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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan becomes a PG

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 26th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shravan asking Veer to become a fighter. Veer shakes hands. Shravan asks his plan, army? Veer says air force. Shravan says dad used to ask me to eat well and make illness away. Suman asks how did he come here. Beena says I called him, Veer was adamant to see him, you were busy. Suman says I was calling Veer time to time. Beena says Shravan made him smile. Kanchan says let him go home. Beena says he will have dinner with us, don’t argue with me. Suman says don’t know why he comes back always. Everyone worries for Veer’s fever. Shravan coughs. Suman asks what curry was cooked today. Beena says mushroom curry. Suman says Shravan is allergic to mushroom. Beena says sorry, I didn’t know about it. Suman says I will get medicine.

Shravan takes the medicine. He coughs. Suman rubs his back. Beena asks are you fine. Shravan says yes. Beena says its good Suman got to know your allergy. Shravan says I will leave now. Veer stops him. Beena says I asked Shravan to stay back today for Veer. Suman asks why. Beena says Veer is happy with his friend, just give a pillow and blanket to Shravan. She goes. Kanchan says I will not leave him. Shravan asks Veer to sleep, he will not go anywhere. Suman goes to give pillow and blanket to Shravan. He sleeps on the chair. Ek duje ke vaaste…..plays…. Suman sees Shravan. She gives him a pillow and goes. He wakes up and smiles. He sleeps properly. Its morning, Shravan wakes up. Doctor comes to see Veer. He says its pneumonia, he will be fine soon. He asks Veer to take complete rest. Beena says I couldn’t help you much, I just send the pillow and blanket for you. Shravan says there was no problem. Veer says you have to stay here for a week. Kanchan says everyone has their own work, don’t disturb. Shravan says it won’t be possible. Beena says you can at least try.

Shravan says I have to shift house, I didn’t had to stay back, I m shifting to a hotel. Beena says you are finding a house on rent, we are finding a tenant, you can shift here. Suman looks at him. She says no need, Veer just met him. Beena says Shravan has saved his life, if we can’t sell the house, we can give it on rent, you said you will listen to me. Suman says I can’t tolerate him all the time. Shravan looks on. He says how can I refuse if you are saying it with love. He sees Suman and smiles.

Suman says I asked her to do anything except selling the house. She gets jealous seeing Shravan with a girl.

Update Credit to: Amena

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