shopping.

Rohan goes inside and sees the crates. He sees Kaku sitting in pain. He asks what happened. Sagar asks what happened. Kaku says my knee got hurt, I was trying to get the cylinder. He asks couldn’t you wait. She says the other shopkeeper asked me to move the stuff. He helps her and feeds her water. She gets Hasmukh’s call. He asks where were you. She says I was busy.

He asks did you break your fast. Rohan looks on. She says yes. Rohan asks did you keep a fast. Hasmukh says you look weak today. She asks why do you say this, break the fast, eat the food, I have to see. He says fine. Rohan gets bananas for her. Kaku says Rohan arranges everything for me, you show me your plate. Hasmukh shows the fruits. Rohan goes to get more fruits. She asks Sagar to check the challan, she has signed it. He clicks pic and says its for proof, it will be safe in phone, bills get misplaced. Hasmukh alls again. He says I forgot to show you the temple. She cries and says you have beautifully decorated it. She keeps the phone aside. Rohan gets more fruits for her.

He asks since when do you have this pain. She says its since two years. Hasmukh hears them on call. Kaku says I couldn’t bear the pain, it gets stiff, I m scared of operation. Kaku’s phone battery gets dead. The call gets off. Hasmukh says she was lifting cylinder.

She says battery is dead, put it on charging, Cheenu would be coming, she didn’t come yet. Rohan says she will come, she has other imp work also. Cheenu asks Akshay to hurry up, Rohan and Kaku are waiting. Vasu calls Cheenu and says come home soon, Meenu is locked in the room. Akshay asks what happened. Cheenu says Meenu….

Rohan says your phone got charged. He asks Sagar about papers. Sagar says he will send it soon. Kaku says you mean that you didn’t get any legal documents. Sagar says you mean something is wrong, Rohan was always in mess, I always helped him, you are doubting me. Rohan asks her not to worry, Sagar is his friend. Sagar goes away. Kaku says I didn’t doubt on him, its about legal documents.

Rohan calls Cheenu. Cheenu leaves her phone in the car. She comes home and goes to see Meenu. Akshay and Cheenu call out Meenu. Meenu smiles and opens the door. She asks Akshay to come. Cheenu asks why did you shut the door, Appa was unwell. Meenu says you don’t talk to me like this, everyone is unfair with me because of your mistakes, you came to show fake concern, go back home, why did you come here.

She scolds Cheenu. Appa says you ruined this house peace, do you like this, my daughters’ lives got damaged, I m an unlucky father. Cheenu cries and goes. Akshay goes after Cheenu. Cheenu says I have to collect my sonography reports, I m not useless, I will prove it now. Akshay says yes, you will, what do you want to do now. Rohan calls her again. Cheenu says I will do the job. Akshay asks are you sure. She says 100 percent. Akshay says amazing, you won’t regret this. She thanks him. He smiles.

Kaku gets Hasmukh’s call. Rohan goes out. Hasmukh says your knee pain have a problem, your phone got off, Rohan’s phone wasn’t connecting. She says I m fine, who told you. He says you are lying to me now, the call didn’t get disconnected, tell me. Rohan comes. Kaku says nothing, I lifted something by mistake. Hasmukh asks what did you lift. She says gas cylinder, my knee got hurt. Hasmukh scolds her. He says I will come there to help Rohan. She says calm down. He says give phone to Rohan. She says I have this knee pain since years, no need to worry for me. He says the day I stop worrying for you, don’t say that I don’t care for you. Rohan looks on.

Hasmukh scolds Rohan over Kaku’s knee pain.

Update Credit to: Amena

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