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Bigg Boss 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 26th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nomination Special
Day 23
9:15 AM
Kavita is in the kitchen and says it’s so dirty here, Bigg Boss should have asked them to clean it if they are getting bored here. I will ask them to clean this, I want everything to be organized in my captaincy.

9:30 AM
Kavita tells Eijaz that you have seen Tarzan movie, that fight scene was the best one, if we watch your fight scene with Pavitra, it looked like you were in love. Eijaz says Pavitra made me so angry that day that I just was trying to control my words. One day she told me to not talk to her in the mornings as she will cut them, then she went and nominated me. Then in the night, she said that she was jealous and sitting in my lap Kavita says she wanted to love as she had mood swings. Eijaz says so she will nominate me if she is jealous? Kavita says you both are in love. Eijaz says don’t do this.

10:30 AM
Kavita tells the inmates that we should start organizing the house, it’s very dirty so I will divide the duties. Rubina says we have more man-power now. Pavitra tells Eijaz that we will have to go on that side also. Eijaz tells Kavita to distribute food and dishwashing first as they are not easy. Other cleaning areas are easy. Nikki says living room cleaning is not easy. Eijaz says I am not talking to you. Jaan tells Kavita that it’s tiring for me to clean the living room. Kavita asks him to take it, it’s not that difficult. ,,

Kavita tells Pavitra to go from there, I gave you the permission to smoke here and you made him break the rules? Two people are not allowed here. Pavitra says don’t talk to me like this, he was not inside, he was outside and had his hand inside the room, that’s how we were doing things here, you are new here. Kavita says that’s why you are locked in the red-zone. Kavita tells Abhi that you will make dinner. She asks Pavitra to go to her red-zone. Pavitra says don’t talk to me like this.

2 PM
Kavita says I will tell the rules about the smoking room. She reads that only one person can be in the smoking-room at a time. Shardul says I understand the rule. Kavita says if someone calls you there then don’t go there. Shardul says I was just in a hurry. Kavita says I will punish you next time if you break the rules. You should read the rules, this is not our aunt’s house, you should say sorry. Shardul says sorry to Bigg Boss. Kavita says respect to this show and the house. Pavitra says yes, we have come here to disrespect this house. Kavita says I gave Pavitra the permission to smoke as I understand she wants to but I am doing a favor to her so don’t abuse it. Pavitra says I didn’t call Shardul there so don’t talk behind my back, Kavita you shouldn’t shout at me when I didn’t call Shardul there. Kavita says end this now. Shardul asks if he can sit with her now? Kavita says you can sit on my head now.

2:30 PM
Kavita tells the inmates that violence is not acceptable here. Don’t let anyone do it. Jasmin says but people don’t stop even if you are not doing anything in the task. Kavita says I am telling you that I won’t let violence happen in the house. Let’s make a pact that we will play, we will lie, we will use each other but we will not be violent. If someone is violent then we will go against that person. All agree and make a pact with her. Shardul says this has to happen. Kavita says we won’t play like cheap road-siders.
Nikki tells Pavitra that no task was rejected so there was no violence. Pavitra says all become passionate in the tasks.

3:45 PM
Naina tells Jasmin that Nikki was making news about you and Ali.. don’t be-friend them, she is spreading the news about you outside. Jasmin says she can’t play the game inside so she is doing things like this outside.

Nikki tells Kavita that the bedroom should be cleaned daily. Kavita says Rubina should have cleaned it, she was doing it. Nikki says she didn’t clean it.

4:30 PM
Kavita asks Rubina to clean the bedroom. Rubina says I clean the bedroom daily but Nikki is just asking for the footage, she is throwing things around the bedroom to make a point. Kavita says you are smart so don’t let her make points. Rubina says she is making points like college kids, just ignore her, don’t feed her attention. She makes heap over things.

Nikki tells Pavitra that Rubina is saying that they don’t give importance to me as if I didn’t make them dance to my tunes. I won’t make food and I will get punishment, I will come on the red side. Pavitra says Kavita was wrong today, she is new here so there is no use in shouting, she is deliberately shouting at me as she knows I will burst and she will get attention.

