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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu and his family lie big infront of Bindu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Happu asking Rajjo what to do with Malaika. Chamchi says Didi has not having any of your qualities else it would have benefit you. Rajjo says it is not easy to convince her. Ranbir says we shall send her somewhere. Rajjo says she will not go anywhere. Chamchi says she has an idea. Happu asks her to say. chamchi says we shall tie Malaika’s hands and feet and put cloth in her mouth and keep her in the room locked. Rajjo asks Happu to see what Chamchi is learning. She gets an idea when Happu asks Ranbir to close his mouth. She shares her plan with them. In the morning, Happu asks Malaika to pick up the newspaper and give to him. Malaika gives the newspaper to Happu and asks why everyone is looking at me. Happu reads and tells that the rules got strict to join Haryana Police. Malaika says I can do anything. Happu reads that one needs to keep their mouth shut for 5 days and shall not tell anything by signing. Rajjo says my daughter can do this. Chamchi says she believes Malaika. Rajjo says my daughter will not say anything for 50 days and challenges Happu. Malaika says I can do anything to join Haryana Police. She swears to keep maun vrat for 5 days.

Kamlesh and Kat come outside the college. Kamlesh tells that he wants to become an actor. Kat tells that my Papa told that he will beat you one day. Kamlesh tells that when he becomes actor, then he will be on everyone’s TV. Kat says it is not easy as people struggles a lot. She asks him to do acting infront of Happu’s rich friend so that he can get acting chance.

Happu, Rajjo and their kids get ready. Chamchi asks what gift, your friend will bring? Happu scolds him. Bindu comes there and greets Happu. Kids, Rajjo lie big infront of Bindu. Happu says he has become commissioner. Bindu asks when? Happu says few days back. Bindu asks why Malaika is sad? Happu says she wants to work for Haryana police. He takes Bindu inside. They all continue their lie. Malaika thinks she will see until when he will bear it. Chamchi asks Rajjo about her necklace. Rajjo says it is brought for 5 crores. She tells Bindu that she is making food after many years as her food is brought from England daily. Happu continues his lies. Ranbir tells that he had lost his gold chain. Happu says it was of 80 lakhs and tells that he will book another watch for him. Chamchi asks him to buy gift from America. Happu says let the shops open there, then I will get it. Rajjo tells that she has ordered a dish from Poland and asks Bindu to taste. He gets surprised. Happu continues with his lies.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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