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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Manmohan Tiwari, David’s son.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari says without Angoori life is so colourless, Angoori calls Tiwari, Tiwari expresses his love to her, Angoori says i miss you a lot, Tiwari says me too, Angoori says Amaji called me and she said she gave you all hair of Pandit Rampal and she is feeling bad, why you wanted it, Tiwari says for a play who is your father and i am playing a pandit, Angoori says why hair but, Tiwari says for wig sample, Angoori says you will look very similar to Pandit Rampal and do send me a picture of him, Tiwari says go to sleep

David asleep gets a call, David tells that he oant doing well, Ponting tells David that he won the case, David very happy calls Vibhu and tells him that he won the case, Vibhu hugs him in happiness, Helan asks whats the news and stop fooling my son, David says i have never fooled him, Vibhu says enough, uncle will give his property to me, Helan says don’t belive him your aunty is very cunning.

Tiwari confused and worried about the case results, Amaji walks to him and asks him to choose a finger, Tiwari does so, Amaji says i am trying to figure out who your father is and you choose Pandit Rampal, Angoori calls Tiwari, she asks him what is wrong he sounds worried, Amaji asks Angoori how she is doing, Angoori says she is missing her a lot, Amaji says come soon i miss you, Tiwari says dont call her she is a news channel, Amaji says shut up i will manage and asks Angoori to come soon.
Tiwari says Amaji, Angoori is innocent keep her out of it.
Tiwari says to Amaji, if report says Rampal keep it a secret because society knows me as Juman lal son i would like it to keep it that way.

Amaji water plants and singing, Vibhu sees her and greets her, Vibhu says bhabhiji use to do same, Amaji says go do your work, Vibhu asks did report arrive, Amaji asks why are you interested, Vibhu says just waiting to see if my guess was correct, Helan comes from morning walk and greets Amaji, Vibhu makes fun of Amaji, Amaji scolds him, Amaji and Helan argue on who is yonger, Saxena walks to them and says stop it you two, Vibhu takes report from Saxena, Saxena leaves. Tiwari asks to return him, Vibhu says i will read, Tiwari sahs Amaji he is broadcast in whole town if something is wrong, Amaji says i am not scared of anyone, Vibhu reads report and says reports are fine and shocked to read that David Mishra is Tiwaris father.

Helan slaps David, Tiwari scolds Amaji. Amaji says it was an incident 20 years back. David tells Vibhu that Amaji was left in my posting place by her husband, Amaji tells i use to write Juman lal a lot of letters but no replies and one day incident happened. David walks to Tiwari, Tiwari says i will shoot you, David says even if I give you 20 Cr property.

Vibhu upset tells Helan is upset about Davids behaviour, David fooled him for so many years telling about 20 cr property, Helan says never let him in, Vibhu says why will he come he has his sons house, hus wife is there, Vibhu says i wish it was you and not Amaji, Helan slaps vibhu says are you mad, Helan says dont worry i will talk to David go cook something and eat and make me a 90ml peg.

Boys walk to masterji, says these kids tease me calling me papa, boys laugh, Tilu tells masterji as per test reports masterji is around 15 kids father in colony, masterji faints

Pre cap: Vibhu walks to David and calls him daddy,Vibhu says DNA report says he is my father too.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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