5 PM
Nikki takes the double-bed duvet from Rubina-Abhi’s bed to her bed. Nikki tells Abhi that I want something so I took it. Abhi says listen to me, don’t do these small antics. If you want to do childish things then I will irritate you so much. Nikki says I don’t care, do what you want to. Abhi says okay.

Nishant tells Kavita that we make rice and rotis each day. Rubina tells Kavita how Nikki took their duvet.

5:30 PM
Nikki asks Rubina to go and clean the bedroom. Rubina says I know my work, you have to put our duvet back. She leaves. Kavita asks Nikki to not act childish, if you want to take a stand then go and properly tell her. It’s daily duty that the bedroom has to be cleaned daily. She is saying that you are throwing tissues there so go and talk to her.

Nikki comes to talk to Rubina but Abhi whistles and dances in front of her to irritate. Rubina keeps singing loudly so Nikki can’t be heard. Nikki says I will not make food if the bedroom is not cleaned. She tells Kavita that it’s your duty to make sure that the bedroom is cleaned. Kavita calls Rubina and says everyone is saying that the bedroom is not cleaned for 2-3 days. Rubina says not possible, I have cleaned the bedroom daily and I will clean it today also. Kavita says it’s sorted then. Nikki says they keep changing their stance. Rubina says we will become childish now.

Rubina tells Kavita that this week it’s my responsibility to clean the bedroom daily for this week.
Kavita comes to Nikki and asks her to make her bed so Rubina can clean the bedroom.

8:30 PM
Abhi tells Jaan that if you ignore Nikki and her friends then you will be feeling bad inside, you will not be able to bear it but the best way for you is to be vengeful, you can’t go on her level and you clear things with her after the show and she won’t be in front of you all the time.

9:45 PM
Nikki tells Rahul that there should be a shame that he cheated me and should have said sorry but they are controlling Jaan so he is not coming to me. Rahul says he always said that he will show his real face to Nikki when the time is right, don’t take Jaan seriously, he has no standing and don’t give him any attention. Nikki says he is just a tail.

Day 24
8 AM
All inmates wake up to the song Muqabala. They all dance. Kavita dances in front of the mirror. Nishant dances with Rubina.

9:15 AM
Kavita tells Jaan to pacify Nikki again as she is pretty. Jaan says what should I do? Kavita says help her in chopping. Jaan sits with Nikki and says how are you? Nikki says you can go and ask your friends if you can talk to me? Jaan says you removed me from your equation. Nikki says I want you to play in the game alone. Jaan says you still have soft corner for me but won’t be my friend? Nikki says I don’t want to but I am just telling you to not be used by someone else.

9:30 AM
Rahul tells Kavita that if he doesn’t get roti in lunch then he will make an issue. Jasmin says we didn’t have enough flour earlier so we decided that everyone will get 1 roti each in lunch and dinner. This decision was taken to keep ration running till the end of the week. Abhi tells Kavita that Rahul makes extra food daily, he makes eggs then rice then something else as per his mood but then he throws it away. Rahul says but I tell you people to not waste food. Jasmin says I am not taking food to my house, we are not here to make extra rotis for you here. She leaves from there. Rubina comes to Rahul and says we are not here to make extra food for you. Rahul says it’s your duty. Rubina says it’s not in our contract to make food for you, if you are wasting food then it’s your responsibility. Rahul says it’s your duty to make food. Rubina says we don’t stop anyone from eating. Jasmin says we make 1 roti per head. Rahul says you said ration was less last week but how did you save flour bag last week? Why didn’t I get enough food then if there was extra flour bag? Abhi says to Rahul that we all are getting enough food daily and nobody goes hungry. There are always some rotis left so you can come and eat those. Jasmin says there were 14 people and now 10 people, if you think there is enough ration then we will make 2 roties per person daily from now on.

11 AM
Nikki asks Rahul that Jaan said that you were at mistake but only Jaan was punished? Rahul says tell him that I am your lover and he is your brother. Jaan comes there and asks Nikki to talk to him when she is free. He leaves.

