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Falling In Love Again (Part 35)

P- Suniye.. Dadi said to me yesterday that we should… I mean I should.. We both should…!!
A- I know what Dadi said..!!
P- What !?😳
A- That we should start our planning.😍
Pragya blushed and looked down.
A- Ohhhh that is why you were so hesitant to say.. No worries, we will fulfill Dadi’s every wish.
Abhi held her by waist and cupped her face with his one hand.
A- This is just miracle. You yourself came to tell this… So let’s begin..!!
P closed her eyes.
P- not now, not here.

Purab, bit worried, looking at his phone entered their room.( He didn’t see them)
They both saw Purab and separated themselves.
Abhi- Yaar Purab what is your problem ? Why are you becoming villan of my love story ?
Purab did not even listened his words.
Purab- Abhi see na.. This client is calling me again and again.
Abhi making disappointed face..
Abhi- Then go and talk to him. Why are you ruining my moments ?!
Purab- Ruining your moments !!! What do you mean !!?
Purab raised his head up and saw Pragya standing beside them.
Purab- Ohhh Di !!! I mean Bhabhi..
Abhi- Yes your Bhabhi..
Purab- Hello Bhabhi. Abhi listen. This client is calling me and asking me to come to his mentioned place but I can’t go as I have other things to do.. And I think this deal can really help us grow more. So suggest me what should I do.
Abhi- Go..
Purab- Abhi I said I can’t go.
Abhi- I mean.. Go from here.. We can’t really discuss anything related to business here. Go to the study room this is my bedroom.. This place is to sleep and ( Abhi made a kissing face to Pragya) and I can do only one thing here.
Purab- What ??!
Abhi- Roma…
Before Abhi could complete Pragya interrupted.
Pragy- Rest… Rest ( With a fake smile, and angry look to Abhi)
Purab- Ok. Come fast. I’m w8ing.
Purab left from there.
Pragya- What were you trying to say to Purab !!?
Abhi- This is my bedroom and I can only do one thing here.
Pragya- Yes. But what ?!
Abhi- Romance, what else😉😉
Pragya frowned in anger.
Abhi- Relax he is my Buddy.. We talk about such things.. So chill.
Pragya- You may talk to him on matter. But not when I’m around. What would he think !?
Abhi- He would only think ‘ Wow, Bhai and Bhabhi are so romantic’ Cool na !!!?
Pragya- Purab is w8ing for u in study room. So you better go.
Abhi quickly stole a cheek kiss and went down.

Abhi went to Purab
Purab- Help me out Abhi
Abhi- Are you sure ?! You don’t want to meet him !!
Purab- I want to meet him. But not his mentioned place.
Abhi- Where he wants you to come ?
Purab- Shimla. And I’m in no mood to go to Shimla.
Abhi- Hmmmmmm I see.
And when is the meeting ?!
Purab- next week
Abhi- Ok I’ll see. What can be the solution of this problem.
Come and meet me in the morning.

Both of them went to their respective places.
Pragya was waiting for him in the room.
Pragya- What happened !? Is everything ok !?
Abhi- yes ok. So where were we ?
Pragya- You were in study room with Purab. And I was here.
Abhi- I’m talking about ‘we’ -us

Abhi again held her by waist and cupped her face with his one hand.
A- This is just miracle. You yourself came to tell this… So let’s begin..!!
Pragya- I was saying that we……
A- W8 !!!
Abhi closed the door (so that no one could disturb them)
And again took the same position.

A- This is just miracle. You yourself came to tell this… So let’s begin..!!
Pragya- Why are you saying this line again !?
A- I’m just creating that scene again. You carry on😉
P- ok. Bulbul is…
A- Hey Miss Ray..!!! You were talking about us. Not Bulbul.
P- Bulbul is the main character.
A- Ohh is that so..!?? 😔 Yaar why the story is always focussed on main character. Let’s change this trend and focus on supporting characters ‘Me and you’
P- Mr. Sun pls listen to me first then you can focus on anything.
Abhi- Ok 😐
P- Bulbul is planning a trip with her friends to Shimla. And Ma is not letting her go alone with friends. So I was thinking let’s join her to Shimla so that Ma is sure about her safety. What do you say !!
A- Ok. 😊 wait 😱 are you saying that we are going on honeymoon.
P- ‘Aisa hi kuch smjh lijiye'(something like that) 😊😊
Abhi was super happy on hearing this.
Before Abhi could react, Pragya went out of room saying they have to go next week.
Abhi called Purab.
Pu- hello
Abhi- Hello hii chor.. (Leave hello Hi) just book my tickets for Shimla.
Pu- Abhi are you going to meet that client in Shimla ?
A- No no no no… No work. I’m going for honeymoon with your Bhabhi. So just book my tickets.
Pu- Ohh ok.. I thought you resolved my problem. You are going for me..
Purab feigned to be 😢 sad.
A told him the whole story
A- Actually Bulbul is going on trip with her friends. And Sarla ma told her that she can’t go alone. So Pragya planned their honeymoon. This way Sarla ma won’t be worried about Bulbul and me and Pragya will get some quality time together.
Purab thought about something and cut the call.

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