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Falling In Love Again @Riansh #1 A Breakup Connection

Hello guys I am an ardent reader of immj2 ffs but I ran out of them. But, I wasn’t done with Riansh so I decided to write. This is my 1st ff and my first post. Plz comment and tell me if it was good.


As the sun rose, the rays of sun falling on her, she started waking up.

Just then, the ‘Sejal’ alarm went “WAKE UP RIDZ!! WE GOT LATE!! IT’S 6 AM ALREADY!!!”

To this, Riddhima sleepily replied, “I love you, too”

Sejal (irritated): WAKE UP!! We’ve got work, and today we have to plan a surprise birthday party remember? It’s Sia’s BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!

Riddhima (now awake): Oh! YA! Thank GOD you reminded me! I almost forgot!! And I have to meet Kabir too! He said he wanted to discuss something important.

Sejal: So now you started giving my credit to your god?

Riddhima (Smiling ear to ear): So? What if even you forgot? God reminded you.

Sejal: Enough now! We have the entire day to talk! Let’s get ready; Today we’re gonna meet Mr. Raisinghania for his sister’s party and we also have to plan Sia’s party so hurry up!


Sejal: I cooked breakfast while you went for a bath.

Riddhima: Thank you so much! I love you! I have to go to meet Kabir so give me breakfast fast!!

Sejal: You love everyone Riddhima! You should stop being so good or someone will take advantage of you!

Riddhima: How can anyone do anything to me if you are by my side?

Sejal: Awww! You made the environment emotional. Come have breakfast and go meet your pathetic PT teacher! I’m telling you! He doesn’t give me good vibes. He’s gonna break your heart one day!

Riddhima: Oh God! Sejal! Stop being judgemental! He’s my boyfriend! And I’m meeting him in the Skyline restaurant now and I think our meeting with Mr.Raisinghania is also there only at 9 am, right? So, I’ll meet you there.

Sejal: Okay, done. Meanwhile, I’m going to the park with Sia so that she doesn’t doubt that we’re planning something. Let me show you Mr. Raisinghania’s picture so you recognise him.

Riddhima: No, it’s fine. You’ll be there with me. I don’t need to recognise him.

After finishing breakfast, both the friends go to their respective destinations.


At the park…

Sejal is waiting for Sia when a balloon seller comes to her asking her to buy some balloons. Sejal is unable to see the balloon seller’s face and thinks that she should buy some to surprise Sia. Instead, she herself gets surprised as the balloon seller shows her face. Sejal exclaims, “Sia!! You always surprise us!”

Sia: But where is the other part of ‘us’?

Sejal: Oh! Riddhima? She has gone to meet that pathetic PT teacher. She’ll come tomorrow. Actually, today we have got a contract for planning Mr. Vansh Raisinghania’s sister’s birthday party.

Sia starts thinking, “Oh No! So that’s why bhaiya was asking if I knew some event planners! But he told me that he had a business party! Oh no! What if Sia and Riddhima come to know that I am Vansh bhai’s sister!? What if they break their friendship with me after that!? I need to stop them!!”

Sejal thinks, “Oh! So she must be thinking that we don’t remember her day. She’s so sad! But I can’t tell her.We have to surprise her.”

Sejal: Hey! I have an idea! Let’s have a girls’ night tonight at our place of course. Hey! We have never seen your home! Let’s do it at your place.

Sia: NO! I mean I can’t um mumma won’t allow. I’ll come over to your place. By the way, tell me about this Mr. Vansh’s project. Why are you taking it? I advise you not to take it. I’ve heard he is very particular about his choice and very strict. He doesn’t spare even a single mistake.

Sejal: Woah! Take a breath! Speak slow! I’m not running away. Now, ok sleepover at our place and this is the first time you are giving me information about the client but still, thank you and about Mr. Raisinghania, isn’t it good that he’s strict? Everyone should learn to be perfect. I’m taking the project and it’s final! Now let’s have some ice cream and don’t forget that we’ve to visit our orphanage today. And the NGO after that. Come on!

Sia wonders what she’ll do.

At Hotel Skyline

Riddhima is waiting for Kabir with a rose in her hand and wondering what he wants to talk about. Just then, Kabir comes and calls her out. Riddhima is very happy to see him and runs and hugs him and gives him the rose. Kabir hugs Riddhima back but he is uncomfortable.

Riddhima senses this and says, “ What is it Kabir? You seem stressed”.