1:15 PM
Nikki tells Jaan to play alone. Jaan says I want to tell you to not trust Rahul as he is double-faced. Nikki says we will not talk to each other, I am not able to connect with you anymore. Jaan says why are you sitting with me so lovingly? Nikki says you are still back-biting about me with Abhi. Jaan says Abhi told me that as an advise I should do things that Nikki said that I can’t do. Nikki says that’s best. Jaan says I can’t go against you. Nikki says we will play alone now.

2:30 PM
Nikki comes to the smoking room and asks Jaan to come out. She says why are you smoking so much? She takes his cigarette and asks him to stop smoking.

Rubina tells Nishant that I have no hope from Jaan anymore. Nishant says I feel tired now if I try to talk to Jaan. Rubina says he is talking to her again so we are just wasting energy on him. Jasmin says I knew he would do this.

Jaan tells Nikki that why do you care if I am smoking? Nikki says I want to blow-dry so give it to me. Jaan says why did you stop me? If you don’t want to my friend then why do you care? Tell me if you care openly or don’t stop me. Nikki says I am telling you not smoke anymore. Jaan kisses her cheek and says I am going to smoke as you don’t want to my friend. Nikki says I will listen to you but don’t smoke. Jaan says don’t leave me alone. Nikki says I will not talk to you, we will play alone as you have your friends. Jaan says you will not make me jealous with someone else?

3:45 PM
Nikki tells Rahul that I talked opposite with Jaan as I wanted to fool him so I didn’t say what I wanted to but said something else. I told him that I care about him, that I am missing him. He asked for a kiss. I said no so he kissed my cheek and I was like oh God.. then he said that I am making him jealous with Rahul. I am irritated with him, I asked him to get lost.

4 PM
Jaan sits in front of Nikki and Rahul. Jaan says I won’t feel bad about anything from now on. Nikki says I am not interested in you, I am interested in Rahul. Jaan says I am interested in you.
Kavita tells Rubina that Jaan and Nikki will fall in love. Rubina says no, Nikki clearly says that she came here to break guys’ hearts, she says it everywhere so it’s her intention. You will see that she will keep one side-kick always in her game. She will use people and hurt them.

Bigg Boss says to the inmates that you will nominate two inmates each. Kavita is safe as she is the captain. Pavitra and Eijaz are already nominated so no one will nominate them. We will call one inmate, that inmate will apply foam on the person who they want to nominate.

Rubina: She nominates Rahul for being not in the house in actual, making issues out of small things, thinking she is above everything. She applies foam on his face. Rubina nominates Nikki for being so open with her cards, she is not interesting anymore.

Jasmin: She nominates Rahul for making issues out of nothing, he is sly and weird. She nominates Jaan for being confused in the house, he is not strong.

Jaan: He nominates Rahul for being disloyal and his tongue is bad. He applies plat full foam on his face. He nominates Nikki. He says I am not indecisive, I am going to nominate her to make her pay for her mistakes.

Shardul: He nominates Nishant as he thinks he is a competition. He nominates Rubina for being a strong competition.

Rahul: He nominates Rubina as he thinks she is very cheap (meli). She is a superiority complex, everyone is working here but she brags about her work so much, her mind is a spider-web. Rubina says I wish your words matched your thinking. Rahul nominates Jaan and says I hate nepotism and he is a nepo child. Rubina says you are insulting his art. Nishant says there is no reason in bringing that topic here, you could have provided a better reason. Rubina tells Rahul that you have cursed an artist. Rahul says I have praised his singing but this is different. Rubina says you want to put others down to feel good about yourself. You disrespected an artist. Rahul says you just need a reason to fire at me. Jaan says I am proud of my father being Kumar Sanu. Rahul says that’s nice. Jaan says I am lucky to have him and unfortunate for you. Rahul says I didn’t need a famous father, I am a self-made person. Jaan says my mother has raised me, I am here on my mother’s upbringing, my dad saw talent in me that’s why he supported me. I will show you the nepotism. Jasmin tells Jaan to not clarify to him. Rubina says his voice has Saraswati.

Nishant: He nominates Rahul for being so cheap and having small thinking. Rahul says I am a lion. Nishant says sometimes jackal thinks he is a lion. He nominates Nikki for having no contribution to the house. Nikki says he is a cow.

Nikki: She nominates Nishant calling him a donkey, she says play your own game. She is about to throw foam at him but he asks her to be respectful.

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