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Excuse Me Madam 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Chatterjee is alive and well

Excuse Me Madam 26th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kranti wakes up Sanam and says it’s morning. Sanam says I am late.

Sanam comes to the porch and sees the cupboard. Addu says Chatterjee was inside. Sanam asks Bhaisa about the cupboard. Bhaisa says I know but I won’t tell. Addu says it’s related to Mishti’s mother. Bhaisa says Amar took the cupboard to the police station. Sanam and Addu are stunned.

Amar brings the cupboard to her commissioner. He thanks her for bringing it there so they can use it. Amar says I don’t have the key so we will break the door. Sanam comes there and says don’t break. Kranti says this is my uncle’s cupboard so we are taking it back. Sanam says this is our sentimental cupboard so we are taking it back.

Madam cries and says I can’t believe that I have killed someone. She imagines Chatterjee’s body there and gets scared. Chatterjee says you killed me but I am here to take revenge. Madam says I was not in senses. Chatterjee says why me only? We are both bengali so how could you do it? Madam cries but peon come there and says there is no one here, what happened? Madam says bring green tea.

Kranti and Sanam bring the cupboard in the house back. Amar is there too. She gets a call and tells Sanam that I got the tip from my officer, a person is missing from Tara Tari Company. Kranti says it’s Sanam’s company only. Amar says his name is Chatterjee, his mother came to file an FIR. I will go and talk to Jugal. Amar asks Sanam if he knows him? Sanam says yes. Amar says then why didn’t you file an FIR? Sanam says why would I? He could be anywhere for all I care. Amar gets the call and leaves. Chatterjee wakes up in the cupboard and knocks. Kranti hears it and says I will open and see what’s inside. Sanam says it’s your uncle’s soul so don’t worry. She leaves.

Madam comes to Sanam’s house. Sanam comes outside the house and says why you are here? My wife and sister in law are inside. They can find the dead body. Madam says don’t worry, I am going to confess my crime to the police. Sanam says but me and my brother in law will get caught too. Madam says to bring the dead body to the police station, we have to bear the consequences now. She leaves.

Sanam comes to Kranti and says I want to confess that Chatterjee’s dead body is inside this cupboard. Kranti says you killed someone? Sanam says madam did it but it was an accident, we were helping her but Madam now wants to tell the police, I and Addu helped her so we will go to jail as well. Kranti starts crying but Chatterjee jumps out of the cupboard and huffs. Kranti thinks it’s his ghost and faints. Sanam hugs Chatterjee and says you are fine? Chatterjee says you put me in the cupboard, I will not spare you.

Madam is dancing in her office. Chatterjee comes there and welcomes her. She says I am sorry for what happened to you. Sanam comes there too and says he will say bad words for me now. Madam gives -5 points to Sanam and +5 points to Chatterjee, Chatterjee leaves. Madam tells Sanam that Chatterjee could have filed an FIR on you so I saved you by giving him points. Madam’s eye twitches and she starts selling tea.

PRECAP – Madam tells Sanam that I want to gibe my blous to my tailor. Sanam says I will give it to him as it’s on my way. Madam gives her blouse to him. Later on Kranti checks Sanam’s bag and finds madam’s blouse.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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