Kabir says in a serious tone, “ Umm- Riddhima… There’s something I need to tell you…”

Riddhima innocently asks, “What is it, Kabir?”

Kabir says, “Before I say it, please listen to me first and then make up your mind. I… I am… I don’t love you now. See, I liked you. You’re beautiful. But now it’s over. Actually, I loved someone else but something happened and then I saw you and you were amazing but now I can’t do this anymore… It’s over.”

Riddhima, crying very much, tries to stop Kabir from going. She says, “ Kabir, you could have told me about it! Please don’t do this! I love you!!”

Kabir hands over the rose back to Riddhima and leaves her crying. Riddhima tries to crush the rose and it’s petals fall down while a thorn pierces her hand. She sits there on the table alone and crying.


At the NGO

Sejal sees the time on her watch and exclaims, “Oh no! I have to go, Sia! It’s only 15 minutes to the meeting and Mr. Vansh won’t recognise Riddhima. Our business profile has only my picture! So see you at night! Bye!

Sia waves to her while thinking what to do to prevent her friends from knowing that she is Sia Raisinghania.

At Hotel Skyline

Riddhima is sitting on the table alone and crying with her head in her hands. Just then, a man comes there, observes her for a second or two and then offers her his handkerchief saying, “Tears are valuable. You shouldn’t shed them for someone who doesn’t care that they are flowing.” Riddhima looks up to him and says, “How do you know what happened? Were you watching us?” The man says, “No, I wasn’t here but I guessed the situation seeing this poor crushed rose and a lady crying. By the way, do all girls cry after a break up or it’s just some special ladies who take it very seriously?” Riddhima, who doesn’t open up to any stranger just like that, opposes her nature and says, “I don’t know about other girls but I loved him very much and he never loved me! I was dreaming of living my entire life with him and just came and said that he always loved someone else and he couldn’t love me even after six months!! But that didn’t hurt as much as it hurt that he never told me! And, even after six months together, he left me here alone! I’m sorry you weren’t supposed to know this and I don’t open up to strangers easily but I guess heartbreak does that.” Saying this, she tries to remove the thorns from her hand. When unable to do it, the man offers to do it. When he removes a thorn, Riddhima hisses. The man asks her with concern, “ Does it hurt?” to which she replies with a cute smile, “ Not as much as my heart, and thank you.”


Sejal is in the elevator. She thinks, “Luckily, I’m on time. I hope Mr.Vansh hasn’t arrived already.

Riddima and Vansh look at their respective watches and say at the same time, “Bye, I have a meeting.” Riddhima says, “ Wow! God plans his games well!” Vansh says, “There is no God. It was just a coincidence.” Riddhima says, “It’s all destiny. Coincidences don’t exist Mr…?” Just then, Sejal arrives and says, “Mr. Vansh! I’m sorry for being late. I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. Oh! You already met my friend!” Both Riddhima and Vansh are surprised. Riddhima exclaims, “What!?” Sejal introduces Vansh and Riddhima to each other and asks when they came. Before Vansh could say anything, Riddhima gives a fake smile and says, “Just now! We just met and you came! Haha!”

Vansh is a bit confused but then says, “ So let’s get started. What do you want to ask?”

Riddhima: First of all, where is the party? We need to see the location.

Vansh: At my farmhouse. I’ll message the address to you.

Sejal (showing him some pictures) : These are some cake designs. How big cake do you want? And what’s the name of the birthday girl?

Vansh: I want the cake to be unique. None of these would work. Design a new cake. My sister turns 21 tomorrow. And she loves rose scented candles. So I want 21 rose scented candles on the cake. And, my sister’s name is Sia.

Riddhima: What!?

Sejal: Seriously? What a coincidence!! We have a friend whose name is Sia and she turns 21 tomorrow!

Riddhima: And she loves rose scented candles!

Vansh: Interesting! Very Interesting! I asked my sister if she knows some party planners giving the excuse of a business party and she is the one who suggested I give the contract to you guys. In fact, she praised you guys a lot.

Sejal: What a cool coincidence! The business tycoon Vansh Raisinghania’s sister has so much in common with our Sia.

They continue they’re meeting. But, while Sejal just shrugs the similarities between the two Sias easily, Vansh and Riddhima smell something fishy…

Precap: Sejal asks for Sia’s picture for the cake. Sia is tense as she gets ready to go to the farmhouse. Riddhima and Sejal get shocked seeing Sia with Vansh’s family.

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